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You’re reading correctly, it’s back.  After a long hiatus, primarily because I was getting burned out a bit and running out of creative things to say – it’s time.  I’m refreshed, jacked up after a long vacation and ready to go!  I’ve thought about what I can do differently – and here’s the one big addition…I’m going to mix it up now as I’m going to try and add some more depth to subjects in addition to the same sarcasm you have grown to know and either love/hate over the years.

  • Stop grading the NFL Draft – seriously.  Outside of a few teenager fans in New York, Miami or Philadelphia – who cares?  Ask in 3-4 years after these players have performed on the field.
  • The “Mr. Irrelevant” tag is dumb also…to get to a certain point and you’re the last person drafted.  That’s like saying you are the last person picked in dodgeball – “hey, you suck, but we still want you to play!”.
  • Yes, we know the Milwaukee Brewers are going to be bad this year.  It doesn’t mean we stop watching.  Think of it this way – summer is closer now that they’re back on TV.  I did hear a buddy sat behind home plate Friday night for $14 a ticket, so going to games will be cheap this year.
  • Please let me know when the NBA Playoffs are done.  What they should do with this and the NHL Playoffs is – best of 5 series the first two rounds.  Best of 7 in the Conference Finals and League Finals.  On top of that, games should be every other day…not 3-4 days between games just so they can get the games on TV.  Aren’t there enough channels for that now?
  • I’m already annoyed with the Chicago Cubs this year.  Yea, I know they’re good and they may be fun to watch.  But it’s the casual Cub fan that will drive me nuts.  They will act like they’re the best thing since sliced bread, when in reality, they’re too young to realize that team had sucked for years.
  • The 2016 NFL Schedule is out, and being a Green Bay Packers fan, I’d like to know what type of alcohol was consumed when the schedule makers completed the Packers schedule.  4 home games in a row with a bye week sandwiched.  Then followed by 3 road games in a row?  I’ve heard of the 3 road games plenty of times, but not 4 home games.  With the games being in October / early November so the weather will still be decent around that time – we’ll take it.
  • Can the Packers finally eliminate the ‘Gold’ Package as well?


Here’s the big thing I’m going to write about.  PEDs in sports….yes, it’s overblown and we see it all over the place, but I wanted to add a couple things they could think about and what I’d do about it.

If you follow sports, and have been hiding under a rock – by now you’ve heard or read that Miami Marlins IF Dee Gordon has been suspended 80 games without pay for taking performance enhancing drugs.  In his statement, Gordon mentioned that he ‘not knowing’ what was in a supplement he had taken resulting in the positive test results.  That’s a crock….


Athletes taking performance enhancing drugs has been a fairly common occurrence for as long as I can remember.

I understand why people take these type of drugs….athletes feel taking these drugs / supplements or whatever they do will help them gain a competitive advantage in their respective sports.  However, like I wrote earlier, I also think they can throw this ‘not knowingly’ stuff out the window.  It’s funny to think we’re naive to think they don’t know the drugs are an advantage.  Anyone who is trying to reach the highest level of training are in tune with everything they put into their bodies – diet, supplements, and yes, drugs.   They have cooks, nutritionists and other people offering the ‘best’ in diet, workouts, and everything to keep them at their peak performance.  So, any time you hear someone say ‘not knowing’, you know it’s a lie.  They know 100%, and they don’t care.  It’s just like hearing someone say ‘it’s not about the money’.  Sure….and I have an empty bottle of ketchup to sell you.

Jose Canseco. Mark McGwire. Sammy Sosa. Alex Rodriguez. Lance Armstrong. Ryan Braun. Andy Pettitte. Roger Clemens. Barry Bonds. Dee Gordon. Rafael Palmeiro. Ken Caminiti.  Marion Jones. Tonya Harding. Lyle Alzado. LaRon Landry.

These are just a few athletes that have been caught (Bonds and Clemens have been indicted in the past).   On top of the players who have been caught, there is such a great number of players expected to have been on drugs, it’s almost scary.  There’s a book that was written by Jose Canseco years ago that I need to read – my understanding it it should open peoples’ eyes on how bad drugs really are and who were on them.

Here is a quick general pros/cons list:

The pros: enhanced performance, big money, legacy

Why?  For that extra home run, that extra burst of speed on the lane, that extra burst to get to the quarterback.  In addition to wanting to be elite and increase their legacy, there’s one other factor.

That next big contract. Players are arrogant / untouchable and think they won’t get caught and will do whatever it takes to get to that big money.

The cons: shrinking testicles, acne, heart attacks, impotence, increased aggressive behavior.  PEDs are also have a higher risk of the life being cut way too short.

Since this is the most recent case, Dee Gordon was an average player with the Los Angeles Dodgers until 2014 where he hit .289 but had an eye opening 12 triples that season.  That parlayed into a contract with the Miami Marlins last season, where he followed that up winning the National League batting title with a .333 average and 205 hits (also leading the league).  The Marlins rewarded him with a $50 million contract that expires in 2020.   Hence, taking PEDs was more than worth it to Dee Gordon.

So, thinking the PEDs are for the next contract and reaching the best level possible – there are a few options to look at.  What to do about it?

Option 1:  If you get caught once, you’re out.  Period.  No 4-games in football, no 50-100 games in baseball.  You’re gone without the chance to come back.  Here’s the part where the team should be able to do something about players getting caught cheating.  Teams should have the ability to remove themselves of a player upon getting caught – a hard cut similar to what the NFL can do with its players.  The Marlins should have a right to cut Gordon.  Just like the Brewers could have cut Ryan Braun, well, you get the point.

Option 2:  Legalize PEDs.  I understand the sport and integrity of the game is at stake here, but the players cheating are going to find ways to do it anyway, so just level the playing field and give the OPTION to do so.  I don’t encourage taking the drugs, and hope players can make it to the elite level through hard work, but at least afford the opportunity to everyone.

Option 3:  Test every day, including the off-season.  If they want to be professional athletes, Olympians, or some other elite person – you get tested every day with no exceptions.  I get the feeling there isn’t near enough testing going on.  While the next lab is continuing to look for ways to cheat the system, tightening the screws could also be an option with making fines so astronomical it will force the games to clean up.  Or hope?

If you have other options, I’d love to hear what you think.

  • Dumb ass of the week.  This isn’t going away.
  • Dee Gordon – for the reason listed above.  I just wish he’d stop denying he took the PEDs and own up to it.  At least he has $50 million reasons to smile, though.
  • New Miami Dolphins draft pick Laremy Tunsil.  Dude posted an Instagram picture of smoking the chron hours before the start of the NFL Draft.  Who was once expected to be the #1 overall draft pick falls to #13 and the most weed-infested place in the country, Miami.  He’ll fit right in there!!!
  • Winner – Tunsil.  How can you be that dumb and play the ‘my account was hacked’ card?  That’s another believable statement…dumb ass.


This will be a bi-weekly blog going forward as it will allow more time to gather thoughts on subjects and comment on them appropriately.

See ya in two weeks!



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