View from the Uprights

Another week, another round of sports.  My apologies for missing last week as I had an interesting week.   This weather is cramping my style a bit….would love to be on the golf course!  But I did see a kick ass concert last night, so that makes up for it.  Onto sports stuff….

  • Ryder Cup action this weekend is a nice little diversion from not having a Packer game.   Some of the shots I have seen this weekend and the emotion from the players is welcoming to see.  I cannot imagine how hard it will be to get tickets when it comes to Whistling Straits in 2020.  If you are reading this, hook me up!!
  • This is awesome.  Some fan heckling the Eurpoean golfers during practice leading up to the Ryder Cup.  Henrik Stenson asks the fan to make the putt from the same spot – roughly 12 feet, and to sweeten the deal.  Justin Rose bet $100 and…. BOOM

  • The NBA started training camps this week.  Sweet….let me know in April when I may need to watch A GAME.
  • I will finally give some credit where it is definitely due.  Congratulations to my high school alma mater on a record.  Kimberly has broken the state record of 49 consecutive wins in football.  An absolutely insane accomplishment with no signs of slowing down.
  • Meaningful baseball starts this week…..or, the Postseason.  It looks like the St. Louis Cardinals will miss out….darn, I’m just heartbroken.  The next goal is I want the Goat to keep riding though Chicago and watch the Chub fans whine another season!!  I’m still on the Texas vs. Washington World Series.  I had thought Cleveland could make a run in the AL, but they’re getting banged up at the wrong time.  I don’t want to see Boston there, either.
  • Wisconsin at Michigan – There are STILL enough national ‘experts’ that think little of Wisconsin.  I keep hearing crap that LSU now has lost to Auburn so that win doesn’t mean much.  Michigan State is down and Wisconsin got some incredibly lucky breaks.  Assholes, did it ever occur to you that UW’s defense is just that good and was the reason LSU and Sparty could not muster much in the way of offense??

    That said, Michigan has better players than Michigan State.  Being at the Big House and two physical games back to back may be a little much for UW to overtake this week.  Wisconsin keeps this thing close, but…

the pick:  Michigan 27, Wisconsin 21

NFL Picks

  • Miami at Cincinnati – I did pick the Bengals.  But for crying out loud, what in the hell were the Dolphins wearing for their color rush?  Isn’t the Bengals supposed to be the orange team?  Miami looked like a bunch of orange push-ups or great pumpkins…you decide.   With the team Miami has put together, South Florida fan should be thrilled with the weed and cheap ticket promotions coming!!
  • Detroit at Chicago – blah.  They should switch this to Cleveland vs. Chicago for the two shittiest teams in the league.  The Bears are so beat up right now, that I think Detroit should have no trouble putting up points.  Lions 31, Bears 19
  • NY Giants at Minnesota – I really want to pick the Giants in an upset here.  Purples’ D is a little too strong and we’ll see more than a few Manning Faces Monday night.  Purple 24, Giants 20
  • Kansas City at Pittsburgh – this could be fun.  The returns of Le ‘veon Bell and Jamaal Charles should help both offenses.  If you have either defenses, do not start them.  The Steelers should be pissed after being humiliated by Philly last week.  Steelers 30, Chiefs 20
  • Buffalo at New England – does anyone REALLY think Buffalo will win this game?  Paging Rexy’s resume generation after this debacle.  Patriots 34, Bills 17
  • Tennessee at Houston – losing J.J. Watt for the season will really sting for the Texans.  He and Brian Cushing out?  Titans steal a road win.  Titans 16, Texans 13. 
  • Indianapolis at Jacksonville – will the real Indianapolis team show up?  Will the Jags show up at all?  An Indy-dominated Jacksonville Stadium propels the win.  Colts 27, Jaguars 23
  • Denver at Tampa Bay – Oy Bucs.  I don’t like you against that crazy good Denver defense.  Broncos 29, Buccaneers 20. 
  • LA Rams at Arizona – I expect the Old Man Cards to win this game at home, so why am I picking the Rams?  I like their defense better than Arizona.  Rams 24, Cardinals 22. 
  • Dallas at San Francisco – this feels like an upset.  Dallas losing Diva Dez for a few weeks could put a nice dent into their season.  Expect a ton of Carlos Hyde in this one.  49ers 21, Cowboys 16. 
  • Seattle at NY Jets – I don’t like how banged up Seahawks are right now.  Jets 23, Seahawks 20
  • Cleveland at Washington – in what was supposed to be an RG3 heckling homecoming, we get the second shittiest team in the NFL in the Nations Capital.  I think the Skins win comfortably.   Redskins 28, Browns 13
  • Carolina at Atlanta – Are the Panthers pissed?  Yep.  Is this a game where we can determine if the Falcons are for real?   I sense a Cam Newton beatdown of Atlanta.  Panthers 33, Falcons 17
  • Oakland at Baltimore – If you have quarterbacks and wide receivers in fantasy for these teams….start them.  A LOT of passing should take place here.  Ravens 37, Raiders 30.
  • New Orleans at San Diego – see comment of previous game.  Shootout #2 of the day between Philip Rivers and Drew Brees?  This will be fun.  Chargers 41, Saints 35. 


Dumb ass of the week:

  • Rex Ryan for calling participating in the Patriots press conference asking if WR Julian Edelman is playing quarterback.  Smooth, Einstein….way to silently piss off Bill Belichick.  The Patriots are going to use that, and probably start some Joe Dirt from the crowd and STILL beat the Bills by double digits.  Enjoy the last few weeks of being the Bills Coach and never being an NFL Head Coach again!
  • Dez Bryant for not appearing for an MRI to disclose that he has a fracture in his kneecap.  Idiot….you are a veteran playing on a professional sports team that has some of the best medical professionals in the business.  IF YOU GET INJURED, go in, get diagnosed and start the treatment plan so you can actually come back quicker.  Stop thinking you are above any team and just show up when you feel like it.  I actually thought Dallas had a punchers chance to catch the Giants and Philly at some point in the season.  Now?  Nope….not a chance in hell.  Have fun being 7-9.


Back at it next week…Happy Oktoberfest!!




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