At Section 123 – 11/15/15

What’s up all.  What a crazy week.  First – all the best to the people getting terrorized in Paris.  If these people are aiming to piss off the whole world, well, it’s working.

-Who at the NFL offices in their right mind thought it was a good idea to come up with the Color Rush games in the NFL?  In the Bills-Jets game – I first thought it was Christmas.  Then I thought Starbucks may be jealous with the Bills all-red uniforms as they seemed to match up with the Christmas cups they have out.  I did get a good chuckle out of the color blind issues saying they couldn’t tell which team was what.  You couldn’t recognize a Bills logo and a circle helmet that says Jets?

Get used to it, as it sounds like every team has to go through this.  Here’s what the Packers could look like one game in 2016.

Packers all goldPackers all green

Have fun with those images!

-College basketball predictions:

  • Wisconsin 23-10 – Bo Ryan was right, there’s a lot of room to grow.  Losing to Western Illinois at home, though, was not high on the list!
  • Idiots in the City 20-11 – I’ll say this, any day this team loses will be a great day for me!  Belmont is not a gimme game, for sure.
  • Milwaukee 19-12 – nice win to open last night
  • Green Bay 16-14 – although they did play Stanford tough last night

-Hey Milwaukee Bucks, you’re not good enough to allow teams like Boston roll you at home by 16 points.

-I will watch a Golden State Warriors game.  Holy crap this team is scary good.  But, EASY ‘experts’ – let’s not have the 73 wins discussion this early in the season.  The concern I’d have with them is if Steph Curry makes the games more about him and getting his points over the team.  Making comments like, ’75 points is attainable’ raises a yellow flag to me.

-Gotta hand it to Ohio State for how they handled quarterback J.T. Barretts’ DUI arrest.  Suspended for a game, then gets to play today at Illinois.  That’s the spirit….way to show doing something like driving under the influence is not allowed at your school!!  But, at Ohio State, all we care about is the National Championship!

In a video, you could hear Barrett say,  “But I’m the Ohio State quarterback, officer!  Isn’t there something you can do?” Video

Well, yes, kid, there is – after you just played the ‘do you know who I am’ card, I’m now going to arrest your ass for DUI.  Have fun explaining this to Urb!  Then the officer receives a $2,500 check from the Buckeyes and this all goes away!

-Andrew Luck out a month – how cool would that be if the winner of the AFC South Division ended up 6-10?  With fantasticly shitty teams like Tennessee, Houston and Jacksonville, it could happen!!

-No Badger game – well, they can’t win or lose!!

-First half review – at 6-2, there was plenty to be thrilled about for the Green Bay Packers, and now in the last two weeks, there is plenty to be aware of / concerned about.  A lot of football fans would take 6-2 any day of the week, including me.  I do see issues with them, and I see plenty of things that will ensure another trip to the post season.  Here are my keys for the Packers in 2nd half – and yes, some fall into the ‘no shit, genius category’.

  • Key begins with the next four games in the schedule – all in division and will need to go at least 3-1 in this span.
  • Pass rush needs to improve, especially in the middle
  • Pick up the run defense as well
  • Improve efficiency on third down – keep their defense on the field and gas them out.
  • Run the ball with cold weather coming
  • Short passes, screens, slants – what the Packers are accustomed to doing
  • I’d love to see the receivers come back to the football when Rodgers is scrambling.  The games I’ve attended, I watched the receivers just kind of jog and not move around enough when a play breaks.
  • Offensive line needs to protect #12 longer.
  • Force turnovers

-Detroit at Green Bay – Lions have won in Wisconsin since 1991.  1991!!!!  And wasn’t that game in Milwaukee?  I was still in high school at that time, so that’s pretty messed up that the Kittens couldn’t even squeak out a single win during that time.  Hell, even Matt Flynn beat a playoff-bound Detroit team 45-41 not that long ago!!

Onto the game, this begins a string of four divisional games in succession, and if they’re going to win the NFC North – it starts here.  Realistically, the Packers should roll the Kittens as they should be flat out angry with how they played the last two weeks.  I think they will come out blazing, but being a divisional game and enough suspect on defense Detroit hangs around a little bit.  Packers will eventually pull away, but you’ll see a garbage TD at the end.  Packers back on the winning side, 31-23

-Keep an eye on Eliot Wolf as a GM candidate in Detroit.  Seriously.

NFL picks

  • Green Bay over Detroit – should be a bounce back game for Packers
  • NY Jets over Buffalo – oops…..Jets, “we stink”!!
  • New England over NY Giants – trap game for Patriots.  NE close
  • Cincinnati over Houston – everything points to a game called “a Severe Beating of the Houston Texans”
  • Denver over Kansas City – close game.  KC Defense will get after Manning
  • Oakland over Minnesota – Raiders offense is damn good right now.  Can’t see Vikings keep up, even if Bridgewater plays
  • Carolina over Tennessee – free tickets in Nashville this weekend!  I’d bet more Carolina fans, er, Auburn fans than Titans fans
  • St. Louis over Chicago – Rams D rule the day.
  • Philadelphia over Miami – I wish this game was in Miami so I could think of a cool promotion for South Florida Fan!
  • Jacksonville over Baltimore – free tickets, part two!!


  • Cleveland over Pittsburgh – Manziel vs. Jones.  Texas A&M vs. Oklahoma part deux?
  • Tampa Bay over Dallas – King Crab finds Mike Evans early and often.  Too much crap happening in Dallas for me to trust them in any game.
  • Washington over New Orleans – not sure why?  The Redskins every once in a while pull something out of their ass and that seems to fit here
  • Seattle over Arizona – honestly, I’m pulling for Arizona here as I’d love nothing more than to see the Seahawks completely out of the playoffs.

Dumbass of the week.

This week is not even close.  It has to go to the University of Missouri and our generation below us.  For forcing the President and Chancellor out of their jobs because of comments they made.  Two comments spread out over time, mind you.  Instead of having a discussion on why these people made the comments they did, they decided to protest the football season until they forced these administrators out of their positions.  They even went as far to try and go after other schools administration – Link  How did a football team have so much power that they can hold their scholarships hostage, not play football until someone gets fired?

Look, I don’t like what the administrators at Missouri said, either. And yes, they absolutely should have been disciplined – but not fired, er, “forced to resign”.  If you’re in that position of higher education, you should not have those view points.  Education should be available for all people no matter of gender, race, age, animal, whatever and the administrators should be the most open minded people out there.  But when people mess up and everyone does, it should be looked at an opportunity to grow, not have a movement to have someone removed – perhaps discuss things like adults!

Somehow, the issues at Missouri even spiraled to several schools throughout the United States to have other people in school administration removed!  WTF!  Then on top of that, some movement called the Million Student March has gained steam and has gone viral.  They have some lame brained demands that 1) They have free public education, 2) cancellation of student debt and 3) minimum wage of $15 on campus.

I have so many questions and issues with this I don’t even know where to begin, most laid out by Neil Cavuto when he laid out the organizer of the movement. Link   I almost felt bad for this girl the way Cavuto was destroying her on the interview, almost.  If this is the level of thinking that is being produced where things should be handed out for free, or everything be paid out by the wealthy – then we are FUCKED when my current generation retires.  How does this younger generation (under age 25) possibly think that they have this sense of entitlement where they get handouts – how is this innovation to advance our society?  They look at other countries that have a free education / college system and how broke they really are?  It’s called take out loans for college and YOU have to pay them back after graduation!!  If you’re going to spout off on how you should receive free benefits, at least do your homework on a global, national and regional scale – crunch numbers if you’re going to face the national media because they’re going to ambush you to see if you’ve really thought anything out.

I could go much longer on this thought, but this is meant for a mini-sports laugh and I apologize for the rant.

That’s it for this week – see ya next week!



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