At Section 123 – 02/06/16

Yo….have had a lot of things in my dome of late, so I’ll write the sports stuff for now.

-Nice streak for the Badgers basketball team winning 5 straight.  They’ll get to 6 wins with a win over Nebraska on Wednesday.  But, their true test comes with their last 4 road games.  At Maryland and at Michigan State back-to-back, sprinkled in there with games at Iowa and at Purdue.  UW must go 2-2 in those games if they want a shot of making the NCAAs as an at-large bid.  But, I am 100% on board of keeping Greg Gard as their coach.

-I’ll retract saying Virginia is a disappointment in college basketball this season.  They’re playing well now.  But, they’re the typical get to the sweet 16 team and lose to someone they shouldn’t in the tournament.  But, I’m a Tony Bennett fan and like seeing him succeed.

-Some Brewers news – I do like the trade of Jean Segura to Arizona.  Segura probably needed a change of scenery, and if they get anything out of Chase Anderson and an over-the-hill Aaron Hill (yes, I see what I did there), that will be a bonus.  Anderson could be a #3 or 4 starter for a couple years, and Hill is on the downside rapidly.

But, the key to the trade is they got a potential future second baseman in Isan Diaz.  I’m reading from a few sites people around the league are raving about this guy.  Diaz probably won’t stay at shortstop with Orlando Arcia probably coming to Milwaukee in May or June this year, but Diaz is only 19.  So, a position switch to second or third may be in the cards for Diaz.

I really like how GM David Stearns is building up the minor league system for Milwaukee.

-Oh, Louisville.  Nice work placing that self-imposed tournament ban on your hooker scandal.  Here’s a link to the story if you don’t know what I’m referring to.  Story

How in the hell does Rick Pitino still have a job there?  A true leader / coach or whatever has a handle over their program or department in whatever  they do.  I have a hard time believing he did not know this stuff was going on in his program / at his school.   That’s his job and gets paid millions of dollars to make sure he (or any leader) runs an efficient and smooth program.

When I read stories like this Louisville crap, or what happened at Pedophile State, you wonder how much of this crap is going on at colleges in order to ‘win’.   Not just SEC schools or other national powers, but all major schools.   At one point when we were younger, you’d think these coaches / leaders are supposed to mold these kids into the future leaders of tomorrow, but since we all know how much big business college sports is now, it’s a win now at all costs scenario….and that’s sad.

-National Signing Day is an absolute joke.   First, congratulations to the kids who have a great opportunity to play college sports.  But, it’s a joke in terms how entitled some of the ‘5-star’ players need so much extra attention and a different time frame to announce their school choice.   Did they need to wait until the last minute for an extra payout, er, scholarship offer?  If I was a coach, give me more of the ‘2-star’ and ‘3-star’ players all day long.  Those are the one who would work hard and have a chip on their shoulders.

-I’m reading the Milwaukee Bucks are shopping everyone on their team except for Giannis, Jabari Parker and Khris Middleton.  Shopping Michael Carter-Williams and Greg Monroe are mistakes.  If they trade Monroe, who did pick Milwaukee over larger markets….what player in their right mind would want to sign with the Bucks if they’re a free agent in the future?  Get a defensive center to pair with Monroe and you’re fine.  This is a very young team, let them grow.

-Get help, seriously Billy Football before it’s too late.  Link

-Super Bowl 50.  Carolina vs. Denver.  Peyton Mannings’ last game (yes, it’ll be his last game unless he is a moron and goes to the L.A. Rams).  #1 defense vs. #1 scoring offense. Typically, the phrase is defense wins championships, so here’s my somewhat rational thinking:

The Broncos defense needs to play the game of their lives if they think they’re going to have a shot in this game.   I think they show up….

….for a half.  I believe Carolina has too much firepower for Denver to absorb with Cam Newton, Jonathan Stewart, Greg Olsen and yes, they have a great defense as well.  Going after an immobile Tom Brady and an injured Ben Roethlisberger is one thing for the Broncos pass rush…a mobile Cam Newton is another.  Carolina jumped all over Seattle and Arizona in their playoff games.  I don’t think that happens here, but I do think they pull away.

If Carolina jumps out on Denver like they did to Seattle and Arizona, then watch the commercials and expect them to be mostly lame.  Coldplay as our halftime show?  What, REO Speedwagon wasn’t available?

The Lombardi Trophy sets up shop in Charlotte – Panthers 31, Broncos 16.

-Dumb ass of the week:

Louisville – the self-imposed tournament ban is not enough.  Scholarships and further bans should be placed at this school.  Affect the other sports.

NBC Analyst Rodney Harrison – for saying he’d try to take Cam Newtons’ knees out.  Way to play the game the right way.  There’s a reason you were labeled a dirty player when you played, jackass.

Winner – Louisville.

-I’ll be taking a small hiatus after the Super Bowl to deal with some stuff and will pick this back up half way through Spring Training.  If you believe in the whole Hallmark Day crap next weekend, make sure you do something special for your significant other more than just that day. Be good – chat soon.



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