At Section 123 01/09/16

What’s up?  I’ve been busy with other things throughout the week, so I didn’t get to see a lot of sports.

-“You like that” – dumb motto for the Redskins towels for their playoff game.  How about, “Put RG3 on a Bumper Sticker and it won’t start”, or “The Dallas Cowboys are our Bitch”,  or something cheesy like that.  They were trying too hard to fit into the “Who Dat” or “Who Dey” feel from other teams.

-I guess I’m a little surprised that Tampa Bay fired Lovie Smith.  They did show improvement, but their defense was complete junk, which was Smiths’ specialty.  Still, I think he should have had one more season as this team was on the upswing and were a tough out during the season aside of getting slapped around by Carolina.  Don’t feel bad, Bucs – that has happened to several other teams this season.

-GREAT story by Jason Wilde about a Packers employee over the years.  Story

-Good start by the Green Bay Phoenix to their Horizon League season.  I went to a game last weekend where they hammered Northern Kentucky and I’ll say this.  They play much faster than the previous teams that have been there.  Get to a game, you’ll be entertained.

-The Wisconsin Badgers have a golden opportunity to get a signature win for this young group as #3 Maryland invades the Kohl Center.  It’s also the coming home for center Diamond Stone.  Stone, who chose Maryland over Wisconsin caused enough butt hurt among Badgers fans that there should be some interesting chants from the student section and draw plenty of boos from the rest of the crowd.  This should be a competitive game, but UW does not get their signature win today.  That will be later in the year.

-Good win for the Gold at Providence earlier in the week.  This is about as far of a compliment as I’ll give Marquit.  I felt like I should have broken my fingers for typing that.  What the hell was I thinking?

-Yes, the story is finally out there, the Milwaukee Brewers are shopping Gummy.  And it’s about time!  The issue is, who wants a 32-year-old outfielder who is owed a ton of money (over $20 million per season) coming off of back surgery?  Can’t GM David Stearns pawn him off on the Yankees or Red Sox, even the Tigers?   They’re going to be shopping OF Khris Davis and C Jonathon Lucroy during the season as well.  I’m OK with Lucroy being shopped ONLY if it brings back a top prospect catcher or third basemen.  Otherwise, keep him through 2017 as he is more than affordable for the Brewers.

By the way, this team will be losing 100 games this year.

-Alabama vs. Clemson for the National Champions – give me Clemson 34-27 just because I like the antics of Coach Dabo Sweeney.  If you haven’t seen this guy, he seem like the type of guy you could get drunk with.

-Wild Card Weekend:

The playoffs are here – finally!   There are some good story lines heading into the NFL Post Season, so here are the picks.

Kansas City at Houston – there is no hotter team coming into the playoffs than Kansas City.  Winning 10 straight is pretty damn impressive, and they run into a good defense in Houston – so yea, I’m thinking this will be a defensive battle.

This will result in a similar game like the opener when Kansas City won 27-20, but with less points.  I’d take Alex Smith over Brian Hoyer in a game any day.  The Chiefs defense frustrates Hoyer and that Houston offense to win on the road.

The pick: Chiefs 17, Texans 13

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati – this is going to be fun.  Both teams basically want to crush each other and there’s more than enough trash talk prior to the game.  The NFL warned every team about going overboard with the unnecessary roughness, and this is the game they really had in mind.

Earlier in the week, I was taking Pittsburgh but that was before they announced RB DeAngelo Williams was going to miss the game.  Who the hell is going to run the ball for the Steelers now?  I hear Gerry Ellis and Dorsey Levens may be available!  The Bengals have a better defense and more balance on offense – TE Tyler Eifert is the key to this game and he’ll be the difference.

The pick: Bengals 24, Steelers 21

Seattle at Minnesota – if there was one benefit to Minnesota knocking off Green Bay at Lambeau last Sunday night, is they get to host the game in the shitty cold weather tomorrow, and they saved me $210!

As for the matchup, they couldn’t have been matched up with a worse opponent.  The Seahawks are one of the hottest teams coming in and I don’t think the Viking defense will have enough to slow Russell Wilson down.  And I think the Seattle defense is playing much better, not to the level they’re used to…but more than enough to take down Beat-your-son and company.

Oh, and by the way Seattle – way to pump up the return of Marshawn Lynch only to have him not even make the trip to Minneapolis.  Idiots.

The pick:  Seahawks 31, Vikings 14

Green Bay at Washington – Kirk Cousins is hot – 23 TDs and 3 INTs in the past 7 games.  But, that hardly means he should be ranked ahead of Aaron Rodgers going into the playoffs.  The concern I have with the Packers is they have had no continuity on offense for the past 8 weeks.  This is not the time to be running your mouths saying you’ll ‘show up when it matters’.  Well, it certainly matters now as you’re in the playoffs!!

Green Bay needs to do two things.  Run the ball, a lot.  Not like last week, where they ran the ball down the Vikings throat early effectively, and then completely go away from it.  This keeps Kirk Cousins off the field!  On defense, they need to blitz often, and up the middle.  The biggest concern I have of the Redskins is the Packers have no answer for TE Jordan Reed.  I think he has a big day and the linebackers take one on the chin.  A TD late wins the game for Washington.  REALLY hope this is wrong….but,

The pick: Redskins 24, Packers 20

Dumbass of the week:

Honestly, I haven’t seen enough in the sports world this past week to nominate a dumbass,so I’ll give a shout out to the two idiots at the drive thru sitting behind an armored vehicle for 3 minutes as a buddy and I were leaving the gym this morning.  Yo, idiots, do you not see the flashing lights?  Go around the car and keep driving.  Common sense is so limited in society today that we completely are completely screwed.   I didn’t look at the people in the car, but they were probably posting a self portrait to Facebook saying they were behind an armored car thinking everyone else needed to know.  Morons.

Back at it next week as we get ready for the Divisional Round – stay warm this week!




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