At Section 123 – 01/16/16

Well, what say you people.  Another cold weekend in Wisconsin is upon us, and with that – some more NFL playoff games to see who gets to play in Super Bowl 50.  More things happened including one of the more asinine things I’ve read in a while that drew the ire of local, state and national media.

-I’m not even sure where to start with this, aside of how fucking stupid are you WIAA for having a set of rules where they are trying to ban free speech / or certain chants, basic chants at their sporting events.   Are you telling me that simple chants like “Airball”, “Scoreboard”, “You can’t see me” are hurting peoples’ feelings and needs to be mandated?  These are simple chants, and it is the fans right to try and get into the opposing teams heads – with a catch.

As long as they don’t need to cross the line of attacking any families, or attacking them after a game – that would be crossing the line.  Then and only then do I agree with the stipulations the WIAA was trying to do.  I see where they’re coming from, but boy did the approach the subject wrong.  But, simple heckling for things like air balling a shot or missing a dunk, or getting beat on the scoreboard should be chanted in games.  That’s a part of sports….when did we turn into such wussies that we need to be fearful of being overly sensitive??

Plus, the players should know what they’re walking into – that’s the fun of the game.   If you’re a solid player, who wouldn’t want to hear the other fans get creative in razzing you??  Then, if you’re beating the opposing team on their court, they shut up.  It’s a GAME, people – not life.

The only thing I can picture this story doing is making the students get more creative and now taking shots at the WIAA.  A chant of “Let’s go BOTH TEAMS” as reported in a game last night was pretty hilarious.

What’s next – you have an 0-20 team in the playoffs where they get beat in the opening round of the tournament – give them participation trophies just to make them feel better?  When teams lose, it is a learning / coaching opportunity to grow….that is how you develop character.  People need to stop being so politically correct and soft, and quite frankly grow some thicker skin.

-Observations from the playoffs last weekend.

  • Welcome back, Packers offense.  At least for 3 quarters.  They will need that – 2 fold against the Cardinals!
  • Like what I saw out of the Packers defense getting after Kirk Cousins.
  • Packers had NO answer for TE Jordan Reed – this could be a problem against the Cardinals when RB David Johnson is roaming the middle of the field.
  • What the hell was that in Cincinnati last weekend?  The Bengals dirty play made Jim Schwartz Lions team seem tame!
  • Bengals LB Vontez Burficts’ 3-game suspension was not nearly enough.  This clown has a path of cheap shots / dirty play and should be gone from the NFL.  For good.
  • Adam Jones should be suspended at least a game as well.
  • Pittsburgh and Cincinnati should play week 4 next season – the first game Burfict is back so they can get after this idiot.
  • What in the hell were coaches from both Pittsburgh and Cincinnati doing on the field in the fourth quarter?  Stay on the sidelines – coach your players and learn a  little more discipline in teaching your players.
  • The NFL needs full-time, year round training for their officials.
  • You could tell nobody wanted to be in that Minnesota-Seattle game.  Wow, did that look cold.
  • Had the sense Seattle was going to win, even when they were down 9-0.
  • Adrian Beat-Your-Son still hasn’t eliminated his stigma of fumbling
  • You almost felt bad for Minnesota kicker Blair Walsh.  Almost.  The call from announcer Paul Allen was awesome!  Video
  • One thing is for certain in the Kansas City Chiefs 30-0 blowout of the Houston Texans, if anyone needs a quarterback in the worst way, it’s Houston.  They need a running back also!  I’m curious if they waste talents like J.J. Watt and DeAndre Hopkins by not putting more around them.

-NFL Divisional Round picks

Green Bay at Arizona – the rematch of a few weeks ago where the Cardinals beat the holy hell out of the Pack.  The Arizona defense got nearly 30% of their season total in sacks in that game – and that was against a depleted Green Bay offensive line.  All 5 Packer starters will be together for the first time since November. That will help.

What the Packers need to do:  run the ball, and stay committed to the run.  It’s not even about the yards – but the attempts.  Keep the pressing Cardinal defense guessing.  On defense, the Packers need to blitz up the middle and hit Carson Palmer.  He’s 36-years-old and not too mobile….hitting him often is paramount.   If this guy is flustered at all, he’ll do his best Jay Cutler impersonations.  Also, if Sam Shields plays, this will help against speedy WR John Brown.  If not, expect more of the downfield passing game the Cardinals are known for.

This is a huge opportunity for guys like Jared Abbrederis with Davante Adams out.   We’ll see how he handles the press coverage Arizona likes to do.

Aaron Rodgers looked to have fun again for the first time in a while – and that absolutely needs to continue.  I see the Packers moving the ball, but can they finish?  I don’t see 4 turnovers from the Packers, but I do see the Packers having no answer for RB David Johnson.  He’ll carve up the Packer linebackers.   This should be close…but.

The pick: Cardinals 28, Packers 24

Kansas City at New England – I have two questions in this game.  Does Kansas City have enough offense to score on the Patriots defense?   Can Tom Brady solve the pressure defense and blitzing the Chiefs are bound to send.

I like Travis Kelce in this game…..a lot.  If the Patriots can be had on defense, it’s in the middle of the field.   That’s where the Chiefs could and should attack the Patriots.

The Patriots should be healthier than they have been in a while, but how can he get the ball out fast if he’s on his ass?

Here’s my upset.  I think the Chiefs get a pick 6, and frustrate the hell out of Tom Brady.

The pick: Chiefs 27, Patriots 20

Seattle at Carolina – I think this is the best game of the weekend.  Does Cam Newton take the next step in his progression?  If yes, he’ll need to get through Russell Wilson and a hot Seattle team.  The Seattle offense looked mortal last weekend at Minnesota, but who wouldn’t when it’s -6 outside?

Marshawn Lynch is back, but this game needs to be on Wilson and keeping Cam Newton off the field.  Greg Olsen and Devin Funchess will need to be keys for the Panthers to score on the Legion of Boom.

This game will be similar to when the Panthers won in Seattle earlier this season.  Panthers score late and host the NFC Championship.

The pick: Panthers 23, Seahawks 20

Pittsburgh at Denver – no DeAngelo Williams?  Ouch.  No Antonio Brown??  You’re screwed.  Now, Ben Roethlisberger may not play as well?  The Steelers may be in this game due to their defense and because old man Peyton Manning will throw a couple of picks before settling down.

The Broncos need to run the ball with C.J. Anderson and Ronnie Hillman often to advance.  They will and will host the AFC Championship game.

The pick:  Broncos 24, Steelers 17

-Dumb ass of the week

The WIAA – for reasons above.  They screwed the pooch in this one, and deep down, they probably know it.  Someone in that office should be gone.

The city of Cincinnati. You morons made Philadelphia seem nice in your display of throwing things in your playoff game vs. Pittsburgh last week.

winner – both.  This is a tie because both incidents are equally as moronic.

-That’s all for this week.  We get a look at the Conference Championship games next week.  Stay warm.  Drink whatever fits the bill!



One thought on “At Section 123 – 01/16/16

  1. The liberal Democrats are running the WIAA along the soccer association of America. One of many reasons what is screwed up with this country. Can’t handle the truth, everyone wins, can’t hurt anyone’s feelings, etc. I’m so glad our founding fathers, soldiers in every war the US was in, or the plane the Anola Gay that dropped the big one on Japan didn’t have everyone wins attitude. Or we’d be speaking German, Japanesse, or native Pabst ( Native American).

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