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Oops, I missed a week.  It was Memorial Day weekend and I had some alcohol to drink and food to grill.  Good times, great food.  I even managed to get a round of golf in on a fractured hand – and hit a ball at a turkey, nearly hitting it.  Since the last blog, there have been a few things happening.

  • Can anyone tell me in their right mind why there are 2 days between games in the NBA Finals?  Do they want the season to end in July?  It’s already absurd that winter sports are played in May/June.  But hey, gotta have the suspense and ratings, right?
  • I did think Cleveland was going to win the NBA Finals, but that was until Golden State won Game 1 with their two best players playing poorly and the depth outdid the Cavaliers.  Cleveland had so many missed second shot chances, and if they hit even half those – we’re talking about the Cavs being up 1-0.
  • You can apply the same above comments to the Stanley Cup Finals…minus the ratings.  I like hockey, so I’ll watch this even though it’s got a team that most would not watch in San Jose.
  • Kudos to the Milwaukee Brewers.  You don’t suck as much as I thought you would at this point of the season.  25-30 is better than I expected them to be.  They do hit a rough schedule this month with playing the Mets, Dodgers and Giants – in other words, stout pitching staffs.  If they hold their own in this stretch, they may be able to keep some fans interested until the Packers get going in July.

    You’re looking at two or three potential All-Stars in that line up.  But, I’m not saying they’re a contender right now.  RIP, Lou Brown!

    Keep the trade value up Gummy.  Jonathan Lucroy, Aaron Hill, and others could be on the move at the trade deadline.

  • I reserve the right to kick anyone that tries to tell me they were into this dumb National Spelling Bee.  ESPN should be firing people for putting on such nonsense to their networks….and even worse – telling their anchors to proudly promote that.  Who gives a flying fuck if someone can spell impossible words!!!  IF they want to promote something, put a National Beer Chugging competition on their networks….and I guarantee you the winner will be from Wisconsin.
  • RIP, Muhammad Ali.  Never saw him fight, but can tell so many raved about this guy with his fights, charisma and voice.  In our generation, that athlete would probably be Michael Jordan (minus using his mouth).
  • I’d say this is more hilarious than a dumb ass, but Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh calling out Alabama after Nick Saban was whining about Michigan holding virtual camps in the South.  Saban was complaining that it’s “ruining” college football.  Here’s the real issue, Saban is pissed that he didn’t come up with it first and that someone else is trying to invade players he is paying, errr, recruiting to come to Alabama.

    Please match these two schools up in a bowl game this year.

  • This is a good problem to have for the Green Bay Packers – too many wide receivers.  But, you’re kidding yourself if they keep 7 receivers on the team.  They need to trade one.  And if you know anything about me, the guy I’m trading is the guy everyone seems to love – Jeff Janis.

    Hear me out – they drafted Tyrone Davis this year who is as fast or even faster and more polished of a receiver than Janis.  But, fans and the media are so Janis hungry that there’d almost be a revolt if Janis was traded or even waived.  You can trade Janis to a place like Tennessee or Oakland for a late draft pick.   Keep in mind Janis didn’t do much aside of two hail mary passes in the playoffs….but fans and the media kept saying “I told you so”.   He doesn’t have much else aside of the fly pattern.  With Davis and a returning Jordy Nelson, that is more than covered.  Return specialist?  Davis, Micah Hyde and Jared Abbrederis have that covered as well.  “Free Janis” – why yes, indeed.  Free him right out of Green Bay.

Wisconsin college sports need to take the next step…bring back baseball to the UW, and a second Division 1 football team (1-AA)  It’s time, Barry.   It’s also time, UW-Milwaukee, UW-Green Bay and the Gold.

It’s time to bring baseball back to the University of Wisconsin.  The last game was played back in 1991, and while I understand the budget concerns back then.  It’s not the case now with the Badgers in the top 10 profit margin in the NCAA (thanks football and basketball), and they were healthy in hockey before they sucked the past few seasons.

The UW Club team has created a proposal to Alvarez in how they can resuscitate the sport back in Madison.  With College Baseball growing in popularity, pretty much exponentially – you cannot tell me that it hasn’t at least got the attention of UW.   It’s pathetic that UW is the only school in the Big Ten that does not have baseball, and that UW-Milwaukee is the only Division 1 baseball team in the state.  Green Bay or the Gold couldn’t come up with a team, either?  Milwaukee has a decent team, but their facilities are worse than some of the high schools in the Fox Valley area.  They are getting an upgrade finally, which will help them.  But, back to the point.

I’ve said this before, but the College World Series is one of the most underrated events in sports.  There’s good enough baseball in the state that a good team could be built in Madison and could get into the tournament.

The proposal ( here ) is lengthy, but is worth the read.  It covers every aspect of what it would take to bring baseball back to Madison.

For Wisconsin to get a baseball field back, use the field turf baseball field that seems to be rather common in college baseball fields that would help reduce potential weather issues that the northern half of the country gets in early Spring.

It’s time, Barry.  Wisconsin needs college baseball again.

It’s also time to get a second D-1 / D-1AA football team in this state.  No, we’re not Texas California or Florida, but there is enough population here and football is king in this state.  It can support a 1-AA team at one of the other D-1 schools in the state. So what, you start off to the Missouri Valley Conference and get your asses handed to you by Northern Iowa, Illinois State and North Dakota State.  People would show up when they would come to town.

Back in the 80s, I do believe the Green Bay Packers blocked a college team at UWGB, but that time should be long gone and they should be talking with the university to get a college team in town.  St. Norbert is the Green Bay college football team?  Rubbish, I say.  No D-1 team in the Milwaukee area?  That’s also BS.   Money, Title IX and facilities can all be worked through if schools wanted to take that next step.  For crying out loud, Iowa even has multiple division 1 teams.  Other states like Kansas and New Mexico can support multiple college football teams, why can’t Wisconsin?

It’s time, people.  Step up.

Dumb ass of the week(s)


Baylor University.  And this should be obvious – for all of the sexual harassment charges with the football team, and the eventual house cleaning of the Athletic Director who resigned, fired coach Art Briles, and demoted President Ken Starr.  The sad part is Baylor was going to let this go?!?   One rape is bad, but when it’s coming from several sources at the school, you know something is amiss.  All this cover up for what,  winning football games in the Big 12?   The school punishing their staff is and was too late and is exactly what should have happened at Louisville and Pedophile State.

To make matters worse, they demoted their president Ken Starr who is now going to teach a Law course??  In what, Ethics?  There’s some irony in that and it’s funny.

AND…the school won’t let recruits out of the letter of intent.

The real sad part?  You’re kidding if you think only a few schools have had this happen.

Here’s a link to the story: Baylor


Back in 2 weeks – see ya then.




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