At Section 123 – 12/5/15

Hey all – back from a week off of trying of thinking of corny things to write on this thing.  So, this may be a little more off kilter than normal.  In the past two weeks, there were only a few exciting things to happen in sports.

HOLY SHIT!!!  How in the hell did the Packers pull that game straight out of their ass.

The Packers led the game for exactly :00 of the game, but it was nice to see them be on the right side of a weird scenario ending.  This was as weird as the Seattle ‘hail mary’ and the Arizona playoff non-facemask call.   I think Mike McCarthy definitely had that Seattle game in mind when he took the shot – ‘our guy definitely made that catch’.  Keep firing, Coach!

Other observations:

  • The O-line is BEAT UP
  • Before David Bahktiari went down, he played his best game of the season holding DE Ziggy Ansah in check. The next play after he went out, Rodgers gets drilled.
  • You cannot tell me that Eddie Lacy isn’t in the doghouse, especially now that it’s been widespread reported that he and former RB Alonzo Harris missed curfew Wednesday night.   Bringing up RB John Crockett took Harris’ job, working out other RBs like former Badger Montee Ball is a warning to Lacy.
  • Speaking of Crockett, he seemed to provide a spark to the offense, didn’t he?
  • Is Richard Rodgers the TE the team has been looking for? If he loses 10-15 lbs. to gain a little quickness, watch the hell out. 8 catches for 146 was the best I’ve seen from a Packer TE in a long time.
  • Aside of Richard Rodgers, the WRs had 9 catches for 69 yards…combined.  So, if you think all is right with the offense, I have some new alcoholic drink you can try out.   And I don’t care if you like it or not.
  • Should we be concerned with Mathsay and Crosby? Mathsay yes, Crosby – no.  Missing a 41-yarder indoors was not expected.   Don’t come back, CC!
  • Aside of the first quarter – the defense was awesome – flying around the football, knocking Matt Stafford down often.  Good stuff.
  • Jake Ryan may very well be the answer at inside linebacker. Not yet, but the promise is there.  He had a nice game, but you could see some rookie mistakes when it came to coverage.
  • Let’s face it, Detroit should have won the game, so hold off on the Super Bowl tickets chatter for now. Is this something to turn the season around?  Well, it doesn’t hurt!!  Let’s see if this builds the confidence of the team.
  • The Lions did their best Cleveland Browns impersonation choking away a 20-point lead and it’s one of MANY reasons they’re one of the laughing stocks in the NFL.
  • The look on Matt Staffords’ face was priceless!
  • Why in the hell was Calvin Johnson not in on that hail mary play?  Nice job again, Lions.

Back to the grind stone and get ready for the Cowboys….there are some things to work on, but this is a start.

Final Big Ten Bowl Projections

  • Michigan State – playoff (vs. Alabama)
  • Iowa – Big 6 bowl (Rose vs. Stanford)
  • Ohio State – Big 6 Bowl (Fiesta vs. Notre Dame)
  • Michigan – Citrus (vs. Florida)
  • Northwestern – Outback (vs. LSU or Tennessee)
  • Wisconsin – Holiday (vs. USC or Washington State)
  • Penn State – Music City (vs. Ole Miss)
  • Indiana – Pinstripe (vs. Louisville or Duke)
  • Illinois – Armed Forces – (vs. Air Force)
  • Nebraska – Foster Farms (vs. UCLA or Arizona State)
  • Minnesota – Motor City (vs. Bowling Green)

While I’m on the Bowl projections, there is no fucking way in hell that any team with a losing record should EVER play in a bowl game!!  There are too many bowl games to begin with and we shouldn’t be rewarding teams with 5-7 records with an extra game!

I’m still waiting for the day they have the Toilet Bowl.  Take the two worst records in the ‘Power 5’ conferences and you get a wooden toilet as your trophy.  The loser, well, let’s just give them a plunger for kicks.

But hey, college athletics isn’t about the money and you’d have to think a few people would tune in just for laughs?

-Miami will be happy with new coach Mark Richt.  Virginia should be happy with Bronco Mendenhall?  But, that feels like the same hire when Wisconsin hired Gary Andersen from Utah State.  2 years, and he’ll be back out West.

-Q: How do you keep a Marquette University Golden Eagles player out of your driveway?
A: Put up a basketball net.

Imagine the joke I’ll be inserting next Saturday when the Gold travels to Madison!

-Good week for UW Basketball – the win at Syracuse will loom huge for the confidence of a young team.  They must build on this with a win over a good Temple team today, and with the three state teams coming up.

Same for the Green Bay Phoenix.  The win over Akron is nothing to sneeze at and is a good builder for the new coach.  Now, the team needs to follow this up by beating Toledo tomorrow.

-New Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher…..Zack Greinke.  He only signed for an average of $34.4 MILLION PER YEAR.  Yikes – have fun paying for those tickets Diamondback fans!

-I see new Marlins manager Donnie Baseball hired Barry Bonds as his new hitting coach.  I cannot wait for this promotion, free clear cream for any non-English speaking fan walking through the door.  And watch your head grow, while your balls shrink in the process!

-New Tigers pitcher Jordan Zimmerman – love that he’s a Packers fan and went to Twitter to show support to the team.  Apparently, that didn’t sit well with the Detroit fans that went after saying he should be supporting their teams.  Hey, he pitches for your team….outside of that he can cheer for whomever he wants!  Jackasses….

-NFL Picks

  • Cincinnati over Cleveland – QB carousel in Cleveland won’t bode well in this beat down
  • New England over Philadelphia – Bradford is back, but it won’t matter
  • NY Giants over NY Jets – tough to call.  Giants seem to win the games they’re not supposed to.
  • Kansas City over Oakland – shootout of the day
  • Carolina over New Orleans – The only game I see Carolina losing is possibly against the Giants.
  • Arizona over St. Louis – this would be good if the Rams had an offense outside of Todd Gurley
  • Miami over Baltimore – free tickets!!!!!
  • Jacksonville over Tennessee – more free tickets!!!!!
  • Chicago over San Francisco – holy hell.  These games keep getting better!  Bears actually look respectable now.
  • Denver over San Diego – potential trap game after the Broncos beat New England last week
  • Pittsburgh over Indianapolis – this will be fun.  Steelers will have a little more offense than Indy
  • Washington over Dallas – might be an ugly Monday night.


  • Seattle over Minnesota – here’s hoping!
  • Houston over Buffalo – a hunch.  I like how Houston is playing, and I don’t like anything about the lack of consistency in Buffalo.
  • Tampa Bay over Atlanta – not really an upset….I just felt like putting this as an upset.

-Dumbass of week:

Lions – thanks for the free play on the penalty?  The Browns couldn’t believe you lost like that.

That’s it for this week.  Back at it next week – have a lot of cleaning and food to make now.



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