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OK – I’m doing something that I haven’t done in several years….dressing up for Halloween and it should be fun.  I’m going as ‘No Shit’ – yes, there’s a costume for that.  You can Google what that would represent….onto the sports.

  • I am warming up, ever so slowly to an all-Midwest World Series between the Chubs and the Cleveland Indians.  Somewhere, Ricky Vaughn, Roger Dorn, Harry Doyle, Jake Taylor and Pedro Cerrano are smiling.  Harry Doyle would be saying ‘One God Damn Hit’ over the airwaves and Monty would be passed out drunk from a bottle of Jack.   Don’t get me wrong, I want Steve Bartman to make an appearance, or someone in Cleveland should bring a billy goat to Cleveland Stadium.

    Before that, I do think the Dodgers get Game 6 behind Clayton Kershaw.

  • The NBA starts this week.  Does it have to?   The only thing I want to see happen this year is that ‘Super Team’ in Golden State NOT win the NBA Championship.
  • Today was the typical slugfest between Wisconsin and Iowa, with the Badgers gutting out a 17-9 victory.  Watching that game, I thought UW would win 26-14, but I didn’t see the couple series with Bart Houston coming.  For those wondering, here’s why Houston was in the game….

    Apparently, Coach Paul Chryst has set up a couple of offensive packages that will utilize Bart (Starr) Houston to try and maximize the offense.  Um, OK.  I don’t want to see that again, even if the Badgers scored a touchdown in the first time that was rolled out.   They have another tough task against Nebraska next week, which UW has absolutely had their way with since the Huskers joined the B1G, and a resurgent Northwestern team.  Yea, another group of purple clowns.

    I think the Badgers win out and are part of that New Years Six group (against Boise State) in the Cotton Bowl.  Or they get to the Citrus Bowl vs. Florida.

  • I read in my Twitter feed last night that my old high school, Kimberly was leading their playoff game against Milwaukee Vincent 72-0….AT HALFTIME.  WTF???  Someone with knowledge please tell me they took the foot off the gas and the Milwaukee team was just that shitty??
  • The Green Bay Packers offense woke up a bit in the second half during their 26-10 win over the hapless Chicago Bears Thursday night.  It was good for them to get into the rhythm, and that style of short pass game will need to be utilized the remainder of the season.  The short pass game is now their run game and I think you will see Ty Montgomery have a huge second half of the season.

    Is anyone else growing more concerned with Jordy Nelsons’ knee?

    I am majorly concerned with how beat up the secondary is heading to Atlanta next week and Julio Jones.  Another 300-yard performance from Jones is entirely possible.

  • NFL Picks:
  • I did have the Packers winning…having 31-23 in my head because I thought Brian Hoyer was going to hit Alshon Jeffrey a few times.  Had the Packers blew it against Matt Barkley after Hoyer broke his arm, heads would have rolled at 1265 Lombardi.
  • Minnesota at Philadelphia – Bradford returns to Philly for the purple.  I am interested in this game because I think Philly fan will do more then their share of cussing at him.  I smell an upset in this game for whatever reason, even though the Purple has the better team.  Iggles 23, Purple 21
  • NY Giants at LA Rams (in London) – I’m going to be hungover for this game, so you’re giving us this?  Please be a shootout….merely for fantasy points alone.  Rams 27, Giants 21
  • New Orleans at Kansas City – Paging Travis Kelce and Jeremy Maclin??  If there’s a week to have a huge game, this is it.  The Saints love shootouts and this looks like another one.  Chiefs 35, Saints 30
  • Washington at Detroit – which Detroit teams shows up??  Hell, which Redskins team shows up?  I like the Lions at home, and we continue to see Golden Tate go off.  Lions 28, Redskins 20. 
  • Cleveland at Cincinnati  – battle of Ohio, round 1.  Blah.  For all the good going on in Cleveland with titles and playoff runs (NBA, World Series, minor league hockey), I really want to see the Browns go 0-16.  Tyler Eifert should be returning for Cincinnati this week and I think that will help them add to the Browns woes.  Bengals 28, Browns 13.
  • Oakland at Jacksonville – Wait, is that the Jaguars pulling one out of their ass last week at Chicago?  Have fun with Oakland this week.  I think they outscore the Jags – Raiders 33, Jaguars 28. 
  • Indianapolis at Tennessee – I honestly don’t like anything about Indianapolis right now.  Andrew Luck is going to get hurt sooner than later with that crappy line the Colts have.  Tennessee looks to be improving.  Titans 23, Colts 14.
  • Baltimore at NY Jets – ick.  Seriously, ick.  Geno Smith is going to be the quarterback this week.  They had to make that move, though.  You can’t have your starting quarterback have 10 second half interceptions and expect to win.  Ravens 17, Jets 14.
  • San Diego at Atlanta – San Diego looks to be improving and I think they keep this game close vs. the Falcons.  Keep an eye on Hunter Henry for the Chargers and he is rapidly improving.  Atlanta wins in that shithole of a stadium…  Falcons 31, Chargers 28. 
  • Buffalo at Miami – if my friends in South Florida paid more than $10 for these tickets, I need to have a talk with them.   Dolphins take this one, halting the Bills streak.  Dolphins 27, Bills 23
  • Tampa Bay at San Francisco – can someone on Tampa please knock the hell out of Colin Kaepernick???  Bucs win ugly – 16, 49ers 13. 
  • New England at Pittsburgh – this game would have been fun if Big Ben didn’t rip up his meniscus.  Landry Jones vs. Tom Brady?  Hardly a fair fight.  Patriots 34, Steelers 17. 
  • Seattle at Arizona – upset # 2 this week.  The Seahawks look good enough thus far, but seem to struggle with Arizona.  Cards pick up an important home division win.  Cardinals 24, Seahawks 17.
  • Houston at Denver – Monday night, are you ready Broncos fans?  Brock Osweiler returns!!  Wait, you didn’t want to pay him $18 million per season?  Good call, I wouldn’t have, either!  The Broncos defense will harass Osweiler early and often…and kick the Texans’ ass.   Broncos 31, Texans 13. 
  • Dumb ass of the week.  
  • This one is easy……New York Giants kicker John Brown, the New York Giants and the NFL.   This may be more directed at the NFL, though.  IF you think it’s OK to hit a woman, you are a piece of shit, period.   Brown admitted to basically calling ex-wife Molly Brown ‘his slave’ and hitting her several times, even explaining detailed events from 2014 and 2015.  Molly had called the police on multiple occasions, and was even so scared of Brown that she had the Giants take her and her kids to a hotel where she had to change her name so the abuser wouldn’t find them.  This guy should not have a job in the NFL!

    Giants owner John Mara stated he knew of this behavior.  Then why in the hell didn’t you do anything about it?  Apparently, you believe that type of crap is OK?

    And here is my problem with the NFL.  The league destroyed former RB Ray Rice for knocking out his wife, and deservedly so.  Teams finally wised up on Greg Hardy, who should also be in jail.  Then, why in the hell are they basically turning a blind eye to Browns’ admitted description of what he did to his then-wife?   In a league of alpha males, how in the hell do you take OWIs, weed, and other drugs more seriously than domestic abuse?  I’m basing this on the punishments handed down to players.  You see suspensions for 4 or more games with this stuff, and with domestic abuse, you see less or even no penalties.  Someone please explain how is that even possible??

    But, a couple days ago, the league announced they have re-opened the investigation.  Well, that’s mighty fricking white of you, Roger Goodell.  Why wasn’t this done a few months ago??  Where was this a couple years ago when you wanted to make statements of players doing this stuff?    Nice job saying the 6 games handed to Ray Rice would be a starting point.  Isn’t that the only suspension you’ve handed out?    But, again, the league ‘claims’ you support women with the pink breast cancer material.  Hypocrites.

    NFL…if you want to show you are serious about domestic violence.  Kick John Brown, Greg Hardy and now anyone else going forward OUT of the league if they are caught.

  • That’s it this week….I’ll get this going in the morning next week. -n

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