At Section 123 – 01/25/16

A day late, but I had something to do that was more pressing than writing this thing yesterday.  Here we go with another cheesy rendition of the blog!

-26 Days until Pitchers and Catchers report!!  Granted the Brewers will suck major ass this season…but, this fact is more important.  Baseball brings us closer to Spring and Summer.

-Brewers C Jonathan Lucroy has come out and said he’d rather not be in the rebuilding effort, and would prefer to be traded to a contender.  I’m on board with this, as much as it would suck losing Lucroy. He is one of the more well-respected players in Major League Baseball for his style of play, leadership and honesty.  Him having a down year by his standards, and injuries could affect the pieces they get back for Lucroy – but when the Brewers do move him a third baseman and another catching prospect should be in the return.

Getting rid of Gummy though, that’s going to be another beast.

-Good win for UW basketball last weekend against Sparty – and they did follow up with a nice W against the Fighting Sanduskys.   For them to continue their growth, beating Indiana Tuesday night is crucial.

-The Green Bay Phoenix are the fastest team in NCAA currently based on number of possessions.  If you see a game, you can tell how they run the floor, and are at times reckless in taking care of the basketball.  They did score 95 in a loss to Oakland yesterday, but they did give up a team record 111 points.  Ouch!

-Didn’t you used to be Wisconsin Hockey?  What in the hell happened to this team?!?  I’m not sure why King Barry is still holding onto Coach Mike Eaves.  The Badgers used to be one of the places to go for college hockey, now they’re losing to teams like Penn State, Ferris State and some other donkey institution.  Madison needs some new blood in their hockey program and get it restored to national prominence.

-Initial reaction to some college basketball teams.

  • A ton of parity this year – some of the teams I’m watching: Maryland, UNC, Texas A&M, Michigan State, Villanova
  • Under the radar a bit: Washington, Clemson, Valparaiso, Providence, Xavier, USC, South Carolina, Monmouth (N.J.)
  • Disappointing: Duke, Kentucky, Virginia, UCLA

I’ll have more reactions when I actually watch a few more games after the Super Bowl.

-Hold the phone, the Milwaukee Bucks are playing like a basketball team….a little.  Being a young team, they’re next step is to get some depth on the bench and learn to play with the same intensity every game.

-Divisional Playoff notes:

  • Good effort by the Packers in Arizona after getting blown out by 30 in the same building just a few weeks ago.
  • The Packers had a chance to win the game with their 5th and 6th receivers playing most of the game??
  • Cardinals-Packers has been by far the best game of the four games
  • Carolina could have won the game vs. Seattle 65-0 if they didn’t take their foot off the gas
  • That said, give a little credit to the Seahawks for making the Panthers sweat
  • Disappointed in the Chiefs clock management.  It’s clear Andy Reid did not trust the defense to stop Tom Brady in the 4th quarter.
  • Ugh – Brady in the AFC Championship Game. Again.
  • The Broncos should have had their way with a Pittsburgh team that was beat up.
  • Pittsburgh played with a ton of heart – need defensive line help in draft.

-Season review – Packers fans are becoming extremely spoiled, and for some reason think they’re entitled to winning the Super Bowl every year.  I think there are more than enough fans that don’t realize how hard it is to get to that point?  Some do, but there are so many variables that come into play and need to be correct for a team to reach their ultimate goal.  And, all of us armchair quarterbacks think we know what the Packers need to do to get to Super Bowl 51!  Green Bay is so close, but their window is closing with rising teams like Carolina and Minnesota.

  • Offense –it was good in the 6-0 start, but you could see something was missing.  What we saw that with losing their true #1 receiver Jordy Nelson was going to eventually bite them in the ass and it did.  Nelson will be 31 when he starts training camp next season so it’ll be interesting to see how he rebounds.  I’m guessing he has 2-3 great years left and then the Packers need to have a receiver ready to move into that #1 spot.  Is it Davante Adams?  Ty Montgomery? Jared Abbrederis?
  • The offensive line must pick up more depth.
  • The offense needs a middle of the field stretching tight end – the Jermichael Finley mode.  Gronk has a younger brother in the draft this year, give him a look.
  • Coach McCarthy was right in calling Eddie Lacy out. He needs to be 225-230 going into next season.  I’m guessing James Starks is gone, so drafting a RB may be needed in the draft – or a mid-level free agent.  Since we know free agents won’t happen, it’ll need to be in the draft.
  • Overall, the defense played pretty good. The linebackers and interior defensive line need to have an upgrade.
  • Re-sign Crosby.
  • Moving Clay Matthews back outside is a mistake. Keep moving him around the field to keep the defense guessing.
  • A new punter?

-Have to touch on this one….there is a Seahawks fan that wrote a letter complaining about Cam Newton and his antics on the field – read it Here.

That’s pretty rich coming from a Seattle fan.  This is the same fan base that has the most bandwagon, arrogant classless morons that they own the “12th man” phrase.  You don’t…you stole that from Texas A&M.  For a Seahawk fan to say any other player is classless when he’s really having fun with his team / city / fans is hilarious to me.  Take a look at your own team, moron.  Your community (drug-laced) probably needs someone with any football knowledge to be explained what a touchdown is.  You have (had) a running back who constantly looks like he’s high on heroin and only makes comments like (“I’m only here so I don’t get fined”), or a loud mouth asswipe in Richard Sherman who doesn’t know the meaning of the word professionalism if you wrote it down in a third grade language.  Now, you have this asshole – your Coach Pete Carroll, see, this guy ran from trouble the second he realized USC was about to get hit with numerous NCAA sanctions.  But yet, in your eyes, he’s view as classy.

Nice double standard, “Sarah” – wherever you are.  Are you sure you aren’t Sarah Palin?

I should have you in the nominations below, but there are better nominations than wasting it on an idiot Seattle fan.

-Conference Championship picks

New England at Denver

If the Broncos didn’t have a good defense and this was in New England, this game would be a beating.  Denver did not play well on defense last week, and I think they rebound this week.

For Denver to win, they need to hit Tom Brady often.  Even if he gets the ball out, the guy needs to get hit – find a way to make him uncomfortable.

The Broncos also need to give the Patriots a heavy dose of Ronnie Hillman and C.J. Anderson.  The Broncos will need to get Demaryius Thomas involved early as well as an underrated New England defense will try to take him out of the game early.

For New England?  Simple – get Gronk involved early.  Use the speed of Julian Edelman and I guess(?) Danny Amendola in slant routes to avoid the Denver pass rush.

The Broncos beat the Patriots earlier in the season with Brock Osweiler quarterbacking.  This time, it’s Peyton Manning….I’m pulling for Denver, but –

The pick: Patriots 24, Broncos 14

Arizona at Carolina – This game is much tougher to pick.   I originally had Arizona as my Super Bowl pick, but after watching both Arizona and Carolina – the Panthers look like the more complete team than the Cardinals.

I’m not sure if Arizona can really slow down Cam Newton.  Jonathon Stewart looked great in his return game gashing the so-called Legion of Boom.

For the Cardinals – get Fitz involved faster than they did last week against Green Bay.  We saw how he took over the game in the second half and overtime for the Cardinals, and they’ll need more of that today.

I don’t see RB David Johnson going off against a good Carolina defense, so this should be up to Carson Palmer to get the Cardinals to Super Bowl 50.

Although it’d be cool to see guys like Larry Fitzgerald get a ring, Carolina will have too much Cam Newton for the Cardinals defense and advance to Super Bowl L.

The pick: Panthers 34, Cardinals 31

-Dumb ass of the week:

Oregon State basketball player – Jarmal Reid.  For intentionally tripping a referee in a game last weekend. (insert video) –   Are you freaking kidding me???  This guy should not even be on the team after committing such an idiotic act.  Kids, this is what you DON’T do in a sporting event…ever.  Watch the video  . I think the best part is Reid was acting like the trip was unintentional, when you watch his face just before the act you can clearly see what he’s doing.  I hope Oregon State has enough sense to kick him off the team.

Duke coach Mike Krzysewski – for not shaking hands after their 64-62 loss to Syracuse.  I thought you were better than that Coach K???

New Eagles Coach Doug Pederson – for your rationale in why the Chiefs were taking their sweet *** time driving the field to score a touchdown being down two scores.  A 6-minute drive is acceptable during the game as, in this explanation, the right move to do to keep Tom Brady off the field.  But, when it’s late in the FOURTH QUARTER, and you’re trying to catch up to the Patriots – yea, that’s a horrible answer.  I bet the Iggle fans were just cringing during that press conference.  In fact, I bet there are battery stands outside of Lincoln Financial Field awaiting fhe next round of snowballs to be inserted to!

Winner – Oregon State moron.

No blog next week – back at it Super Bowl Sunday



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