At Section 123 – 10/31/15

Greetings from Downtown Denver.  I cheated this week and pre-wrote this thing in preparation of a hangover.  It’s also one of my named Amateur Nights of the year.   What that means is this is a day where people who don’t normally hit the town, do so and then proceed to drink so much alcohol that they’re falling over like bumbling idiots and some then have an inkling to pick fights for no reason.  These ‘Amateur Days’ are:  New Years’ Eve, Day before Thanksgiving, Halloween, 4th of July, St. Patricks’ Day, Packers Home Opener (or Brewers depending on city), and any Octoberfest events.

-World Series thoughts:

  • I’d be kind of shocked if the Mets came back to win this thing. Kansas City beating Jake deGrom was similar to the Mets beating the Chubs’ Jake Arrieta in the NLCS.  Winning last night 9-3 was a nice start.
  • Nice stat – the Mets and Royals start the 2016 season against one another.
  • Who’d thought Ned Yost would be a decent post-season manager??? Ask most Brewers fans and they’d laugh in your face.
  • Royals P Johnny Cueto has stepped up big in his last two starts. This was the reason  KC gave up so much to get him.
  • Alciedes Escobars’ inside the park homer to start the Royals game was insane.  Through 2 games, he’s the MVP.
  • Kudos to Edison Voloquez for pitching game 1, even though he didn’t know of his fathers’ passing at that time. Couldn’t even imagine doing that.
  • The Mets will make a series of this. Their downfall was the 6-day layoff which cooled them off.

-The Miami Marlins have hired former Dodgers skipper Don Mattingly to the similar role.  If I may, I’d like to offer up some promotion ideas to help get more than 5,000 fans in that fantastic stadium just outside of Downtown Miami:

  • Marlins Man day – orange visors to the first 10,000 people. You’ll be able to put some on Craigslist and eBay since you won’t get 10,000 people to show
  • M&M Day – as in Marijuana and Mojito Day.
  • English language day – free admission to any non-Americans who can say more than three coherent sentences in succession without using the word fuck.
  • Drivers’ License Day – free admission to anyone who can provide a valid Florida Drivers’ License
  • Free tickets to anyone from Florida who can actually guess what Mattinglys’ nickname is. Hint: it’s Donnie Baseball.  The only catch is you cannot be a transplant from the Northeast.
  • Baseball knowledge Day – a free future ticket to any fan who can explain what a base hit, strikeout, ball, strike, walk, or home run is.

-If you know who this guy is, Lenny Dykstra is a former baseball player, cheat, scumbag, money launderer and convict.  Based on a radio interview earlier this week, if this article has any merit to it – watch out baseball.  Link

-To UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen – I’m sure you have money, but you should have known the NCAA was going to take your hot tub away from you once you snapped the pic in your dorm room!  Although, I do think it is total bullshit on the part of the NCAA.

-When are we going to stop calling College Football and College Basketball amateur sports?  Soon, we’ll say that about College Baseball and College Hockey.

-The Milwaukee Bucks started their season with a 122-97 ass-whooping at the hands of the New York Knicks.  Now, before you go overboard and overreact like the casual fan, keep in mind they play 82 games.  Some fans on Twitter were freaking out after one loss.  Gotta love that site, sometimes!!

Side note, if you’re a Papa John’s guy, every time the Bucks score over 90 points win or lose, you get half off a large pizza.  Good thing they didn’t offer that for Marquette basketball games!   That point total should be over 40.

-Rutgers at Wisconsin – Halloween in Madison?  I have some interesting memories of Halloween in that town.  Was alcohol involved?  This is UW-Madison we’re talking about, people.  As for the game, I’m not sure if Rutgers is as bad as the record indicates, and as much as I like to rag Wisconsin this year, truth be told it is impressive what they’ve done considering how beat up they are.   That is improvement because it forces others to step up.  That defense is no joke and once again they carry the day.  Badgers take it 28-10.

-As much as I like to razz any sport with the name Minnesota in front of it, here’s to a healthy retirement to Jerry Kill.  I hope he gets his seizures in check and is around for a while.  I hate for people to be done abruptly because of their health, but he’s making the right choice.

-Green Bay at Denver – 6-0 at 6-0, and yes this town is buzzing to the point you’d think it’s the playoffs.  The irony is walking around Denver last night enough fans were saying ‘don’t beat us too bad’.  Huh?  Your team is still 6-0, aren’t they?  This game comes down to which offense will perform better under the pressure both defenses are sure to bring – essentially it’s up to the offensive lines keeping the quarterbacks upright and getting the ball out quickly to the playmakers.  Peyton Manning has played like shit in the first 6 games, and I do think he does rise up and play OK in this game.   I think Aaron Rodgers will be a little bit better with Green Bay sneaking out of Denver with a 24-20 defensive-oriented win.

And yes, the Packers will lose this year and I think it’ll be soon…..keep an eye at Carolina next week or at Minnesota in three weeks.

NFL Picks –

  • Green Bay over Denver – this will be fun
  • New England over Miami – where’s the Marlins Man???
  • Arizona over Cleveland – the Browns defense has a drug problem – well at least their run defense does. They get drug down one end of the field, then drug down the other end of the field.  No, I can’t take credit for that. I heard that on an NFL pre-game show years ago.   Chris Johnson and Andre Ellington should have a field day.
  • Cincinnati over Pittsburgh – doubt Ben Roethlisberger plays. If he did, I’d be tempted to go with Pittsburgh
  • Louis over San Francisco – poor Niners. How much longer are they going to deal with Crapernick?
  • Carolina over Indianapolis – if both picks hold true, then we’re looking at 7-0 Green Bay at 7-0 Carolina next week.
  • Seattle over Dallas – Dez should be back, but that may not be enough. They need a running game and Tony Romo.
  • Atlanta over Tampa Bay – closer than people think
  • Houston over Tennessee – oy. How much are tickets in this one?
  • Detroit over Kansas City – I’m so sorry, London. You did get a good game last week at least!
  • San Diego over Baltimore – cross country trips are usually tough, but Baltimore may be down after losing so many close games.


  • Chicago over Minnesota – the right side of Jay shows up for one week.
  • Oakland over NY Jets – Oakland is a lot better than I thought. They’ll give Chris Ivory and Ryan Fitzpatrick fits and pull it out
  • New Orleans over NY Giants – Giants on the road are a sad sack of cow dung. The Saints seem to be finding their rhythm – finally.

-Dumbass of the week

  • Jerry Jones – for saying that piece of shit Greg Hardy is a leader.   JJ, all you’re doing in enabling this woman-beating ass hat and dividing a team that was somewhat close.  When you see bickering on the sidelines, it usually does not go well for your team.  Have you listened to this idiot talk?  Could you even understand him say ‘No Comment, next question’?  It sounded like it was all in one word and he was on some sort of amphetamine along with oxy – which would make most have English be their second language.  Jibberish being the first.  If you want to bring Dallas back to the fore front, the first thing you do is get rid of this piece of shit.   Here’s a link to the disbelief photo – the best part is Sports Illustrated Writer Jenny Vrentas making the face behind JJ in disgust.  Link
  • The NFL again!!!  Are you seriously fining someone for honoring victims?  Don’t tell me you’re about domestic violence and breast cancer awareness when the only thing you care about is stuffing more money in your pockets.   You are making it hard for me to respect any of your rules / policies.   You can’t say you’re all about helping people out and making awareness for such crap like cancer, then fine players because they ‘tweak’ their uniforms?  What, you aren’t making any money on purple shoes?  Come on – what a joke.
  • FORMER Texans QB Ryan Mallett – another player who simply does not get it.  Look, entitled moron – you don’t get things handed to you and when something does not go your way, you don’t sulk in the corner, skip practice or somehow ‘get stuck in traffic’ en route to the team flight!!  If you screw up, grow up and be a professional and stop acting like you were promised something.   Try earning something and see how that feels!
  • Buffalo WR Sammy Watkins – you shouldn’t have fallen into the trap of people razzing.  What you said on Twitter calling fans losers and go back to their little jobs and belittling them and how great your life is.  Shouldn’t you ignore that if you’re a professional athlete?  No matter what you may really think, this is something you simply don’t say.  These are the people who work hard to pay tickets to see you play, and ultimately, pay your salary.  Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, jackass.

The winner is – all of them deserve it this week.  In my feeble mind, it’s Jerry Jones by a narrow margin.

-Bonus dumbass – Browns QB – John Manziel.  I completely forgot to hammer on you last week, moron.  Back on the wagon, hey?  And while you’re at it – slam your girlfriends’ head into a car window.  Yep, real man you are.

That’s all for this week.  Time to enjoy this great city and sick atmosphere tomorrow night.  Talk to you next week!


Having my annual holiday fiesta on Saturday, December 5th if I haven’t told you already.  I know some that I email do know, and some do now.  So now you do!  No need to RSVP…just show up have some food and drink.


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