At Section 123

At this time next week, we will have voted for the next train wreck of a President.  God help us.

  • I know this much.  The first of the blog this week has a legitimate chance of making me throw up this week.  I have to give props to a team I cannot stand.

    Congratulations to the Chicago Chubs on winning the World Series in a thrilling 7-game series over the Cleveland Indians.   Well played throughout, good small ball, clutch pitching and hitting.  Mistakes made on both sides – just two teams going at one another.  It’s why I like baseball.

    The Chubs were fortunate in Games 6 and 7 – having closer Aroldis Chapman throw as many pitches as he did in Game 6, you had to wonder how effective he’d be in Game 7.  He gave up the tying homer in the bottom of the 8th, and was lucky that a couple of hanging sliders didn’t find their way to the seats.  To his credit, Chapman fought through it and led by Ben Zobrist, Chicago got to fly their stupid W flag for the final time in 2016, and raise the trophy.

    And Kudos to the Indians, for a team that many thought would not be in the World Series – hell, not expected to beat Boston OR Toronto, they showed a lot of toughness and heart making their run.

    Both teams are young and it would not surprise me to see them make it back to this point.

  • College Basketball starts up next week, so I will be looking for any and all anti-Marquette Gold jokes for this season.  Their team should suck ass again, so that is going to be rewarding.   I’ll have more of what to look for next week regarding the Badgers and the Green Bay Phoenix.
  • Get this right, NFL…his family deserves this honor.   Stabler

  • Oh, Big Ten, just don’t do it.  Don’t have football games on Friday nights.  Don’t be the Mountain West.  Don’t be the MAC.   You’re the only conference that does not have games during the week aside of a few to open the season up.   But, of course, you look at it as another idea to make some money – as if you didn’t have enough already.  Did you not see the backlash from your schools and perhaps some of their state football coaches associations?  Of course not, and even if you did, you don’t give a crap because you need more of our money.
  • Wisconsin at Northwestern – can someone explain how the Badgers are favored by 6 ½ here?  Weird things happen for the Badgers when they play at Ryan Field.  And the Badgers haven’t won here since 1999 – but…

    The Badgers have outplayed Northwestern the past two season, but have lost both.  Why?  Turnovers…and a lot of them.  And a crappy missed TD call for UW last season – but that’s in the past.  This years’ group?  For the most part, they have been good at taking care of the football, and if they do turn it over – have been usually good a limiting damage.

    UW needs to this win week, and then their schedule lightens up…finally.  The Wildcats have turned their season around after their disastrous start and pushed Ohio State to the brink last week in Columbus.  This week, the Badgers finally get over the hump and continue their march to Indianapolis and the B1G Championship Game.
    The pick: Wisconsin 21, Northwestern 17

  • Indianapolis at Green Bay
    Last week, the Packers played more than good enough to take a road win at Atlanta.  The only thing that stopped them was a lack of pass rush to force Matt Ryan into some uncomfortable situations.  I kept thinking if both teams were healthy, Green Bay wins comfortably.   Atlanta had a decent offensive line.  Indianapolis, on the other hand, does not.  The Packers should be able to get after Andrew Luck early and often.
    Ty Montgomery returns to running back, or is it wide receiver?  Who knows.  Either way, expect something of a shootout between the Colts and Packers – and 70 degree temperatures – in November?

    Enjoy the Pack at home because this week is the last time we get to see them at Lambeau until December!
    Packers 35, Colts 24

  • Other NFL picks:
  • Had the Falcons winning Thursday night, but not by that high of a score.   Matt Ryan is playing the best ball of his career, but the Falcons will ultimately do what they do in the playoffs…choke.   If they see Green Bay, don’t be surprised if a repeat of 2010 happens.
  • Detroit at Minnesota – someone explain to me what the hell is going on with the Purple?  Offensive Coordinator Norv Turner resigns during the season?  Mounting injuries and Detroit playing relatively well spell a road win for the Lions.  Jim Bob Cooter dials up plays for Bo, Luke, Jesse and Daisy…  Lions 23, Purple 20.
  • Pittsburgh at Baltimore – Big Ben is reportedly back for the Steelers, and it comes at the right time.   If you like physical football, this is the game you will want to watch this week.  A lot of penalties could push this to the 3:30/4 hour mark.  Steelers 23, Ravens 21.
  • Dallas at Cleveland – on paper, this is a blowout.  But, the Browns haven’t been really blown out this year, but they are the Browns and I will continue to pick against them.  Cowboys 28, Browns 18.
  • New Jersey Jets at Miami – if this stadium isn’t 2/3 Jets fans, I’d be shocked.  South Florida fan may not have enough drugs and money to keep the transplant New Jersey/New Yorkers out of the stadium.   Dolphins 29, Jets 20.
  • Philadelphia at New Jersey Giants – This game is usually fun.  Strictly for fantasy football purposes, I need to see Odell Beckham go off this week.  Giants 27, Eagles 24.
  • New Orleans at San Francisco (or is it Santa Clara?) – Colin Kaepernick is still the 49ers quarterback?  I’d be picking anyone here, and that includes the Browns.  I expect a lot of Brandin Cooks, Drew Brees and Mark Ingram in this one.   Saints 31, 49ers 17.
  • Carolina at LA Rams – I’d say upset, but it’s really not.  Cam Newton does have some beef with the NFL on some of the hits he’s taking, but he is also a showboat which I’m thinking pisses off defenders.  Not having fun, Cam?  Retire and get a real job then!  Back to the game, both teams have been inconsistent this year to say the least.  Rams are better at home, though and take this.  Rams 24, Panthers 17.
  • Tennessee at San Diego – this feels like the shootout of the week.  San Diego is better than their 3-5 record indicates, and Tennessee has been a surprise.  I like Philip Rivers a little more than Marcus Mariota here, Chargers 31, Titans 27
  • Denver at Oakland – Raiders in prime time.  Hmm…something we’re not used to seeing because they’ve awful for a while, but they get the champs.  Ironically, the Raiders are 5-0 on the road, and 1-2 at home.  Go figure…I like the Broncos defense to harass Derek Carr into a few mistake and steal one late.  Broncos 24, Raiders 21.
  • Buffalo at Seattle – ahh, the return of Percy Harvin to the NFL and to face one of his former teams.  Seattle.  Good luck with that!   If the Seahawks offense has done anything of note this season, I’d say this is a blowout.  Expect a defensive battle.   Seahawks 16, Bills 13
  • Dumb ass of the week:
    I expected this from Philly or South Florida fans, but Buffalo fans throwing a dildo onto the field after a pass play to WR Chris Hogan in the third quarter of their 41-25 win over the Bills.  You’d think it would be for Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski after scored his 69th career touchdown last week?  I hope it wasn’t used prior to the toss.  We can now add that to things I never thought I’d see at a sporting event!  Stay classy, Buffalo.   (insert link )
  • Side note – best costume I’ve seen in a long time!!!  millenial-costume


Back at it next week.  Enjoy the weather and the extra hour of sleep tonight!



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