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Good morning, kids.  Another weekend of football and other, well, interesting things are on tap.

  • In the attached video, from the lackluster Monday Night Football game between the 49ers and Rams, the call from Kevin Harlan may be the funniest call I have ever heard in a football game.  The game must have been so boring that when this ‘goofball’ ran onto the field, Harlan made it sound like we were at the Super Bowl!  Seriously, this call is going into the memory bank for a long time!  Video
  • This article from Wisconsin State Journals’ Tom Oates says the Wisconsin Badgers’ offense has regained its mojo.  EASY sunshine…..putting up 54 on Akron, and who knows what they are going to do to Georgia State today is a little different than what they will face in the conference gauntlet.
  • I will give the Milwaukee Brewers a ton of credit for still playing hard, even though it was evident they are in a clear rebuilding mode.  That is a testament to Craig Counsell and his hard-nosed style.
  • I am 100% on board of trading Ryan Braun in the off-season.  But for Yasiel Puig?  I understand there are other components the Dodgers would send to Milwaukee, but don’t the Brewers already have a ton of outfield prospects?  Domingo Santana, Keon Broxton, Lewis Brinson, Brett Phillips, and Trent Clark come to mind.  Unless there could be position switches?
  • My knee-jerk early World Series prediction:  Texas vs. Washington.  As long as the Yankees and Cardinals don’t make the playoffs, I’m good.
  • If you get the chance, watch some College Football this weekend.  Solid games include: Criminal U at the Louisville Sluggers; Meatchicken State at the ND Fighting Pukes, and Ocrio (Ohio) State at Choklahoma.  Alabammer at The Grove (Ole Miss) – fun games to day drink to.
  • Georgia State at Wisconsin.  One of the better running teams vs. the worst rushing defense in the country.  Yawn.  Wake me when it ends.  Badgers, 58-3
  • I am concerned for Sam Shields’ health.  Dude is on his fourth concussion already and I hope he starts to think about his long-term future, even if that does mean cutting his career short.
  • Green Bay at Minnesota.  Payback for the 2003 Lambeau Field dedication!!!  Going into Minneapolis on Sunday Night Football in that dumb purple-laced spaceship stadium and taking one from the Vikings is just what the doctor ordered.   Eddie Lacy seems to have good games against the solid Vikings defense, and we all know Aaron Rodgers rarely turns the ball over.  That’s what needs to happen Sunday night to take this divisional road tilt.  Packers 24, Vikings 20.

For the rest of the NFL Picks:

  • Tennessee at Detroit – may be closer than we think.  Lions win at home 31-27
  • Seattle at Los Angeles – if the Rams looked that shitty Monday night vs. the Niners, what in the hell will Seattle do, even with a banged up Russell Wilson??  Seahawks 24, Rams 6
  • New Orleans at NY Giants – shootout!!!  Start every possible fantasy football player you have on these teams (except the defenses).  Giants 38, Saints 31.
  • Cincinnati at Pittsburgh – this is the game I want to see Sunday before the night game.  This is one of the nastiest rivalries in the NFL right now, and it’s fun to watch these teams beat the crap out of each other.  I think Pittsburgh will have a little too much at home, and win 23-20. 
  • Baltimore at Cleveland – ….zzzz……zzzzzzzzzz….z.zzz..zzzz.  Oh, there’s a game played?  Ravens 21-10
  • Philadelphia at Chicago – Carson Wentz’ first road game will not go over as well as beating up the hapless Browns in the opener.  Bears 27, Eagles 16. 
  • Kansas City at Houston – this won’t be the 30-0 schellacking we saw in Wild Card Weekend last season, but the Chiefs have the better all-around team and should win this on the road.  Chiefs 30, Texans 17. 
  • Tampa Bay at Arizona – can the Cardinals rebound against what looks like an improved Tampa Bay team?  Yes, with a lot of David Johnson they can.  Cardinals 28, Buccaneers 20
  • San Francisco at Carolina – yea, the Niners beat up on the Rams (or was that UCLA??).  The Panthers are going to be pissed from last week.  Panthers 41, 49ers 14. 
  • NY Jets at Buffalo – Jets won this 37-31, and the Rex Ryan watch has definitely heated up.
  • Indianapolis at Denver – I just don’t see Andrew Luck having much luck against that Denver defense.  A lot of C.J. Anderson in this one as the Broncos win 20-13
  • Jacksonville at San Diego – cross country trips don’t typically go well.  I’m curious to see if the young Jags can continue building on their near-upset against Green Bay last week.  Hint – utilize Allen Robinson…a lot.  The Chargers 4th quarter collapse against the Chiefs was fantastic.  Jags win over the Chargers 30-21.
  • Atlanta at Oakland – Hard to pick this one, merely because I don’t know much about Atlanta.  Losing to Tampa at home wasn’t good, and the Raiders picked up a nice win at New Orleans last week.  I’ll say Raiders 34, Falcons 17. 
  • Miami at New England – the Dolphins surprised me with their defense and nearly pulling one out in Seattle last week.  New England really surprised me winning at Arizona without #12 and #87.  The Pats will take this one and get ready for a short week.  Patriots 23, Dolphins 9. 
  • Dallas at Washington – Dak Prescott on the road – he has a good offense to work with, but can he get it done on the road?  Not with the Dallas defense, they don’t.  I think Kirk Cousins and Washington will rebound from the ass-whipping they took from the Steelers and win.  Redskins 26, Cowboys 21.

  • Dumb ass of the week.  The kid who ran on the field in the Monday night game?   Nah, that is hilarious merely because of the call.
  • Buffalo Bills Coach Rex Ryan.  For firing Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman, when it is his brother, Rob Ryan who has implemented such a shitty defense over and over again wherever he goes.  When Rex gets fired (and he will), would anyone ever consider this guy for a head coach?  Way to continue winning the off-season, Rex.  Dumb ass.
  • Winner?  Rex.

That’s it for the week – enjoy the football!



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