At Section 123

Are you ready for 6-8″ of snow?  I’m not…but it’s coming whether we like it or not.  We choose to live in Wisconsin and can always move if you dislike Winter so much.  I will probably do so once I get older, but I’m good for now.  Need good people around me!  As for sports….

  • Do you have $6 handy?  If yes, that can get you into Jerry World near Dallas for the Cotton Bowl to see Wisconsin take on Western Michigan on January 2nd.  That is tempting.  Seriously.  Now, if I could only find some poor soul to road trip it with.
  • OK, Milwaukee Bucks – you have my attention…somewhat.  You are back to being fun to watch again.  Giannis and Jabari are starting to become players in the NBA and almost make me want to attend a game.  Almost.  But, you cannot blow 20-point leads to teams I think you should beat.  Namely last night against Atlanta.   I know you couldn’t hit a bucket if the goal was the Atlantic Ocean, but at least pretend to try and have the one thing Coach Jason Kidd wants to pride your team on.  Defense.
  • Today we have the annual Wisconsin-Gold game at the Bradley Center.  If you’ve known me over the years.  I have few rules.  But, one is the Badgers should never lose to the Gold.  Ever.  The Gold are my second least favorite teams in all sport and if somehow they pull this thing off today, I can assure you new cuss words may be invented and there best not be anything kickable nearby!!!
  • A town in Texas is breaking ground on a $69 million HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL stadium.  I understand football is king in those parts of the country, but damn!!  Does anything else really matter there?
  • The baseball Winter Meetings have concluded, and yes, Milwaukee, Gummy is still there.  Chris Sale, however, is now a member of the Boston Red Sox.  They have one of the, if not the best rotations in Major League Baseball now with Sale, David Price, Rick Porcello (Cy Young winner), and Clay Buchholz is not bad for a #4 or #5 starter.  They do come to Milwaukee this season if you want to see the Brewers get their crack at them.  One of baseballs’ rich got much richer and I’d LOVE to see baseball grow a pair and have a similar salary structure like football.  I know it would never happen due to the big markets, but it would add more uncertainty to the game.

Seattle at Green Bay

Snow Globe 2 – for the second week in a row, we will have a snow game at Lambeau Field.  First thought is hoping everyone makes it there and back safely!!

For the game, the key for me this week is who is playing for the Packers this week on defense.  Not having Nick Perry available, ironically will suck.  If the Pack gets T.J. Lang, and Jake Ryan back?  I actually like their chances…and in the crappy weather.

The Seahawks are actually kind of abysmal on grass this season, according to some web sites stats.  Russell Wilson cannot be able to go off and scramble finding Doug Baldwin and Jimmy Graham in this game.

That said, I do like the Packers at home this week, mainly because it should be fairly raucous in a snowy Lambeau.  Rodgers > Wilson, this week.

The pick:  Packers 23, Seahawks 13

Other NFL picks:

  • Kansas City over Oakland was kind of expected.  But, I was surprised by how both defenses played.  And for selfish purposes….I’m glad I didn’t start Derek Carr in my FFL playoff game!
  • Minnesota at Jacksonville – Gus Bradley, you’re fired!!  I’m surprised the Jags are 2-10 with this young group.  The Purple needs this win to keep pace and there should be more purple than black/teal in the stands.  Purple 20, Jaguars 13
  • Chicago at Detroit – ugh.  Detroit needs to start losing if the Packers are going to catch them.  Isn’t happening this week.  Being a division opponent is the only thing that keeps this somewhat close.   Lions 27, Bears 20
  • Denver at Tennessee – hearing Paxton Lynch is the quarterback for the Broncos this week.  That’s not good against a good Titans pass rush.  Marcus Mariota even looks like a legit quarterback now.  Titans 28, Broncos 14. 
  • Washington at Philadelphia – division game.  The return of WR DeSean Jackson to Philadelphia (and more boos).  Kirk Cousins > Carson Wentz right now.  Redskins 24, Eagles 17
  • San Diego at Carolina – I didn’t like what I saw out of the Panthers last week.  At all – which was quit.  Both teams are out of it, so this could be a shootout-type game.   Chargers 34, Panthers 30
  • Cincinnati at Cleveland – this is the Browns best chance at a win the rest of the season.  Not gonna happen…enjoy 0-16, Cleveland!  Browns keep it close for 3 quarters, but…  Bengals 26, Browns 17
  • Houston at Indianapolis – no team with Brock Osweiler as a QB for a full season should be a division champion.  Ever.  Colts 33, Texans 20
  • Pittsburgh at Buffalo – this kind of feels like a trap for the Steelers.  The Bills are actually decent this year, so give me the Bills and their defense.  Bills 23, Steelers 22
  • Arizona at Miami – does South Florida fan finally care?  Guessing yes since the Dolphins have a real shot at a wild card.  Dolphins 27, Cardinals 23
  • New Orleans at Tampa Bay – Wow, the Bucs are legit in the division race now – if anyone guessed that at the beginning of the year, they are completely full of crap.  This is an upset for me.  I can’t see Drew Brees having multiple 2 or more interception weeks.  Saints 30, Buccaneers 24
  • Atlanta at LA Rams – sorry, Rams.  But Jeff Fisher needs to go.  Falcons 31, Rams 19
  • NY Jets at San Francisco – the only reason to even conceivably watch this game is if there are more players/coaches/trainers/refs on the field than fans in stands.  Jets 10, 49ers 6
  • Dallas at NY Giants – Dallas can’t go 15-1, can they?  Eli seems to pull crap out of his anal cavity when the Giants and Cowboys hook up.  Giants upset 27-24
  • Baltimore at New England – finally, a game worth watching Monday night!  Baltimore won’t be intimidated going into Foxboro as some teams are.  And, it wouldn’t surprise me if they won.  A little too much Tom Brady and the key is they need to get the run game going (i.e. James White/LaGarrette Blount).  Patriots win close 23-21

 Dumb ass of the week

Kansas Jayhawks forward Carlton Bragg…so, hitting a woman/pushing her down some stairs and getting arrested in a domestic violence case – and you SMILE with your mug shot at the police station???  I hope someone at campus kicks your ass!   Story

Kudos of the week

This is a shout out to long-time SEC Football broadcaster Verne Lundquist, who today will call his final College Football game in the Army-Navy game.  If I was younger, this is almost a game I’d add to my bucket list as it would be such a cool thing to witness.  Anyway, I’m not a fan of the SEC overall since they were thrown down our throats over the past several years, but I always did enjoy his broadcasts and how he was able to tell the story of the game and articulate the atmosphere of some of the tailgates/crowds.  Games like Alabama-LSU, Florida-Georgia, Alabama-Auburn, Tennessee-Georgia were fun to watch because of Verne.  Next year, it turns to another great announcer in Brad Nessler, but it will certainly be different without Verne next year.  Enjoy your time off!

That is all for the week.  Have those snowblowers and shovels ready!!



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