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Another Wisconsin snowstorm is upon us, and unfortunately it took away from one thing I had planned on doing today…attending the Belmont at UW-Green Bay basketball game.  At least that is being moved to later in the season.  Here’s hoping all is safe. Onto some sports stuff…

  • Color me impressed in the way the Milwaukee Bucks have dismantled the Chicago Bulls the last two nights.  Can they follow that up against Cleveland?  I can’t imagine LeBron and company will be too thrilled with the Bucks with the beating they received a couple weeks ago.
  • What a mess, Minnesota Gophers.  Go ahead and boycott the Holiday Bowl vs. Washington State over the sexual assault case.   I’m curious to see this story unfold some more, especially now that there’s an underaged recruit involved.   As for the bowl game, your team would get steamrolled by Washington State, anyway.  Story
    The unity is touching, but don’t forget about the victim in this mess.

    Don’t be surprised if they do boycott and you see the juggernaut that is Northern Illinois take their place.

  • Nice job, Florida Atlantic University…you made my blog.  Hiring Lane Kiffin as your next Football Head Coach.  One thing he has going for him is the weather is beautiful in Boca Raton, FL.  But, oy…there’s a reason no other program wanted to take a chance on this clown.  He may be the only guy who has less moral values than Louisville coach Bobby Petrino (at least in College Football).  Kiffins’ first move?   Signing former Florida State QB recruit De’Andre Jackson…significant because this is another dandy who likes to hit women.

    The real reason FAU is in the blog though?  The Owls play at Wisconsin in 2017, so we could see that train wreck in person.

  • The College Football bowl season gets under way today.  One game may actually be a good one early.  If you watch the Las Vegas Bowl between San Diego State and Houston, SDSU running back Donnell Pumphrey needs about 100 yards to break the all-time rushing record held by Ron Dayne of Wisconsin.
  • Speaking of the bowls – here are my knee-jerk predictions for the Big Ten:
  • Wisconsin over Western Michigan
  • Clemson over Ohio State
  • Michigan over Criminal U (Florida State)
  • USC over Pedophile State
  • Washington State over Minnesota (finally ended boycott…how cute)
  • Iowa over Florida
  • Nebraska over Tennessee
  • Pittsburgh over Northwestern
  • Utah over Indiana
  • Maryland over Boston College
  • Green Bay at Chicago

    If the weather wasn’t going to be so ridiculously cold in Chicago tomorrow, I’d call for a Packers ass-whipping.  But the weather will be an equalizer.  Green Bay wins, but it’ll be a little closer.

    the Pick:  Packers 21, Bears 7. 

Other games

  • Did anyone really think the Rams had a chance in hell against Seattle Thursday night?  Firing former Coach Jeff Fisher was the right move…he had definitely lost that team.  How do you not focus your whole offense around Todd Gurley?!?  I’m not sure the Rams would be the Browns right now!
  • Miami at NY Jets – the Dolphins losing Ryan Tannehill to an ACL/MCL sprain will probably take Miami out of the Wild Card race.  As a matter of fact, I don’t think they even win this game.  If they want to, get RB Jay Ajyai 30 carries.  The Jets will put up a one-time good effort, which won’t save Todd Bowles job, but.  Jets 16, Dolphins 14
  • Indianapolis at Minnesota – Adrian Beat-your-son is apparently back this week for the purple.  The Colts looked like a steam pile at home last week, but I think they can rebound this week.  This is in pure spite of the Purple…   Colts 24, Purple 23
  • Detroit at NY Giants – I’m calling for the standard Detroit slide to begin here.  Matthew Staffords’ finger injury has taken some zip off the football and the Giants defense will capitalize.  Giants 24, Lions 14
  • Pittsburgh at Cincinnati – this will be the typical slugfest…for about a half.  The Steelers are turning into the team nobody will be interested in seeing if they make the AFC playoffs.  Steelers 30, Bengals 23
  • Cleveland at Buffalo – the Rex Ryan watch is in full steam ahead mode.  But they will have enough to make the Browns 0-14.   From a selfish perspective…anyone but LeSean McCoy can score in this game.  Bills 27, Browns 13. 
  • Philadelphia at Baltimore – expect the Ravens defense to harass Carson Wentz early and often.  Joe Flacco will do just enough with Eagles turnovers and – Ravens 26, Eagles 17
  • Jacksonville at Houston – ick.  And I mean that in the nicest possible way.   I’m actually impressed the Texans win with their crappy quarterback play.  Titans 28, Jaguars 20
  • Tennessee at Kansas City – not sure why I think this, but I’m calling the upset here.  I feel like the Titans running game will give counter what the Chiefs defense does well, rush the passer and create interceptions.   DeMarco Murray carries the Titans to the upset.  Titans 22, Chiefs 19
  • New Orleans at Arizona – I don’t like how the Saints are closing out their season.  At all.  That said, this is the type of game they will turn it around…and it won’t be enough.   The Cardinals will hit New Orleans with David Johnson early and often.  Cardinals 31, Saints 24
  • San Francisco at Atlanta – No Julio Jones?  No problem.  Beat down of the Niners will commence.  Falcons 38, 49ers 10. 
  • New England at Denver – the Broncos defense will keep this one close for a while, but the Patriots will give them too much LaGarrette Blount and James White.   Patriots 23, Broncos 16. 
  • Oakland at San Diego – rivalry game will keep this game close.  The Raiders win with a late field goal.  Raiders 24, Chargers 21
  • Tampa Bay at Dallas – when was the last time the Buccaneers were on Sunday Night Football?  They’ll play good, but I think Eziekel Elliott gets back on track.  Cowboys, close.  Cowboys 27, Buccaneers 24.
  • Carolina at Washington – this feels like an ass-whipping coming.  Redskins will swarm Cam Newton and take advantage of a porous secondary.  Redskins 35, Panthers 15. 

Dumb ass(es) of the week:

Joe Mixon video knocking out a woman Video  I don’t care how it was provoked.  You just don’t hit a woman.  Ever.  I’m glad this moron picked Oklahoma over Wisconsin in his college choice.  I’ve read nothing good about this clowns’ personality ever since he started at OU.  I know the Packers need a running back next season, please DO NOT DRAFT this dumb ass!!

‘Wakeyleaks’?  That’s the best name the sports media could come up with?  Anyway, at the root of the story – former Wake Forest player and assistant coach and current radio commentator Tommy Elrod was fired for leaking information about the Demon Deacons’ offensive formations and plays to some opponents.   The team that busted Elrod, Louisville acknowledge this had occurred.  According to this story, the new formations Wake Forest were going to use were not because they felt information had been compromised.  Players felt upset and the coaches had to relay what had transpired, prompting an internal investigation which wasn’t leaked until recently.

Wake Forest did the right thing in canning this dumb ass…and if any coaches or players see this idiot anywhere, they should be allowed to kick his ass in principle alone.  How would you feel as a player or coach if you put in all that time, sacrifice and effort to have a successful season only to have some former player who was allegedly upset at the university leaking information to opponents?

And of course, Louisville denied using any information that was leaked to them?  Yep, we’ll believe you?!?  Your Head Coach, Bobby Petrino is the most moral cat out there, so we will take the Cardinals at their word.  The best part?  The Cardinals Co-Offensive Coordinator, Lonnie Galloway worked with Elrod at Wake Forest in a past coaching staff, so do the math!!   Well, we should feel so much better that Louisville suspended Galloway for their Citrus Bowl game vs. LSU.  Whew!  What a relief!

My second thought is the ACC absolutely needs to do some punishment to Wake Forest as this could potentially be a larger issue!  Could this happen elsewhere?  Absolutely, so the ACC should lay the hammer down on Wake – punish the whole program for the actions of one idiot.

Other teams that could be affected:  Virginia Tech and Army…stay tuned.  Or not…your choice.

Kudos of the week

RIP Craig Sager.  I don’t watch the NBA much anymore, but you could tell the league had a great deal of respect for the man who had the most colorful suits when covering games.   There may not be another character like him and the sports media world will miss him.

This may be a tough week for various reasons, but I’ll do my best to have a blog ready to roll next weekend.  If not, I wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas!



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