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I saw snow flying outside as I was pouring my first coffee….and it’s the harsh reminder that winter is coming.  You wouldn’t have known it with how warm November has been, but with Thanksgiving approaching next week as well as big buck season, I’d say it’s about time.

For those hunting,  be safe, shoot straight and keep me in mind for venison hot sticks!!

Onto the sports season.

  • Any takers on who the Milwaukee Brewers will trade Ryan Braun to?  Here’s my list of teams of where he’s going:
    Los Angeles Dodgers
    San Francisco Giants
    Anaheim/Orange County/Santa Ana/Long Beach Angels

    If the trade is to the LA Dodgers, please don’t let Yasiel Puig be part of the trade!!

    I would prefer to see him go to the American League where he can DH more.   Either way, he and Matt Garza top the list of players that need to go.  Garza can be traded for a bag of baseballs and a case of Schlitz…although that may be doing Schlitz a disservice!

  • The Wisconsin basketball team got clipped by Creighton Tuesday night on the road.  I’m not surprised that they lost as Creighton has a good team.  What I was surprised with was how UW lost.  39 three pointers is typically a recipe for disaster…and I was more surprised that the Badgers did not take the ball inside more and at least get to the free throw line.  This formula is how Wisconsin is so dangerous to other teams throughout the country.   The Bluejays did that – so they ‘out-Wisconsined’ Wisconsin.  It’s only November, and I strongly feel this will be corrected.

    If you get the chance, watch next weeks’ Maui Invitational.  The Badgers have a chance to play #4 Oregon and #5 North Carolina….after they dispatch a rebuilding Tennessee first.

  • Awww….the Marquette Gold has lost twice already.   I have include some cookies and a box of Kleenex to send to Coach Wojo.  I’d think they would struggle in the Big East this year, but they do have DePaul and a struggling Georgetown in that league this year.
  • Purdue at Wisconsin – um, I really don’t need to say much more than this – beatdown.  Purdue has a worse run defense than Illinois, and you saw what happened last week.   Purdue gives up a staggering 6.2 yards per carry!  This will be just as, if not more ugly.  The Badgers will run the ball…a lot, then run some more.

    The pick: Wisconsin 49, Purdue 7

    Watch how nuts college football will be in the next couple weeks.  #5 Louisville got their lunch handed to them Thursday night at Houston.  Michigan at Ohio State happens next weekend, knocking them down the ladder.  Washington still has to play Washington State and possibly the Pac-12 Title game vs. Colorado/Utah/USC.  If the Badgers beat Purdue, Minnesota, and presumibly Pedophile State – yes, your Wisconsin Badgers could very easily be in the College Football Playoff……against Alabama.

  • Green Bay at Washington – man, is there some turmoil in Green Bay this week.  From all of the articles going on about #12 and whether his leadership is where it needs to be around here.  Or is his personal life affecting his play.  Are there issues with Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy?  I’ve read a lot of this throughout the week, and season…
    My take?   I did like he is finally pointing the finger at himself, instead of taking jabs at his teammates.   A teams’ attitude affects their leadership and Rodgers definitely needs to be at the level he was a few years ago if the Packers are going to turn this thing around.  Some of the issues stem from injuries.

    Another one?   Perhaps this ‘depth’ we speak of isn’t as good as we/they thought and the Packers just don’t have that good of players right now.  This is a team that needs a serious infusion of talent in the off-season, but we still have football to be played.

    I do like the pickup of RB Christine Michael….in a couple of weeks.

    There are so many reasons to go against the Packers this week.  The secondary will be like sieves against a hot Kirk Cousins.  The Redskins could still be seething from the beating they took from the Packers last year in the playoffs.  Ever since their 1-2 start, Washington has been 5-1-1.  The Packers, eh, not so much….losing 3 in a row has probably been rather taxing to the boys at 1265.

    So why am I picking the Green Bay Packers this week?  Who the hell knows…it just feels like this is game they’re going to sneak out when they probably shouldn’t.  Rodgers steals this in the fourth quarter with a TD to a returning TE Jared Cook.

    The pick:  Packers 31, Redskins 28

  • Other NFL Picks
  • Carolina over New Orleans was expected Thursday night.
  • Pittsburgh at Cleveland – the Steelers have lost two in a row.  The cure?  Playing the Cleveland Browns.  Steelers 31, Browns 14
  • Chicago at NY Giants – Jay Cutler really looked like the fourth best quarterback in Packers history starting the game with a pick-six losing to Tampa Bay.  Think it gets better for him this week with the Giants?  In a word, no.  Giants 34, Bears 14. 
  • Arizona at Minnesota – queue the Tom Petty song ‘Free Falling’ for the Purple!  Cardinals will come into the spaceship stadium and win.  Cardinals 24, Purple 16
  • Baltimore at Dallas – this game feels like an upset waiting to happen.  I’m not picking it, but this feels like a game that has letdown written all over it after how they won at Pittsburgh last week.  Cowboys 27, Ravens 23
  • Tampa Bay at Kansas City – the Chiefs should win this game, but it will be ugly.  Chiefs 17, Buccaneers 14
  • Tennessee at Indianapolis – sneaky good game this week.  I like how Tennessee pretty much took the Packers by the throat last week.  The Colts are off a bye week after, you guessed it…beating the Packers.  My surprise team comes close, but Andy Luck seems to have found a bit of a groove.  Colts 27, Titans 24
  • Jacksonville at Detroit – would you have said the Detroit Lions would be playing the best football in the NFC North this late into the season?  Yea, me neither.  They roll this week.  Lions 27, Jaguars 13
  • Buffalo at Cincinnati – what in the hell happened to the Bengals?  I think the Marvin Lewis watch has begun.  Losing Muhammad Sanu and Marvin Jones is more costly than they had thought.  They should still have enough this week to get past the Bills at home.  Bengals 21, Bills 17
  • Philadelphia at Seattle – here’s your best team in the NFC.  Not the Cowboys, the Seahawks.  They display it getting after the Eagles this week.  Seahawks 30, Eagles 20. 
  • Miami at LA Rams – so, now the Rams finally decide to start #1 overall pick Jared Goff at quarterback?  One question….what in the **** took so long?!?   The Dolphins stayed west this week due to two California games in a row….ironically helping them win.   Dolphins 22, Rams 16
  • New England at San Francisco – No Gronk this week?  No problem.  The Niners only get to double digits because of garbage points.  Patriots 38, 49ers 14
  • Houston vs. Oakland (in Mexico City) – why is this game in Mexico City?  If they REALLY wanted to test out the Raiders in Vegas, play this game there!  Oh wait, the Commish wants to grow the game internationally, er, more money.   For the game, I will take Derek Carr over Brock Osweiler 10 out of 10 times in a game.  Raiders 31, Texans 23

Bonus – Thanksgiving picks:

  • Detroit over Minnesota
  • Dallas over Washington
  • Pittsburgh over Indianapolis
  • Props of the week.  New idea – hope this works.
    Kudos to the Green Bay Phoenix women’s basketball team.  Playing at #1 Notre Dame and falling by only 4 points 71-67.  A lot of teams may not want to see this group come March.

    To my alma mater – the University of Kimberly in winning their fourth consecutive state football championship.  56 wins in a row is a national best and I’d be asking ESPN to see this team go up against a more nationally known team to see where they stand and how tough local football in Wisconsin is!

  • Dumb ass of the week
    Oh boy, where do we start with you Alshon Jeffrey.  Contract year and not putting up numbers you thought you would with the shitty Chicago Bears.  I understand you ‘not knowingly’ putting a supplement into your body that was banned by the NFL.  Wait, no I don’t.   This feels like a broken record to me, as I’m sure it does with others…but if you are a professional athlete, I’m 100% sure you know EVERYTHING going into your body.  It’s called reading a label, sunshine.  And, since you went to South Carolina, I’m guessing you’re not too bright – then have an assistant read the damn ingredients to you!!  If that fails, then there’s a space-aged technology called a smart phone where you can look that supplement up!

    So, have fun losing that nice huge contract you were expecting in the off-season and have fun rotting in Jacksonville or Cleveland next year.

  • That’s it for this week.  This time next week, I will be traveling on the way to Philadelphia and see if we can handle Philly fan!  I will be writing this thing from the Detroit Airport…so this could be fun.  Until then, Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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