At Section 123 – 11/8/15

Hey all –

Whomever gave me this cold / sinus infection, I should be allowed to kick you in the face…with a chair.  Baseball is over, and now we’re full into football/ winter sports season.

-Congratulations to the Kansas City Royals.  They play the game the right way.  And here’s to a 2016 opening series bench clearing brawl between them and the New York Mets.

-Hold the phone, fire everyone, the Packers suck, why didn’t they trade for anyone!!!!  A memo to the people freaking out after the loss in Denver last week.  Chill. The. Fuck. Out.  Did you honestly think the Packers were going 16-0 this year?  Are there things to be concerned about?  Absolutely, but that’s why the coaches get to make the adjustments they feel are needed to get the team moving back in the right direction.  No, I didn’t like the defense getting gashed by old man Manning to the tune of 340 yards passing, and no, I didn’t like the Denver defense making a complete fool of Aaron Rodgers and crew, but it happened.  It was in fact, the worst I’ve seen the Packers get thoroughly whooped in years.  We’ve seen pieces of the team look bad, but not collectively.  Here’s an interesting tidbit, if the Packers give up 500 yards this week, they’ll become the 8th team in NFL history to give up over 500 yards in a game for 3 consecutive weeks.

So,here’s hoping the Denver loss woke them up and get to kicking some ass this week and the rest of the season.

Last Sunday seemed like a buzz saw once we got to the stadium.  I did not know they were honoring the Super Bowl 32 team and their owner – and the ironic part was 80% of the people we seemed to talk to thought the Packers were going to come in and take the game from the Broncos.

Speaking of Denver.  What a great time and great city to visit – minus the 3 1/2 hours of the game.  The Coors brewery tour was fun, and the Packer bar our group was at Saturday was beyond packed – and had this kick ass old school Packers pic. Packers logo

It is definitely a place I’d like to go back to.

-College basketball starts next weekend, so will my weekly ripping of that school in Milwaukee.  I did get a chuckle seeing Iowa losing to a Division 2 school last night in an exhibition.

-Wisconsin at Maryland – first trip ever to Terps field, and it should be a memorable one for the Badgers.  They take advantage of a team that has thrown 20 picks already!  20?  Eli Manning and Jay Cutler would be proud of that number.  Badgers D rules the day in this tilt and win 35-14.

-Now there’s pictures on the woman Cowboys DE Greg Hardy beat the crap out of.  I don’t know if the NFL and/or the Cowboys will take any action on this piece of shit, but they should.  If they really want to make an example of someone, Hardy should be the guy.  Not the deflating footballs (which the NFL still isn’t done with) or other methods to ‘cheat’ a game (PEDs).  Is it me, or does the casual fan get more riled up about cheating in the games than people who actually commit domestic abuse / DUIs / other things that hurt others in real life?   This and the dumbass nomination below will be the last I write any words on this garbage human.

-Green Bay at Carolina – another week at an undefeated opponent.  The undefeated Panthers are an underdog, at home.  We saw that with the Broncos last week and we all saw what happened in that game.  From what I saw last week, here’s hoping that ass whooping the Packers took will light a fire under their ass.  It will, but I am not convinced it will be enough to overtake the Panthers’ defensive pressure.  For the Packers to win, they need to pick up the pace on offense – as in no huddle often to gas out the Carolina D.  Quick slant passes/crossing routes using Randall Cobb and company.  I’m not sold on the Panthers offense as 80% of the offense is Cam Newton and he still not that accurate throwing the ball.  Slow him down and the Packers win.  I don’t think they do, however.  Panthers take a close one 24-21.  I really hope I’m wrong here, though.

-NFL picks:

  • Carolina over Green Bay – game of the week part deux.  Going with reverse psychology!
  • Cincinnati over Cleveland – I’m sold on the Bengals….until the playoffs.
  • New England over Washington – call off the dogs!  The Redskins best chance to win this game is to miss their team charter.
  • NY Jets over Jacksonville – closer than people think.  Here’s hoping they throw to Eric Decker, often.
  • New Orleans over Tennessee – this should be a beat down with the way both teams are trending.
  • Philadelphia over Dallas – too much turmoil going on in Dallas to be relevant this year.
  • Atlanta over San Francisco – this game smells like an upset, and it’s about damn time the Niners benched Crapernick.
  • Buffalo over Miami – Buffalo whooped the Dolphins earlier this year, and I don’t like the Phins on the road.  They really need to bring that Marlins guy in.
  • San Diego over Chicago – sorry Monday night football fans.  You’re subjected to a shitty game.
  • Denver over Indianapolis – Broncos have the best defense I’ve ever seen in person.


  • St. Louis over Minnesota – Gurley vs. Beat-your-son….should be fun.
  • Oakland over Pittsburgh – Raiders have a look of a playoff team.
  • Tampa Bay over NY Giants – shootout waiting to happen.

Dumbass of the week:

  • Jerry Jones – for STILL standing by Greg Hardy. Story – JJ is no better for enabling this dirt bag to still play football after the photos of the beating were released.  Story and photos here – and yes, this is bad. Story . Jones is so delusional to believe that Hardy is a leader for his team.  How could he not have seen these photos by now?  This guy has shown no remorse for his actions, there are some who continue to enable this guy.  He should be locked up in a straitjacket and never be seen or heard from in society.  But, hey, this is “America’s Team” – win at all costs.
  • (Yes, I’m aware of the Letroy Guion story and am not a fan of his, either). Link – so my second nomination is to the Green Bay Packers official who tried to intimidate the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel journalist for publishing this story. Link  .  The Packers are a business of winning and this should be a wake up call for those who think that everyone in the organization is doing things the “Packer way”.  The Packer way is a tradition of winning football and a business.

Winner – Jerry Jones.

That’s it for me this week.  Back at it next Saturday!



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