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Another week, and we have now entered October.  The peak fall color season, where we get to really watch out for deer crossing the road, etc.  Ha. Lots of sports to discuss this week.

I will say this for non-sports – I am so tired of the political people slinging insults at their opponents to sway us to vote one way or another.  Here’s a thought.  How about laying out DETAILED plans on what you can do to get the best country in the world back on track?   We seriously are screwed with either Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton as President.  Yikes, I fear for this country.  I have asked my boss if I can work in Jamaica for the next four years and the funny part is, she didn’t necessarily say no!

  • If you saw the Giants at Mets game, you were treated to two of the best pitchers in baseball in Noah Syndergaard and Madison Bumgarner. I know, I know…most like base hits and double plays (insert bad pun), but if you understand pitching with the mechanics, location and situations on how to manipulate the hitter – that was awesome.


  • NL Division Picks
  • San Francisco vs. Chicago Cubs – Giants in 5….are you seriously going against Madison Bumgarner twice and Johnny Cueto 4 times? They got Cueto in the first game, but I still think the Giants are the one team the Cubs did not want to see.
  • LA Dodgers vs. Washington – I think the Nats will get through the games that are not started by Clayton Kershaw. And even he didn’t look that great last night.  Nationals in 5
  • I was cheering for Baltimore, but it was a great game with the Orioles and Blue Jays. Think of this Brewer fan, both will be making appearances at Miller Park in 2017…as will Boston.
  • AL Division Picks
  • Toronto vs. Texas – Rangers in 5 – um, yea. This was not one of my good picks as I made this right after the Wild Card game.
  • Boston vs. Cleveland – Indians in 5. This was the one I was somewhat sure of.   Time for Big Papi to ride into the sunset.
  • Raise your hand if you thought the Wisconsin Badgers would be 4-1 at this point of the season?

Here’s what I liked about the Badgers thus far:

  • Defense – wow, this defense may be the best I’ve seen come through Madison in a long time. They get after the opposing team, and have smacked the opponents in the mouth.  J. Watt has been playing linebacker all of 14 months and he looks like a natural at the position.   He has helped taken the defense to a new level as he led the Badger defense hold Michigan to its lowest point total by far this season.
  • Youth movement – we are seeing a lot of freshmen taking the field which will be a good thing later in the year and going forward.
  • Beating two teams they were not expected to.  Beating LSU at Lambeau was sweet, and thumping Michigan State in East Lansing was amazing to see for this young group.  This will be a team to watch in 2017 – their schedule sets up nicely for them.  If they make the Outback Bowl or better this year, I would honestly recommend Paul Chryst for Coach of the Year.

What I haven’t liked:

  • Offense – this team still looks like they need to get some receivers to step up. Hence, why we’re seeing more freshmen on the field a little earlier than normal.  Alex Hornibrook should be the quarterback, and we’ll see if he can weather the remaining storm with Ohio State, Iowa, Nebraska and a resurgent Northwestern on the docket.  The UW receivers not name Troy Fumagelli need to step up and help the passing game!
  • Run game – it’s been nearly non-existent except for the Akron game. I still don’t think Corey Clement is right, and I do feel like their best back right now is their third string guy – Bradrick Shaw.  The run game gets a nice jolt next season when the O-line is more seasoned, and Pitt transfer Chris James will be available to play.
  • Punting – I realize it’s a freshman punting, but 35 yard punts unless you’re trying to pin the opposition inside the 20 is not going to get it done. Norti has done a good job of pinning teams, but the next thing he needs to do is if UW is inside their own 20 is blast a 55-yard punt to flip the field position.


  • I hope you can stomach this picture….Yummy … from Jared Cook Tuesday.  I nearly threw up in my mouth seeing this, and it makes me not want to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings!

NY Giants at Green Bay

  • Coming off a bye week during Mike McCarthys’ regime, the Packers are 8-2. Prime Time and the Packers hasn’t been kind of late, and this trend needs to change.   Things I notice, the Giants will not be intimidated coming into Lambeau, and with how beat up the Packers secondary is they will fare better than they did Monday night at the Purple.

    The Giants have the fifth best run defense in the NFL, but the Packers still need to get Eddie Lacy involved early and often.  If there is a secondary more beat up than Green Bay, it’s New York.  That will open up the passing game and expect a high scoring affair.
    Translation – start BOTH quarterbacks and any/all receivers on both teams.

The pick:  Packers 31, Giants 27

  • NFL Picks
  • Arizona at San Francisco – so, who was jacked for that Blaine Gabbert vs. Drew Stanton matchup Thursday night??  No?  It still is better than anything in the political world.   It was a little better than I thought it would be once Arizona woke up.  I did pick the Cardinals.
  • Philadelphia at Detroit – This game almost feels like an upset waiting to happen with the Lions looking so ridiculously hapless last week.  Can’t do it as the Lions will find a way to go Detroit (meaning mess up)…Eagles 28, Lions 24
  • Houston at Minnesota – How in holy hell do you not get DeAndre Hopkins the ball last week???  Yes, I’m speaking selfishly for fantasy football.  If Hopkins didn’t do squat vs. the Titans, then what is going to happen against a real defense?  Purple 24, Texans 12
  • New England at Cleveland – I want to say the Patriots will throw up 50+ in King Deflators’ return, but he will be rusty at first, so expect enough LaGarrette Blount in this game.  Patriots 31, Browns 17
  • Washington at Baltimore – Ah, the riveting Maryland / DC battle.  Ravens 23, Redskins 21.
  • Chicago at Indianapolis – Two teams playing football.  Two shitty teams playing football.  Have fun!!!   Colts 23, Bears 14
  • Tennessee at Miami – I realize the hurricane will be gone Saturday morning, but it’s still kind of gutsy to have this game in South Florida with the cleanup happening. Dolphins 16, Titans 10
  • NY Jets at Pittsburgh – If Ryan Fitzpatrick has thrown NINE picks in the past two weeks, I’d think he would have been benched anywhere else aside of a few teams.  The Jets being one of them.  They’re going to struggle this week.  Steelers 31, Jets 18
  • Atlanta at Denver – Game of the week – or it should be.  Julio Jones will not go for 300 yards this week, not against that defense.  Broncos 23, Falcons 20
  • Cincinnati at Dallas – tough to pick this one.  I don’t like how Cincinnatis’ offense is struggling, so I’ll say Dallas, close.  Cowboys 21, Bengals 17
  • Buffalo at LA Rams – The Bills did what they were supposed to do last week, beating New England with their third string QB…now it’s a trip to LA and a tougher than thought LA squad.  Rams 16, Bills 9
  • San Diego at Oakland – If you have anyone on these teams, start them.   Raiders 38, Chargers 31
  • Tampa Bay at Carolina – Something is really off with the Panthers.  That said, they should still beat Tampa at home.  Panthers 27, Buccaneers 17

Dumb ass(es) of the week:

  • Odell Beckham – I was ripping on Dez Bryant recently for being a diva, but this clown is worse. I get you’re an emotional player, but if you’re going to play football players need to find a way to control that anger and aggression and translate that into their play.  Not take cheap shots when the opposition gets into your head and gets you out of your game.  That’s their job!!  If they get you out of your game, that’s one less weapon they can utilize.  Your antics have seemingly grown tired on the NY Giants team.   Even your own quarterback is saying you ‘bring things on yourself’.   See that last word??  It’s not all about you, Odell.  I hope the fines you have accumulated recently keep piling up and they team benches your ass.  You on a team and you should be a professional.   Act like it, dumb ass.
  • Buck Showalter – dude, you’re in a tie game in an American League Wild Card game with the Toronto Blue Jays and you have your closer Zach Britton warming up on three different occasions…he’s ready to roll.  Britton is 47-47 on saves this season breaking a record!!  He’s good.  What do you do?  In the 11th inning, you bring in starter Ubaldo Jimenez?  The guy could give up home runs to high school kids he hangs so many pitches.  What does he do?  Single, single and a 3-run bomb to Edwin Encarnoncion – ball game.  Season over.  Nice move!

    Why wasn’t he used?  Dumb ass.

  • Toronto Blue Jays fan – the Blue Jays fans are starting to enter the conversation with South Florida Fan and Philly fan. Some idiot threw a beer can at Adam Jones in the 7th inning during their Wild Card game Tuesday night so he wouldn’t catch a fly ball.  The best part was this idiot was a Journalist from the Toronto area!  I struggle with most social media as you may know, but this was one time I am glad it was available….the dumb ass was found and all this clown will spend some time in the clink and lost his job.  Dumb ass.


That’s it this week.  Huge showdown for Bucky next week with Ohio State calling. Talk then




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