At Section 123 – 11/21/15

What’s up everyone?   Standard busy week in sports.

-93, 103, and 107.  Wondering what those numbers are?  Those are the point totals the Green Bay Phoenix basketball team has given up in their first three games of the season.  All loses, predictably.  You can’t give up that kind of point totals and expect to win much.   I understand, new coach, new system and all – but no defense whatsoever?  This will be a 2-year transition while Coach Linc Darner gets his style of player to town.

Q: How do you keep a Marquette University Golden Eagles player out of your driveway?
A: Put up a basketball net.

Apparently that was the case Thursday night against Iowa – getting their asses handed to them 89-61 against Iowa.  I’ll say this – any time these guys, the Minnesota Vikings or the St. Louis Cardinals lose a game it’s a good day.

-The Wisconsin team is having some shooting woes early in the season – well, that’d be kind to say for a young group.  It seemed like they couldn’t hit a basket if the goal was in Lake Michigan yesterday in their 71-61 loss to Georgetown.  Next up Sunday is vs. VCU in another test.

-Good to see the Milwaukee Bucks get a little run on TNT in a rare national TV appearance at Cleveland.  When I mean rare, I mean 13 years since the last time they were on TNT.  For those bashing the near .500 start – remember how young this group is and give them time to gel.

-The NFL Color Rush crap can stop at any point.  Looking at the Jacksonville uniforms Thursday night looked like 45 guys all went to a bash and threw up on each other.  I’m not sure if there was any other way to put that?

-I may have witnessed one of the greatest high school championship games on TV yesterday.  Kimberly was down 21 late in the 3rd Quarter to Arrowhead, only to score the final 28 points to win 49-42 in what was perceived as the greatest game some of the state media has ever seen.  Some incredible individual performances by Blair Mulholland and Jordan Janssen of Kimberly; and from Johnny Duranso of Arrowhead.  All three seniors should be playing college football at the Division 1 (FBS) level next season.  From what I’ve heard, Mulholland wasn’t even recruited by Wisconsin?  That’s a huge mistake to not give a guy who has run for 2,946 yards and 47 touchdowns in 14 games a serious look??

Congratulations to both teams on a great game and all of the state football champions/runners-up for being at Camp Randall.

-Big Ten Bowl Projections:

  • Ohio State – playoff vs. Oklahoma State
  • Iowa – Rose Bowl vs. Stanford
  • Michigan State – Citrus vs. Florida
  • Michigan – Outback vs. LSU
  • Wisconsin – Holiday vs. USC
  • Northwestern – Pinstripe vs. Miami (FL)
  • Penn State – Music City vs. Mississippi State
  • Indiana – Quick Lane vs. Duke
  • Illinois – Foster Farms vs. Washington State

-Northwestern at Wisconsin.  Senior Day at Camp Randall and the final home game of the season.  Bowl locations you’d think would be on the line, but if I’m guessing both the Badgers and Wildcats already know where they’re heading.  Northwestern is probably either heading to Pinstripe (NYC) or Music City (Nashville), while what I’m reading is it’d be a shock if Wisconsin wasn’t in San Diego at the Holiday Bowl on December 30th.

Onto the game, I can easily envision Northwestern winning this game with their defense as I think they can get after Joel Stave.  I can also see Wisconsins’ defense frustrating the Wildcats’ offense…and after a snowstorm in Madison it could be a little messy at the Camp.  Get the picture in this one?  It’ll be a defensive game.  I think Wisconsin pulls it out at home 21-17.

-Green Bay at Minnesota – I’m not sure what I can say about the Packers after losing to the Lions last week.  They have a lot of things to figure out and going into what is already a tough venue at Minnesota will complicate things for this offense.

This is typically the response of what we’ve seen from the Packers in the past.  Hit a rut, then come out of nowhere and win this game.  This time, I’m not sure how that will happen.  Aaron Rodgers is injured, that much we can see.  He is a little gun shy perhaps after getting beat up the past couple games – we can see that as well.  I’m thinking some misdirection plays could possibly work with James Starks, Randall Cobb and crew?  Perhaps that will help open a couple things up for the struggling offense.

And NO – don’t blame any of this on his girlfriend.  That was some of the craziest ideas I’ve read.  I understand that it needed to be brought up for discussion – but it should stop right there.

For the game – they have another issue.  Adrian Beat-your-son.  The Vikings passing game doesn’t scare me, but he does.  I think he goes off for 160 and 2 TDs.  I do see a more spirited effort from the Packers this time out, but unfortunately, I think the purple bastards pull out a tight one 24-21.

You have NO IDEA how hard that was for me to type that.

-NFL picks

  • Minnesota over Green Bay – ugh.  I just threw up in my mouth.
  • Oakland over Detroit – back to the ‘same old Lions’
  • Seattle over San Francisco – holy hell this SHOULD be a beat down, but the Seahawks are not good.
  • Arizona over Cincinnati – game of the week.  Should be a hard fought game and I’d think Andy Dalton can be more than a BB gun this week.
  • New England over Buffalo – losing Julian Edelman will hurt the Patriots…for a quarter.  Pissing off Gronk is never a good idea, Buffalo.
  • Jacksonville over Tennessee – the people you saw in the stands Thursday?  There was free bottles of booze offered upon showing a ticket.
  • NY Jets over Houston – leave the offenses at home in this game.  Looking at a 17-14 type of game.
  • Atlanta over Indianapolis – this would be good if Andrew Luck wasn’t hurt.  Ironically, I’d pick the Colts if this game was in Indy….that’s how shitty the Falcons are on the road.
  • Kansas City over San Diego – yea, my bad for picking the Chargers to win the AFC West this year.  What a disappointment!
  • Baltimore over St. Louis – snooze fest 101.
  • Carolina over Washington – if this game was in D.C., this would be interesting.  BTW – who the hell was that Redskins offense last week putting up 47 points??


  • Chicago over Denver – Bears hot, Broncos, not so much.  John Fox revenge game?
  • Dallas over Miami – welcome back Tony Romo…’ll get the best that South Florida fan has to offer.  Just be wary of the free drugs at the gate.
  • Tampa Bay over Philadelphia – I don’t like Sanchez at QB in any facet.  Thinking Mike Evans might go off in this one.


NFL Picks 2 weeks out – you’ll see why in a bit:

  • Green Bay over Chicago – too much emotion for the Packers not to beat the fourth best quarterback in Packers history (Cutler)
  • Philadelphia over Detroit – can actually see the Lions winning this game
  • Oakland over Tennessee – can’t see the Titans defense slowing down Carr & co.
  • NY Jets over Miami – Marlins Man makes an appearance wearing Dolphins gear.
  • Atlanta over Minnesota – Vikings can’t stop Julio Jones.
  • Kansas City over Buffalo – if the Bills want to make the playoffs, they have to win on the road here.  They don’t.
  • Arizona over San Francisco – ick.
  • Pittsburgh over Seattle – Russell Wilson has come crashing back to earth this year as teams have figured this guy out.  Pittsburgh should be rolling by this point.
  • Indianapolis over Tampa Bay – old man Hasselbeck gets one here.
  • New England over Denver – Do you really see Brock Osweiler beating Tom Brady????
  • Cleveland over Baltimore – double ick.
  • Jacksonville over San Diego – triple ick.  Wow are there some shitty games in Week 12.


  • Dallas over Carolina – Dallas is getting healthy at the right time.  Bad for NFC East.
  • Washington over NY Giants – Eli turns into the Eli of old at RFK.
  • St. Louis over Cincinnati – get the sense the Bengals could come crashing a bit.
  • New Orleans over Houston – not really an upset, but I could see Houston being favored here.


-Dumbass of the week:

Andy Dalton – QB Cincinnati Bengals.  Apparently, he wasn’t too fond of being called the ‘Red BB Gun’ by J.J. Watt after Monday nights’ 10-6 loss to the Houston Texans.   I promise you, a box of Kleenex can be sent from Wisconsin to the Bengals’ front office.  “Awww…my wittle feewings were hurt by being called a BB Gun”.   Sniff, sniff.   The response should have been…yep – “we’re still 8-1!”.

I’m taking next week off so have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy some good grub / time away from the work place and enjoy your family/friends.



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