At Section 123

Another week, and another crazy week at that.  I hope upon reading this you don’t take to the streets in protest being all pissed off about what you think I should say, or write, or have hurt feelings that something you think should be free may not be free going forward!  More to come on that later.

I know, I know.  Stick to sports.  I get it…

  • Good, no great move by the Milwaukee Brewers extending manager Craig Counsell through the 2020 season.  He is the right fit for that team, and for how the Brewers looked record-wise, you could see how hard they played for him.  And, I was impressed with how they played in August/September against teams that made post-season runs.  My knee-jerk reaction is you will see some more guys traded (Braun, Scooter and Garza top the list), and you’ll see a youth movement similar to the big club similar to the movement back in 2005.  Then a potential Wild Card run in 2018.
  • If the Milwaukee Bucks want us to watch their young team, well, at all.  They shouldn’t be losing to teams like winless Dallas and winless New Orleans.  I want to pay attention, but you have a ways to go, fellas.
  • College Basketball is back.  It’s hard to pick a Final Four because we obviously won’t know the brackets until March.  That said, here are teams that I think could make the run:  Duke, Kansas, Indiana, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Villanova, North Carolina, Oregon,

    Notice I didn’t have Kentucky on that list.  Why?  I am typically not a fan of all freshmen/sophomores taking on veteran-laden teams.  If they have Wisconsin in their bracket, I’d pick the Badgers every time.   I add Virginia to this list also.  Until I see them win more consistently in a neutral-site environment – they seem to be a team that gets upset often in the tournament.

    Other teams to watch:  Creighton, St. Mary’s, Colorado, Florida, San Diego State (if healthy), Gonzaga, Chattanooga

    Teams I think may be over-stated a bit.  UCLA, Purdue, Texas, Maryland.

  • OK, I’ll give the Gold some credit, they beat the crap out of Vanderbilt last night.  But, please for the love of everything, get rid of those uniforms.  The early 70’s called and they want those dumb things back.  I’ll be cheering vehemently against them every time I can!!
  • Illinois at Wisconsin – have the people in Las Vegas to make these odds for ‘fun’ seen the Badgers offense this year?  Because if they had, there is no way they should be a 25-point favorite over the Illini, even with how pathetic they have been this year.

    That said, I do think UW cracks 30 points today because of how bad the Illinois rush defense.  It won’t be Corey Clement who goes off, but Redshirt Freshman Bradrick Shaw and Senior Dare Ogunbawale (??) making the splashes on offense.  Add that to the great defense and you’re going to get a Badger win on their Homecoming.

The pick:  Wisconsin 31, Illinois 14

  • Green Bay at Tennessee:

    I’m not even sure where the hell to start with this game.  It’s time we need to realize the Packers are just not that good right now.  There seems to be huge communication gaps on both sides of the ball.  You get the feeling there is some dissension in that locker room.  And it does not help when your quarterback is calling out the lack of energy on the team following last weeks’ loss to Indianapolis.

    I’m also not a fan of guys who get paid after performing well early in their careers and then all of a sudden are hurt more times than not.  Here’s looking at you, Clay Matthews.  I now am questioning your desire to be out there…’re telling me you are missing 3 weeks in a row with a hamstring STRAIN???   That is something that is a week, tops.  It tells me that you may not want to be out there all the time and at 30-years-old, I am starting to question your future as a Green Bay Packer.

    As for the game, I think the Packers do come out swinging.  However, the Titans can score and with how they have been lately, I think that alone will be enough to overtake the Packers.  DeMarco Murray, Marcus Mariota and Rishad Matthews have big days and add to the talking heads in Titletown.

The pick:  Titans 31, Packers 28

Other NFL picks

  • Had the Ravens blowing out the Browns.  But I’ll give Cleveland credit for playing hard…for a half.  However, when you start a game by calling time out for having too many players on the field, you know your team is junk!!  You have to think if you’re a potential high NFL draft pick next year…you may want to tank it a bit to fall down the board so you DON’T get drafted by Cleveland??
  • Washington at Minnesota – I’d say the Redskins winning on the road would be an upset, but I REALLY don’t like how the Purple are playing right now, and I am loving every second of it.  Redskins 24, Purple 17. 
  • Chicago at Tampa Bay – Here’s where the Fibbers overrun Tampa for a weekend.  Even with the weather being unseasonably warm in the Midwest, if you get a chance to go to Florida in November, go.  For the game.  Meh.  Buccaneers 21, Bears 14.
  • Atlanta at Philadelphia – if you want a shootout in addition to the Packers-Titans.  Look here.  Footballs will be flying in Philly!  I like the Falcons a little more than the Eagles.  Another huge day for Matt Ryan and Julio Jones.  Falcons 35, Eagles 31. 
  • Kansas City at Carolina – KC Defense vs. look-at-me Cam Newton.  Not having Jeremy Maclin this week against a sad Carolina secondary hurts, a little.  Spencer Ware and Travis Kelce get the job done this week.  Chiefs 28, Panthers 24
  • LA Rams at NJ Jets – oops, did I mean NY Jets?  Either way, ick.  If you really like defense, then tune into this one.   Rams 7, Jets 3
  • Miami at San Diego – the Dolphins are winless on the road this year.  Enough said.  South Florida fan will need a mass amount of weed to put up with this game!  Chargers 34, Dolphins 21. 
  • Houston at Jacksonville – Upset!  The AFC South is as bad as the NFC North this year.  Meaning who knows what the hell is going to happen.  I think Allen Robinson will be huge this week and the Jags D will have just enough to frustrate the overpaid Brock Osweiler.  Jaguars 20, Texans 13. 
  • Denver at New Orleans – I’d say upset alert!  But at this point, it’s not anymore.  I like how the Saints are playing more than I like how the Broncos are.  Saints 26, Broncos 20
  • Dallas at Pittsburgh – is Ben healthy enough to slow the run by the Cowboys?  This is the game of the week for me and will be a treat to watch.  I think the Steelers get enough out of Leveon Bell and Antonio Brown.  Watch the slot receiver Eli Rogers.  If the Cowboys are softer on defense, it’s in the slot.  Steelers 25, Cowboys 21.
  • Seattle at New England – the rematch of Super Bowl 49.  Expect a repeat result, just not as dramatic as the Super Bowl.  Patriots 30, Seahawks 16. 
  • Cincinnati at NJ (er, NY) Giants – Paging Odell Beckham.  This is your stage.  Feel free to kick the Bengals defense around!!  Giants 30, Bengals 17. 
  • Dumb ass of the week.  And this one is obvious.

    Watch this first Video

    I think Stephen A Smith is a total blow hard, but he is absolutely right.  For a guy who is protesting about racial injustices and using our flag in protest, (which to me is a total disrespect to our great military by the way) to not even vote??  I’m with SAS, I do not care about one thing this guy says or does.  He had a platform to try and make some changes, positive changes to get what he felt was inequalities in the inner cities but when it mattered most, he let a lot of people down.  I had a huge problem with both candidates this year, but I still voted.  Everyone I know still voted…

    Crapernick, you and the 46 million that did not vote should not be allowed to feel you have a voice with the issues in our country.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re one of the whiny crybabies that are protesting in the streets.  You had the chance to be a role model to these millenials, but instead you sent the worst possible message.  If there’s a time for you to really go away, it’s now.  We should never hear from you again.

  • That’s all for the week – see you next week.

One thought on “At Section 123

  1. You mean China Doll Clay Matthews? Definitely didn’t inherit his dads or uncles toughness for never missing a game. Maybe him and Mrs Aaron Munn need to practice and work out more instead of doing TV commercials. You need to mention the Rodgers is becoming the 2nd coming of Farve. Never his fault, receiver ran the wrong pattern, I’m not a leader, etc…. Sounds like the old gunslinger in the 2000’s.

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