At Section 123 – 12/19/15

What’s up everyone.  I took another week off, not that many really n0ticed – ha.  I had something of a BS writer block and I didn’t have a lot of BS to offer, so there’s that.

A lot of things have happened within sports and life in general.  Onto the sports stuff.

-This has to start with the ‘sudden’ retirement of Wisconsin Coach Bo Ryan.  We pretty much knew this was going to be his final season in Madison, but what many did not see coming was him stepping away during the season.

When he wanted to retire, Barry Alvarez did not want to promise the job to long time associate Greg Gard, and wanted to open up the position nationally.  Translation, Alvarez does not think Gard is the right guy for the job.  Hence, you now see why Bo stepped away now – providing the very opportunity for Gard to prove to BA and the remaining University brass that he is indeed the guy for the job.

My take:  Gard has been with Bo Ryan for 22 years, he deserves this opportunity.  If BA thinks he has not done enough in preparation and learning from Bo during that time frame, then he hasn’t paid enough attention.

Thank you, Bo Ryan for further putting Wisconsin Basketball on the map.  Here’s hoping it stays there!  My top 10 Bo Ryan moments:

  1. Beating Arizona 64-63 returning Wisconsin to the Final Four
  2. Beating Kentucky 71-64 in the Final Four and giving UK their only loss of the season.  Keep in mind Wisconsin beat traditional blue bloods North Carolina, Arizona and Kentucky in this tournament.
  3. Beating Duke 73-69 in the Big 10/ACC Challenge
  4. Winning their first Big Ten Title over Illinois back in 2003
  5. 2014 season rallying to beat Oregon in the second round of the tournament
  6. Being the only coach in the Big Ten to have a winning record against Tom Izzo and Michigan State (think they’re not happy Bo retired?)
  7. Winning a Top-10 showdown against Pittsburgh where Brian Butch went off in that game.
  8. Even though they lost – a #6 seed Badgers team losing to eventual National Champion North Carolina 88-84 in the Elite 8.
  9. The half court shot at the end of regulation to tie Michigan and eventually win in OT.
  10. Coming back to turn the tide on Indiana.  A school that had absolutely owned Wisconsin for year.

Q: What do you call a good looking girl on the Marquette University campus?
A: A visitor.

Kudos to the Gold for winning in Madison a couple weeks back.

-If you have a Twitter account and are not following @BestFansStLouis – you need to.  The venom coming out of their delusional fans is some of pure idiocy…and funny as hell.

-Did anyone send a box of Kleenex to the Golden State Warriors for crying that the Milwaukee Bucks beating them last weekend and celebrating?  Hell, if you are a crappy team and you beat the team that was 24-0, wouldn’t you celebrate?  Granted, the Warriors were on the last game of a 7-game road swing, so you almost saw this coming.

The disappointing thing?  The Bucks didn’t follow that win up out West losing their first 3 games, including 121-112 to the very same Golden State team.  I do like how the Bucks did get in Golden States’ face, though.  They need to do that every night if they want to improve.

-Classy move by Milwaukee Brewers owner Mark Attanasio by sending a letter to Brewers fans about the upcoming rebuilding process.  See here:  Story    I ask the fans this.  Keep going to the games, it will take a while, but the process will be similar to what you’ve seen in Houston, Kansas City, Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay in the past.

-Big Ten Bowl picks

  • Pinstripe Bowl: Indiana vs. Duke – Indiana 51, Duke 44 – no, Tom Crean and Coach K aren’t coaching in this game.
  • Quick Lanes Motor City (ish?): Central Michigan vs. Minnesota – CMU 27, Minnesota 24.  No 5-7 teams should be allowed in a bowl.
  • Foster Farms: Nebraska vs. UCLA: UCLA 41, Nebraska 20 – see above.
  • TaxSlayer Bowl: Pedophile State vs. Georgia: The Fighting Sanduskys 17, Georgia 14 – Who wants this game?  My only interest is if it rains in Jacksonville.
  • Outback Bowl: Northwestern vs. Tennessee:  Tennessee 27, Northwestern 17 – this could be one of the better bowl games of the season.
  • Citrus Bowl: Michigan vs. Florida:  20 points should be kind to the Gator offense!  Michigan 24, Florida 20
  • Fiesta Bowl: Ohio State vs. Notre Dame: Buckeyes routed Michigan at the Big House, and now they’ll do the same to the Irish.  Ohio State 41, Notre Dame 20
  • Rose Bowl: Iowa vs. Stanford:  Iowa has been an unbelievable story all season.  Think Stanford may be just a little better in this one.  Stanford 21, Iowa 17
  • Playoff:  Michigan State vs. Alabama:  Senior QBs seem to give the Crimson Tide fits, and I think MSU defense will slow Derrick Henry just enough.  Sparty wins 31-28


-USC vs. Wisconsin – Holiday Bowl in San Diego.  That is the nicest weather city in the U.S. and if you ever get a chance.  Go.  This game comes to the USC offense vs. the Wisconsin defense.  USC on paper should run over the Badgers….but that’s why they play the games.  You get the sense not many are giving UW much of a chance.  The thing to watch is the USC pass defense – it’s about as good as a poop flavored lollipop (thanks Dodgeball movie!) and for some reason, I think Alex Erickson will have a huge day.  If Corey Clement plays, it opens up the pass even more.  I’ll say Wisconsin in a mild upset.  34-27.

-Green Bay at Oakland – I’m as concerned for this game as I am for one of my buddies taking the risk of going to that game!   This is a game the Packers should win, but this isn’t the typical Raiders team.  Oakland has had an up and down campaign, but that offense can score points.  If the defense plays like they did at Denver last week, Green Bay loses.  How to combat that though?  Run the ball, directly at them to negate that pass rushing ability.  Running for over 200 yards last week against a good Dallas defense should give Green Bay plenty of confidence.  Packers win 27-17.

NFL Picks:

  • Green Bay over Oakland – need to run the ball
  • Seattle over Cleveland – not exactly smart to call out a hot Russell Wilson, Browns.
  • NY Jets over Dallas – after what Green Bay did to that Cowboys defense last week, you don’t think Chris Ivory is licking his chops?
  • Cincinnati over San Francisco – barely.
  • Jacksonville over Atlanta – zzzz……zzzzzzzzzzz…..zz..zzzzzz…….
  • Pittsburgh over Denver – If the Steelers make the playoffs, watch the hell out, AFC.
  • St. Louis over Tampa Bay – Mustard over Ketchup!
  • New England over Tennessee – the dogs could be called off after the opening kickoff
  • Washington over Buffalo – Skins too tough at home.  I think RG3 could ask for a picture of Rex Ryans toes to pass the time.
  • Miami over San Diego – zzz….zzz…zzzzzz part deux.
  • Minnesota over Chicago – Beat Your Son should go off here.
  • New Orleans over Detroit – think I’d want to spend more time in the French Quarter than attend this game.
  • Kansas City over Baltimore – Chiefs are the hottest team in the NFL not named Carolina or Seattle.


  • NY Giants over Carolina – not sure why, but just a hunch.  Perhaps Giants desperate and if Carolina loses in the regular season, it’s here?
  • Philadelphia over Arizona – see above.  Philly seems to be more desperate.
  • Houston over Indianapolis – The Fighting TJ Yates get er done in Indy.

Dumbass of the week nominations:

-Milwaukee Bucks – you morons.  You’re underachieving to begin with and you can’t keep it in your pants long enough to try and turn your early season struggles around?  You are professional basketball players… have 200+ other days out of the rest of the season to go to the skrip club.  Why do that out in LA until 4 AM on the eve of back-to-back games of a shitty Lakers team and then a legit Clippers team?  Your motto may say ‘Own the Future’, but the lap dances you received prior to you getting your asses handed to you in Los Angeles don’t suggest you ‘Own the Present’, either.

-Chicago Chubs – they are going for the whole shebang, I’ll say that. But, you overpaid for OF Jason Heyward.  He will help, but only because your lineup was already stacked.  My call – is he’ll be one of the weaker links in the lineup.   The only benefit I saw from that move from St. Louis to Chicago was the venom spit towards Heyward from the Cardinal fan.  Like I said, you need to look at that BestFanStLouis Twitter page and you’ll see for yourself.

Winner:  Bucks – by a length.

That’s it for me this week.  Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!



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