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Football is upon us, boys and girls.  And what a great game we had Thursday night between Carolina and Denver.  I did not see the Broncos beating the Panthers.  I wasn’t surprised to see Cam Newton take the pounding he did.  The Broncos D is scary good already.  What impressed me more, was how in the heck did Newton not have a concussion after the numerous head shots he took?

  • The Milwaukee Brewers are trying to play a little spoiler role in September.  It would be nice if they put a dent into the St. Louis Cardinals playoff hopes – even though the Birds seem to own the Crew.
  • Yes, this is real.  Rice football player solves a Rubik’s Cube behind his back in 25 seconds – Video
  • College Football nuggets –
    • it looks like it could be Alabama and everyone else this year.  Huge statement blowing out USC and making them look like a junior high team.
    • I like all of these top teams lost last weekend:  LSU, Oklahoma, Notre Dame
    • 6 SEC teams have lost in the opening weekend for the first time in, what seems like forever.  Good – now the rest of the country can catch up.
    • Get ready to see nearly 160,000 fans at Bristol, TN for Virginia Tech vs. Tennessee tonight.  That will shatter records for a football attendance.
  • What an unbelievable atmosphere last weekend at Lambeau Field.  All but one LSU fan were awesome to hang out with and have a couple pops.  The tailgating was fun, watching the game nearby was a blast as well.  All of the fans were into the game, and the bands afterwards were such a fun crowd to be around.  There were some, oh, let’s say interesting stories with friends from that evening.  Ha.

    Think of this – ever since that ass-clown Gary Andersen bolted for Oregon State, the Badgers have beaten Auburn, USC and LSU.  In that same timeframe, Oregon State has gone 2-12.  Thanks for leaving, Gary!!

    Anyway – a little birdie tells me that there will be another ‘neutral site’ series with Wisconsin and…….Notre Dame in the next few years.  One game at Lambeau, and the other at Soldiers Field in Chicago.

  • Akron at Wisconsin – after upsetting LSU last week, the Wisconsin Badgers have jumped into the national polls, and national spotlight.  An AP rank of #10 is high, though.  They should be closer to the coaches’ number, #16.

    Going into this game, this is a game they will overpower Akron using the traditional Wisconsin style of football – pound the smaller team into submission.  Akron can score, but it won’t be enough to overtake UW in the home opener.  Badgers 45, Zips 17

  • I was as shocked as everyone of the Packers’ release of Josh Sitton over the weekend.  Something happened, there.  I have heard rumors around town, but I’m not going to speculate much, unless we chat in person.  The only thing I will say it this was NOT performance related.


  • Green Bay at Jacksonville – finally, real Packers football back on the tube!   Some keys for the Packers.  Jordy Nelsons’ return.  How long does he go?  Eddie Lacy looked good in pre-season, in a contract year, we need to see that translate to the regular season.  How does the new look offensive line perform after the untimely release of Josh Sitton?  Can the defense tame a young and high-scoring offense of Blake Bortles, Allen Robinson, Allen Hurns and TJ Yeldon?

    They do, especially if the Packers attack the left side of the Jaguars offensive line (all new starters).   I think Jordy Nelson has a huge game – 6 catches 100+ yards and a TD.    Packers 31-20

  • Other NFL picks:
  • Chicago at Houston – too much D by the Texans.  Lamar Miller and DeAndre Hopkins should have a huge start for Houston.  And Jay Cutler is still in Chicago (AKA he’s the 4th best quarterback in Packers history)!!  Texans 26-14
  • Detroit at Indianapolis – I’m curious how healthy Andrew Luck will be and can he rebound from his injury-plagued season?   I am also curious if the Lions offense could actually be better now they aren’t forcing things to now-retired Calvin Johnson?   Close, but Colts at home.  31-24
  • Minnesota at Tennessee – thanks for wasting your draft picks, Vikings!!  A first AND a conditional pick for Sam Bradford?  That makes me wonder how long they think Teddy Bridgewater will be out.  Anyway, the purple clowns defense is still good, and they still have Beat Your Son.  Tennessee will be improved and put up a fight.   Blah 14, Titans 9.
  • Oakland at New Orleans – if you want to see a shootout in Week 1, watch this game.  Drew Brees and Derek Carr will light up the scoreboard, early and often.  Raiders steal one on the road as the Saints defense continues their ‘drug problem’ up and down the field.  Raiders 37-31.
  • San Diego at Kansas City – fun rivalry game to start the season.   If the Chargers want to start taking that next step, they must have some production out of their running game.  Looking at you, Melvin Gordon!   Kansas City should take this one at home as their defense should give Phillip Rivers and co. fits.  Chefs, er, Chiefs take it 30-21.
  • Cincinnati at NY Jets – here’s my upset.  The Bengals are better on paper, but the Jets with the receiving tandem of Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker should make enough plays outside that may be enough to offset the Bengals.  Jets in an upset 21-16.
  • Cleveland at Philadelphia – cheap tickets already!!  Griffin and Wentz eras begin for the Browns and Iggles.  Unfortunately, someone has to win.   I wonder if there is a pool of how many things Philly fans will be throwing at Robert Griffin or Terrelle Pryor?!  Give me the home team. 23-14.
  • NY Giants at Dallas – Dak Prescott is going to find out in a hurry that the success he had in the pre-season means squat.  The speed picks up, the intensity will be much different.  The only thing that makes me hesitate a Giants blowout is the boneheaded mistakes Eli Manning can make.  Giants win 24-17, but this feels like it should be more with that crappy Dallas defense.
  • Buffalo at Baltimore – Can someone explain anything exciting about the Buffalo Bills this year to me?  I can’t….really.  I’m not keen on the Ravens, either, but they should take the game at home.  Ravens 21-13.
  • Tampa Bay at Atlanta – sleeper team in this game?  I’m not sold on the Falcons at all, and it sounds like fans are finally wary of Matt Ryan.  What took them so long?   Buccaneers 19-16.
  • Miami at Seattle – oy.  Poor Dolphins.  Cross country trip and they will get slaughtered.  Here, fishy, fishy…..   Seahawks in a rout 38-14.
  • New England at Arizona – if Brady was playing, this would be awesome for Sunday night.   Since the king of deflating balls is not, here is one of the first four games the Patriots do trip up.  Add Gronk not making the trip (he’s hurt, shocking)   Cardinals 27-17.
  • Pittsburgh at Washington – this could be a shootout.   Two explosive offenses, and it will depend on which defense can make a play.  I tend to lean towards the more experience, and the Steelers – 31-27.
  • LA Rams at San Francisco – on a Monday Night?  Thankfully, this is the 9:15 game for this snooze fest.  Rams 20-10.


  • Topic of the week.  Not standing during the National Anthem.

    Let me get this out of the way first, I’m all for standing up for what you believe in.  So, the people who choose not to stand during our National Anthem has the freedom to do so – it says so in our Constitution.  One, Colin Kaepernick has even gone as far as trying to do more such as donating money and time to help inner cities.   That’s a good action to take.

    What I’m NOT OK with is you’re making the stance during our National song and flag flying before the game you are paid (or overpaid) to play.  To me, not standing during the National Anthem is disrespecting and a complete disregard to all of the men and women who have given up the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.  There are soldiers who have fought, and are still fighting for us every day, so we should give them our ultimate respect and gratitude by standing up every time OUR National Anthem is played.

    How is not standing up for the anthem saying a message that racial tensions and police brutality are not OK?  The ONLY way I can justify not standing up is if you are handicapped.  Otherwise, common courtesy / respect or any other aspect of a nations’ song, STAND THE HELL UP!!

    If you really want to make a difference, in addition to the money that has been donated by Kaepernick, retire from your professional sport and join the police force.

  • Dumb ass of the week:
    Anyone who kneels or sits during the national anthem.  Colin Kaepernick, Megan Rapinoe, Brandon Marshall (DEN), and I hear this is going to pick up steam. Ugh – keep the flag out of this protest!!

That’s it for this week – back at it next week!



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