At Section 123

Two More days ‘til Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!  Two more days ‘til Halloween…Silver Shamrock!

Yea, it’s costume weekend!  I did the ‘No Shit’ costume last weekend, but will not dress up this weekend!  Unless it’s of a Badgers and Packers fan…

And starting the blog next week will be the start of four absolutely terrifying years in this country.  We get to vote for one of two buffoons to be our next President.  My vote?  Well, the Saturday Night Live debates are helping me determine which way to lean.  What a cluster we are witnessing.

  • Before the World Series started,  I picked Cleveland winning in 7 games as I feel the Indians will get the Cubs in a game of small ball more times and not during the series.  They will get the lead and then turn it over to that nasty bullpen.

    Why 7 games?  Because during the season, I have seen the Chubs kick their offense into high gear extremely fast.  The Chubs are just flat out better across the board, but that doesn’t necessarily matter.   I do think the Chubs struggle a bit against teams that like to run and ironically, you can point to their games vs. the Brewers this year as a way to win.  Milwaukee was the team that gave Chicago some fits and Cleveland has a similar make-up – with better talent.   That is ultimately how I see this series playing out.

  • Can we start a drinking game on how many times we hear about Kyle Schwarbers’ comeback?  I’m pretty sure I’d be passed out by the third inning of each game.
  • Fans going to Wrigley  are apparently paying $250-500 just to enter a bar around the stadium?!?  Come on, I understand this is a once in a forever deal and to experience such an atmosphere for the Lovable Losers, but that’s just ridiculous!!
  • I can say this about Packer fans, but I most certainly say this about Cubs fans.  Quick – name me 15 players from teams when they weren’t any good.  Even when they had their mini-run in the early 2000s!  No cheating using Google or another search engine!
  • Stay classy, Philly fan!  Video.. I can’t wait to see how pleasant these Cheese Steak Clowns will be next month when we visit!
  • Jon Taylor of Sports Illustrated, you are just wrong here on saying it’s time to remove Chief Wahoo as the Cleveland Indian mascot.  Why?  Because one person is complaining about the nickname and a ‘smiling’ logo?   It’s time for this society to stop being whiny, over-sensitive children that cry foul the second someone gets butt hurt over a sports logo that is designed to CELEBRATE the history of a culture, event, or something that fits a city.   The mascot is not racist for crying out loud, it’s a cartoon, smiling Indian that celebrates the heritage of Native Americans for crying out loud.

    In reality though, I would love to sit down with a Native American and help me understand why that nickname is so offensive.

    I don’t know whether to laugh or scream every time something, well, anything is written that they get so offended they need to make some big stink over a nickname?   The wussification of the United States of America continues on.

    A link to the story:  Story

  • #7 Nebraska at #11 Wisconsin – good news for the Cornhuskers, they appear to be turning the corner back to being relevant.  That’s a good thing for College Football, and the Big Ten.  Bad news for Nebraska?  Since joining the Big Ten, they are 1-4 vs. Wisconsin, including getting their lunches handed to them in both trips to Madison.

    It will be closer this year, and here’s why.  Nebraskas’ defense is better.    No, it’s not Michigan or Ohio State good, but it’s better.  QB Tommy Armstrong appears to be taking care of the football, but it’s not against competition like they will see tonight. If Wisconsin had a little more on offense, I think they would hammer Nebraska again.  I think UW will force some turnovers on the Nebraska side of the field and capitalize.  It will be close for 3 quarters before Bucky pulls away.  Badgers 34, Cornhuskers 17.

  • Other undefeated teams in College Football will fall today.  Watch for #3 Washington at #19 Utah; #13 Boise State at Wyoming; #8 Baylor at Texas; and #10 West Virginia at Oklahoma State
  • Green Bay at Atlanta

    Let’s get this straight.  The Packers will not have anything for Julio Jones Sunday.  He will get his, but slow /stop the rest of the team, specifically Muhammad Sanu and Devonta Freeman and I like the Packers chances on the road.  Quinton Rollins is out again for the Packers, so it will be up to Ladarius Gunter, Dmitri Goodson and company to slow the Atlanta passing attack down.  Yikes.

    For the Packers, forget about the running game.  The short dink-and-dunk offense is now the running game.   Green Bay again needs huge games from Davante Adams, Ty Montgomery, Randall Cobb….and Jordy Nelson will need to pitch in.  The Falcons defense isn’t exactly a world beater, either so I am guessing a lot of points in this one!
    I think Sunday will be similar to what we saw the Falcons do last week vs. the Chargers.  Atlanta jumps out, but can’t hold on, further adding to their typical swoon.  The pick:  Packers 35, Falcons 27

  • NFL Picks
  • Had Tennessee winning vs. Jacksonville. The Gus Bradley watch is officially on with the Jags.  They looked like they quit in the little time I actually watched this game last night.  That is a HORRIBLE sign if you’re only 7 weeks into the season.  Again, someone remind me why Jacksonville isn’t a serious candidate for a team to relocate to another city.  Then again, who would want them?  Perhaps towns like Nashua, NH; Fargo, ND;  Intercourse, PA; Bozeman, MT would be interested?
  • Philadelphia at Dallas – this will be fun. Two rookie quarterbacks on Sunday night.  The difference?  Zeke Elliott – he goes off in this game and it’ll be Cowboys 27, Eagles 20
  • Washington vs. Cincinnati (at London) – I like the Redskins here. Why?  Not sure, I guess I’m not really sold on the Bengals defense? Or the Bengals in general?  Redskins 31, Bengals 22
  • New England at Buffalo – yea, pump your chest Buffalo, you beat the Deflator-less Patriots a few weeks back. Now, the Deflator is back and he will look to take it out on the Bills this week.  Not having LeSean McCoy playing also hurts the Bills.  Patriots 34, Bills 16
  • Minnesota at Chicago – The Purple came crashing back to earth last week at Philadelphia. It won’t matter this week in Chicago.  Purple 24, Bears 9
  • Kansas City at Indianapolis – this seems like it should be an easy pick, but Andy Luck actually showed something last week. I still like the Chiefs on the road in this one with the defense and Spencer Ware carving up the Colts defense.  Chiefs 23, Colts 21
  • Oakland at Tampa Bay – I see a beating here. Oakland is 4-0 on the road, which is unheard of in the NFL.  Latavius Murray and Derek Carr have field days against the Bucs D.  Raiders 35, Buccaneers 14
  • Seattle at New Orleans – upset #1. Yes, the Saints give up 32.5 points per game, but they can also score with anyone.  Seattles’ offensive has been rather offensive half the season.   They score this week, but the Saints score more.  Saints 33, Seahawks 30
  • San Diego at Denver – upset #2. I like how the Chargers are playing.  The Broncos losing C.J. Anderson will hurt that offense.  Chargers 24, Broncos 17
  • Detroit at Houston – Deee-troit is playing well. So, why am I picking Houston?  Because they’re better at home, and they should be embarrassed (deservedly so) on how they lost at Denver.  Texans 25, Lions 17
  • NY Jets at Cleveland – IF the Browns are going to win a game, this is their best opportunity. Personally, I want them to go 0-16, but I don’t think they will.  Actually, I think they win this game with their best quarterback – Josh McCown (welp)  Browns 23, Jets 17
  • Arizona at Carolina – upset #3. didn’t you used to be the Carolina Panthers?  They will be this week as the Cardinals suck ass on the road.    Panthers 28, Cardinals 17

 It’s too bad the Dolphins are off this week.  I think South Florida fan better send some of their recent winning ways up to Jacksonville and tell them their promotions on how to sell drugs, er, tickets!

Dumb ass(es) of the week:

Josh Brown – two weeks in a row.  In your letter, you apologize to the New York Giants and the NFL, but only ONE mention to your ex-wife, who is the victim in all of your mess?  You condescending douchebag.

Quoted letter from Brown:

“I am sorry that my past has called into question the character or integrity of The New York Giants, Mr. Mara or any of those who have supported me along the way,” Brown said in a statement released to ESPN.

“I have taken measures to get help so that I may be the voice of change, not a statistic. It is important to share that I never struck my wife, and never would.

“Abuse takes many forms, and is not a gray area. Through the past several years I have worked to identify and rectify my own behaviors. The road to rehabilitation is a journey and a constant modification of a way of life. My journey will continue forever as a person determined to leave a positive legacy and I embrace the opportunities to show and speak about what has helped me to be that man.

“In the interim, I am cooperating with the Giants and the NFL. Thank you to everyone that has supported me, I will not let you down.”

You are such an ass, Josh.  I hope to never see you in the NFL again, and I hope someone just kicks your teeth in once just so you know how it feels to abuse someone the way you did your ex-wife.

Big 12 – these clowns spend an exuberant amount of cash on trying to find viable schools to expand their conference from 10 to 12 teams in order to have a football championship game.  Then, they listen to proposals of several schools including Houston, Colorado State, BYU, South Florida, Memphis and Cincinnati.  Ultimately, they decide to stay at 10 once they learn they can do a championship game.  But, expansion is ‘not out of the question’.  Did Brett Favre in his late 2000s wavering years become the Big 12 Commissioner??   On top of that, the championship game will take the top two teams in the league instead of splitting into divisions.  Yep, that makes sense….let’s take ourselves out of the 4-team playoff by having a 12-0 West Virginia play a 10-2 Oklahoma, with the Sooners winning.   At least have a chance to play a 7-5 Kansas State??  Dumb asses.

-see you next week



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