At Section 123

I’m trying to figure out the rationale for being up this damn early on a Saturday.

  • Here’s my review of Philadelphia.  That is a cool city!  The fans weren’t anything we haven’t seen on other trips – heck, even better than a couple other places!  The people at the restaurants, bars, tourist sites were nice to us.  We expected some razzing (even a cop turned on his microphone in his truck to yell out “Go Eagles”), which we did get – but it’s Philly!
    • Restaurants – the Philly Cheese Steak from Jim’s Steaks on South Street was amazing.
    • Founding Fathers is a nice sports bar having multiple TVs to watch any game and have really good wings, with the best being Korean and Carribbean Jerk.
    • We had a beef hoagie from Cherry Street Tavern to start off our Sunday, which is apparently a Philly tradition in lieu of the normal Cheese Steak
    • We did see the Liberty Bell (much smaller than I thought it was), the Rocky Balboa statue, and the Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed.  Some cool history stories were told during the tour!
    • We saw a Gene Simmons look-a-like at some dive spot called El Bar, and it was an interesting place to say the least.  If you stepped outside, it seemed like we were in kind of a rough neighborhood – so thanks for Uber!
    • The Philadelphia sports teams all are within one giant sports complex area – each stadium/arena are within walking distance.  The cool part is there is a central location called the Xfinity Center that had restaurants, bars and the Eagles pre-game show going where fans could listen to a band and catch the pre-game show.  My buddy made a “Fire Ted” sign flipped over by a “Do Not Establish the Run” sign.  We made the pre-game show numerous times!  I had the camera guy ask me who Ted was so I had to explain what that was.
    • The game – it was loud at first, but once the Packers seemed to start gaining control of the game, their fans just sat there.  Sure, there were pockets of fans with some choice words, but it was directed at the Eagles.  The worst part was some 21-year-old throwing up multiple times two rows behind us.
    • If Aaron plays like this, Green Bay can make a run.  Some of the throws he made in this game were just amazing and you could hear Eagles fans saying ‘how in the hell did he do that’?
    • I doubt you saw this during the game, but once the Packers got up 24-13, Damarious Randall was walking the sideline bench area mocking the Eagles fans leaving early.  If my camera wasn’t such a piece of shit, that would have been cool to capture.
    • Eagles fans are optimistic in Carson Wentz, and they should be.  Their next goal is to get some weapons around him.  Can we give them Jeff Janis??  Please?!?

I would love to return to Philadelphia at some point.  See you in 2017, Pittsburgh!

  • With baseball about 120 days away and the winter meetings next week – chew on this for how screwed up their salary situations are.  Two pitchers – Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke will make more than the entire San Diego Padres team in 2017.
    • I bring up baseball because I do expect to see a Milwaukee Brewer or two traded.  Namely Ryan Braun.
    • Can someone explain why the Brewers brought Scooter Gennett back?  Perhaps as a utility guy?  I would think Jonathan Villar is the starter at 2B next season.
  • A good way to start Saturday?  Oklahoma at Wisconsin from the Kohl Center!  This will be the third team from last years’ Final Four Wisconsin has played in the past 10 days (North Carolina, Syracuse, Oklahoma).  Can the Badgers squeeze in Villanova instead of Idaho State?

Wisconsin vs. Pedophile State

  • Badgers vs. Sanduskies for the B1G Championship…notice something?  No Ohio State.  Or Michigan. Or Michigan State. Or Nebraska. Or even Iowa.  Two teams most did not expect to get to this point with a chance to get to the Playoffs with a Clemson loss.

    The likely scenario.  Win, and you’re facing Colorado or USC in Pasadena.  Lose, and you’re facing Western Michigan in Dallas.

    The Lions strengths on offense off the edges play right into the strength of the Badger defense.  If PSU hits some deep passes, they can and probably should win.  But, the UW secondary has been stout all season and I believe will shut that aspect down.  The Badger ground game will struggle at first, but then wear the Lions down and that will be the difference.

    The pick:  Wisconsin 27, Pedophile State 17

Houston at Green Bay

  • The only comparison I should even need to make is Aaron Rodgers vs. Brock Osweiler.  Any and all other match-ups should start and stop right at the quarterback position.

    Somewhere, Broncos GM John Elway is still laughing at the Texans for giving Osweiler $18 million a year to be a below average quarterback.

    For the game, if Aaron Rodgers plays with the same precision, poise, and leadership he displayed in Philadelphia – the Packers will roll this week.  Actually, I’m kind of thinking the Packers should take care of Houston, anyways.

The Pick:  Packers 28, Texans 13

Other NFL picks:

  • I thought Dallas would win, but by a wider margin.  I get the feeling the Cowboys will end up 13-3 and lose in the Divisional Round of the playoffs.
  • Detroit at New Orleans – in Detroit, I’d think this could be a good game.  At the Superdome though, the Saints are just a different animal.  Saints 41, Lions 27
  • Miami at Baltimore – sneaky good game, which I wouldn’t have said a few weeks ago.  Where did Ryan Tannehill come from?
  • Kansas City at Atlanta – a potential game of the week.  I don’t know how the Falcons keep winning, but they are sure finding something on defense to compliment their offense.  I think they jump out and playing catch-up is not the Chiefs’ strength…plus, KC may be a bit hungover from their win at Denver last week.  Falcons 27, Chiefs 17
  • Philadelphia at Cincinnati – I think the Eagles get this one – not sure why aside that I think the Bengals are way too beat up to be really competitive at this point.   Eagles 24, Bengals 16
  • LA Rams at New England – I don’t care if Gronk was done for his career, it won’t matter here.  Patriots will hammer the Rams, furthering the possible removal of Coach Jeff Fisher.  Patriots 38, Rams 14
  • Denver at Jacksonville – this feels like a trap game for the Broncos.   I’m tempted to take the Jaguars in the upset, but not enough as they look like a lost bunch.  Broncos close – 21-20
  • San Francisco at Chicago – zzz…zzzzzzz…zzz.zz.zzzzzzz  – oh, there’s a game?  Quick, hand me the whiskey!!  49ers 21, Bears 17
  • Buffalo at Oakland – sorry, Buffalo.  Even a dislocated pinky to QB Derek Carr won’t help you this week.  Raiders 31, Bills 20
  • Tampa Bay at San Diego – The Buccaneers have won at Kansas City and Seattle at home in consecutive weeks?  Hangover coming?  Yep.  Chargers 31, Buccaneers 23
  • Washington at Arizona – Kirk Cousins can keep rolling this week, despite losing a close one to Dallas last week.  The Redskins lose Jordan Reed, so that will hurt, but not enough to take this one on the road.  Redskins 26, Cardinals 20
  • NY Giants at Pittsburgh – game of the week.  There should be a drinking game in this one to see how many ‘Manning faces’ Eli will come up with when he throws any interceptions!  However, the Steelers aren’t that great on defense, so I sense a shootout.  Steelers 35, Giants 31
  • Carolina at Seattle – Seattle at home?  Awesome.  Seattle on the road?  Pile of steaming dogshit.  Since they’re at home, give me the Seahawks.  Seahawks 28, Panthers 24
  • Indianapolis at NY Jets – outside of Fantasy Football purposes, I would have no interest in this game Monday night.  Give me the Jets in an upset.  Jets 20, Colts 16
  • Bonus pick:  Bye week 14, Browns 10


Dumb ass of the week – well, there are more than one.  

  • LA Rams Jeff Fisher – when you do your weekly press conferences, can you at least know the other teams’ personnel that you’re facing?  He mentioned Danny Woodhead in the presser, saying how versatile he has been for the Patriots.  Um, yea.  He WAS a great player in New England.  The problem here is Woodhead is now on the Chargers, and is out for the year with a knee injury.  Oh, you meant Danny Amendola?  Cool.  Yet, another reason why Jeff Fisher is the most overrated coach in the NFL.   Oops

    On top of this presser, you have a media beef with former Rams great Eric Dickerson? Story

  • This guy…I do not want to hear you cheer for the Packers again…stick to the Dolphins.  Bandwagon

Kudos of the week

The ACC…yes, them.  For FINALLY taking back the ACC/B1G Challenge in basketball this past week.  Their 9-5 series win was the first since what, 2008?

The Green Bay Packers – for showing the urgency they needed to pull off a huge road win at Philadelphia Monday night.  In case you hadn’t noticed, their playoffs start now.

that’s all for this week.  Have a busy day / weekend ahead of me.  Enjoy!



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