At Section 123 – 10/24/15

What’s up all – I’m shocked that I’m up so damn early on a Saturday and I should be kicked for this.  But, I have stuff to get done during the day today – including a trip to Neuske’s, so here goes.

-I have to vent a bit about Packer fan, again.  We are a very spoiled fan base.  In case you haven’t noticed, the Green Bay Packers are 6-0 and all some fans can do is complain.  I swear every little thing this team does is not good enough for the casual fan, and in a town that has little else besides this team, it’s so much easier to play arm chair quarterback.  Enough of the fans only know two main quarterbacks – Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers.  For those in the mid-30s and older, we still remember the 80s and early 90s and how shitty this team was.  So yes, we’ve been honored to see two of the arguably best quarterbacks of all-time play for such a storied franchise. Are these same ‘fans’ going to be there cheering the team at Lambeau every week when this team has some down seasons?  And yes, this will happen at some point.

I do understand there are bandwagon fans everywhere, but we are supposed to be a little more knowledgeable than others when it comes to this team.  It’s sad when a buddy of mine had a conversation at a game earlier this year and a fan truly believed Brett Favre was playing for the Washington Redskins.  Huh???  I nearly spit out my vodka and that people is alcohol abuse…illegal where I come from.  I have also had conversations with fans that are so vague saying – ‘what’s up with the defense?’  ‘why can’t the offense score’?  Please understand some of the situations and perhaps what the opponent could do through matchups, injuries and game plan instead of spouting off.  If you understand even a little bit, you won’t have to sit there complaining that team didn’t play the perfect game every week.  That won’t happen – nothing is perfect!!!

Be happy this team is 6-0 with how beat up they are, and enjoy the ride!!!  And if you’re a casual fan, ask questions of what’s going on instead of running your mouth!

-MLB Playoff notes:

  • See ya Chubs – but they had a helluva run. The only thing I keep thinking of is now we’re going to get the annoying side of their fan base next year at Miller Park.  I know I said this recently, but that is one game I will not be at in 2016.
  • Chicago choked their chickens by beating the Cardinals. My thought of them possibly beating the Mets in the NLCS was due to their youth and possibly not freaking out in the situation.  Talk about a backfire!
  • Chicago is set up for the long haul. If they get another starting pitcher in the offseason, watch out.  Zack Greinke and David Price are available.  Guess?  Price – as he has ties to Joe Maddon.
  • Royals-Blue Jays was an entertaining series.
  • Marco Estrada can pitch in the post-season. Who knew?
  • The Blue Jays went for it, so I can’t fault them for it, but did they give up too much of their farm system to not make the World Series? Sounds like the 2011 Brewers.
  • Oh boy, Fox. Nice move last night proclaiming the Mets vs. Royals World Series in the 7th  There’s one issue with that – perhaps that the game was still going on?  And to help matters, Joey Bautista hits a bomb to tie the game the following inning!   The proclamation was correct as Kansas City won the game, but next time, perhaps wait until the game is over before making that announcement?
  • Mets-Royals – hard to predict as both teams seem to be on a mission.  I’ll take the Royals in 6 as it feels like it’s their turn.

-An under the radar piece of the Milwaukee Brewers, but I love the hire of their new pitching coach Derek Johnson.  This is the same guy who is renowned throughout baseball during his years at Vanderbilt and the Chubs minor league system….and had a huge role in the development of David Price.

-Don Mattingly departs Dodgers after 3 division titles.  New management, perhaps too many egos to deal with in that clubhouse.  It’s the right time for Mattingly to move on.  He was not the reason LA did not get out of the Division Series – again.  That’s on the lack of clutch hitting to not support their starting pitching.  I could see him at Washington over Miami next season.  If he ended up at Miami though, perhaps he could slap some sense into that Marlins fan idiot.

-RIP most defense in college football.

-Last week, Michigan State at Michigan.  The ending of that game was one of those moments – ‘I was at *** place’ when the fumbled punt, return for TD to win the game for Sparty.  I don’t like Michigan, so that was awesome to see – and the look of ‘what the hell just happened’ on Jim Harbaughs’ face was priceless.

-There are no words for this video aside of Cris Carters’ face was hilarious.  Fart

-Illinois vs. Wisconsin – normally, I’d think Wisconsin should beat the piss out of the Illini, but not this year.  I can see RB Corey Clement get a few snaps to perhaps get back into football shape.  I’ll say this  – if UW wins this game, I will flip and say the Badgers can run the table until the bowl game.   Rutgers?  Maryland?  Northwestern (what the hell happened there)?  Minnesota (vodka vs. wine bet!!)?   Meh.

Coach Chryst is doing what he can to get back to Wisconsin football, but it’ll take a couple years perhaps to get there after the previous dumbass tried to make UW a west coast type team.  I do like what the Badgers are bringing in for a recruiting class right now, even after RB Antonio Williams flipped to Ohio State.  As for today, I do think Illinois clips the Badgers in the same manner they lucked out vs. Nebraska a couple weeks back.  Illinois, 21-20.

By the way Illinois – you’re not relevant enough to be pulling off the gray uniforms.  Stick to the orange and blue schemes you have.  Oregon, Tennessee and Baylor should also listen.   Stick to your school colors.

-NFL Picks

  • Minnesota over Detroit – should be close as division games usually are. The difference will be Stafford doing his best Jay Cutler impersonation.
  • Seattle over San Francisco – this was a damn ugly game to watch. They can stop making this game a focal point going forward
  • Louis over Cleveland – think the D rules in this one. If you have the Rams D in FFL, start them.
  • Atlanta over Tennessee – Falcons looked like ass vs. Saints and rebound this week at Tennessee
  • San Diego over Oakland – could use another 500-yard performance from Philip Rivers for fantasy football!
  • Pittsburgh over Kansas City – Chiefs are a hot mess
  • NY Giants over Dallas – Giants have a tendency to play a great game the week after they drop a deuce on the field
  • Houston over Miami – flip a coin. I am not sold on what I saw out of Miami last week.
  • Tampa Bay over Washington – close game
  • Indianapolis over New Orleans – this would have been a huge game a couple years ago.
  • New England over NY Jets – close until the 4th
  • Arizona over Baltimore – oy.


  • Philadelphia over Carolina – just feels like an upset here
  • Jacksonville over Buffalo – Bills are too beat up, and Jags can score….sometimes.

Dumbass of the week

  • NFL – AGAIN – for making such a huge deal about Cameron Heywards’ eye black honoring his late father Craig ‘Iron Head’ Heyward.   Don’t they have bigger issues to deal with that what players want to honor some family members with???
  • San Francisco 49ers – for allowing Colin Crapernick to continue to play quarterback
  • Louisville – for their sex ring.  How did Rick Pitino NOT know what was going on??

Winner – NFL.  Again.  You get a cookie….but seriously, enough policing of players trying to honor their fallen family members.  They may enough money already, don’t they?

-That’s it for me babbling and ranting this week.  Time to get some shit done.  On this date next week, I’ll be out in Denver anxiously awaiting a showdown of two undefeated teams with some good friends.  Have a good one!



One thought on “At Section 123 – 10/24/15

  1. I can’t agree with you more Neal on the “spoiled” Packer fans. I was old enough to remember the QB’s like Dickey( too beat up by time he got some talent around him), Whitehurst, Randy Wright, Vince Ferragamo, Majik Man for 1 year awesome year, Anthony Dilwig, Blair Kiel, etc. We’ve been way to spoiled for too long. I remember the local stations letting the viewers know when the team was arriving back at the airport after going 8-8 to welcome them home. Because 8-8 was Great!
    Amazing when Aaron took over for Brent and the year he broke his collarbone, the diehard fans somehow couldn’t go to games or sold their ticket at face value. Now their are all back again.That is what a 6-0 start does. Enjoy while you can. I am sure the 49ers thought the good times would last forever when the had Joe Montana and Steve Young, and then lots of names like I listed above.

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