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Greetings from the City of “Brotherly Love”, and I’m writing this a day late, but as how I feel about the recall vote in Wisconsin, get over it!   Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving.

So far, so good in Philadelphia.  We got here later than expected because some morons in Detroit figured out there was some heating malfunction on our initial flight that we sat in the runway for 35 minutes before finally turning around.  Then on top of that, they waited until we got back to the gate before calling maintenance.  That is efficiency at its best, people!

Our hotel is across the street from City Hall….or jail.  No, we are not going to jail, but it is ironic that the jail is located so close to where we are.   Our tickets are about the 50-yard-line, 15 rows up behind the Packers bench.  If the sign being made is what I think it is?  Don’t be surprised if you see us on TV Monday night.

  • I hope Texas knows what they’re doing in hiring their new football coach, Tom Herman.  He did great at Houston, but are they paying $8 million a year for a guy who lost to Navy, SMU and Memphis!
  • 76-61 – a nice win for Pittsburgh over Syracuse yesterday…in FOOTBALL.  Story

  • If you haven’t read this blog from J.J. Watt yet, please do – this is good stuff.  And refreshing to see from a professional athlete.  Blog



  • Minnesota at Wisconsin – this is one of my favorite games on the Badgers schedule each year.  The Battle for Paul Bunyon’s Axe.  The longest consecutive played rivalry in College Football, and a little under the radar to the national pundits.

    The Gophers are better than I thought they would be this year, so kudos to them for being so tough through three quarters.  That’s about as far of a compliment I’ll give them.  They’re still from that ****ing state to the west.

    For the Goophers to win, they have to play a near-perfect game for 4 quarters.  And they almost did!  UW’s defense is a top-3 defense in my eyes (Michigan and Alabama are the others).   The Gophers ran the ball effectively, until quarterback Mitch Leidner imploded in the 4th quarter (thanks for that and THANKS for sealing my bet win once again).

  • The original pick was Badgers 34, Gophers 20.

    The actual – if you don’t know by now, keep hiding under that rock.  Badgers keep the axe!  31-17 and advance to face Penn State for the B1G Championship.

    And, I think the Badger defense will win the B1G over PSU (notice I’m being somewhat nice as I am in their state right now?).

My College Playoff predictions:

  • (1) Alabama vs. (4) Washington
  • (2) Clemson vs. (3) Ohio State

B1G Bowl projections:

  • Rose Bowl – Wisconsin vs. Colorado
  • Orange Bowl – Florida State vs. Michigan
  • Cotton Bowl – Penn State vs. Western Michigan
  • Outback Bowl – Nebraska vs. Florida
  • Music City Bowl – Iowa vs. Arkansas
  • Holiday Bowl – Minnesota vs. Utah
  • Foster Farms Bowl – Indiana vs. Stanford
  • Pinstripe Bowl – Maryland vs. Pittsburgh
  • Quick Lane Bowl – NC State vs. Northwestern
  • Green Bay at Philadelphia

    I give up.  I don’t know what else to say about the Packers this season except they just do not have the horses capable of putting together a team that can make the playoffs.  If that is the case, get your asses kicked and get a high draft pick next year (hello Leonard Fournette!!)  From what I have seen the past couple weeks, it feels very similar to when the Packers defense was getting gashed in the late 2000’s, prompting defensive changes (hint).

    It does sound like the Packers may get Jake Ryan and Damarious Randall back, so that will help…a little.

    For the game, the offense will do what it can, but the defense won’t be able to stop a nose bleed, so I’d expect Carson Wentz and the Eagles to put up points…in bunches in the air and they won’t have an answer for Darren Sproles.  Yes, that little guy.

  •  The pick:  Eagles 37, Packers 23

  • NFL Picks – if you read last week, I had Detroit beating Minnesota, Dallas beating Washington and Pittsburgh over Indianapolis. 3-0!!
  • New England at NY Jets – It sounds like Gronk, Edelman and Brady area a go today…even without, it’d be no problem for the Belichicks. The Jets stink, nearly as bad as the Browns do!  Patriots 31, Jets 14
  • Tennessee at Chicago – oy. Do people have to pay to attend this game?!?  Titans should roll with their running game.  Titans 30, Bears 14
  • Jacksonville at Buffalo – another oy. Bring mass quantities of liquor for this game!!! Guess I’ll take the Bills at home.  Bills 27, Jaguars 20
  • Cincinnati at Baltimore – another round of what the hell happened to the Bengals? Now the injury bug clips them losing A.J. Green and Giovani Bernard will keep Cincinnati derailing.  Closer than expected.  Ravens 24, Bengals 20
  • Arizona at Atlanta – could be the best game on Sunday during the day.  The Cardinals fall into the category along with the Packers and Bengals as most disappointing teams in the NFL this year.  Falcons win with too much Devonta Freeman.  Falcons 29, Cardinals 17
  • NY Giants at Cleveland – the march to 0-16 continues for the Browns!! Keep an eye on the Giants in the playoffs – this is a potential dark horse if they get there.  Giants 33, Browns 21
  • LA Rams at New Orleans – Saints offense vs. the Rams defense.  In the dome?  Give me the offense.  Saints 31, Rams 16
  • San Francisco at Miami – this game shouldn’t be all that close, but in typical Dolphins fashion it will be. Drugged up South Florida fan will witness a Dolphins win.  Dolphins 35, 49ers 18
  • Seattle at Tampa Bay – possibly a tricky game for the red-hot Seahawks.  Possibly.  The ‘hawks keep it going on the road.  Seahawks 27, Buccaneers 17
  • Carolina at Oakland – the Panthers are playing better, but it won’t be enough to overtake the Raiders this week.  Carr and company put up big numbers.  Raiders 41, Panthers 27
  • Kansas City at Denver – something to watch Sunday night at least.  This should be a defensive game, and a must win for both.  Minor upset – Chiefs 20, Broncos 16

Dumb ass of the week:

This is your coach, Michigan??  Whiner

Not really a dumb ass, but group of dumb asses.  Has defense fallen so far behind offenses in football?  I miss the consistent 20-17 games where games were won by strong defenses.  Seeing games consistently like 41-38, 76-61, 78-0, 75-31, 55-51 – come on.  Is it that hard to teach defensive fundamentals and for crying out loud, TACKLING?   Step your game up defensive coaches!

Kudos of the week:

The Badgers Volleyball team for wrapping up a 25-4 regular season.  That’s strong stuff and it’d be cool if they make a deep run in the NCAA Tournament.

Chat next week….the date of the Holiday Fiesta!  Some poor soul will get a dose of the Blow




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