At Section 123 – 10/17/15

What’s up!  I realized earlier in the week that in two weeks I’ll be out in Denver with a few buddies for the Packers-Broncos game.  Since weed is legalized in Colorado, needless to say I’ll be seeking out a weed vending machine.  No, I’m not going to smoke the stuff, but it’ll be funny to see.  Onto a very busy and controversial week.

-MLB Playoff thoughts

  • Well, your champion will be wearing blue as their primary uniform color
  • Raise your hand if you had the Mets, Chubs, Royals and Blue Jays in your final four.  If yes, you’re either a prolific liar or you should be on a plane immediately to Vegas!
  • I’m cool with Bautistas’ bat flip.  That was the best moment of his career so he was caught up in that.  What I’m not cool with is the Blue Jays fans throwing all sorts of debris onto the field during Game 5 in the ALDS.  I’d say act like you’ve been there before, but it’s been 22 years.  So, I’ll say stop being a Chicago Chubs fan.
  • I LOVE the Cardinals are out of the playoffs.  I also laugh at how delusional they are.  If you have Twitter – follow @BestFansStLouis – Link   And read this messed up, warped comment below.   Capture
    Um, OK – if it helps you sleep at night.  Whatever this clown was on, please share.  Or just leave it in Missouri!!
  • Picks for LCS – Royals over Blue Jays and Cubs over Mets.  I don’t see the Mets beating Arrieta and Lester 4 times.
  • Dodgers – largest payroll, another NLDS exit.  You’ll see some turnover there.
  • Houston – poised to be good for a few years.
  • Texas vs. Toronto next season – could be some fun bench clearing incidents.
  • With the Chubs relevant now, we’ll see the worst of their fan base at Miller Park for a few years.  I now know which Brewers games I’m not going to for a while.

-College basketball has started practice – Wisconsin is pre-season #17 in the coaches poll, which may be a bit high early on.  The Badgers may take a couple lumps in the non-conference schedule, but they’ll be good come March.  That private school in Milwaukee?  You could drop them to the Division 3 conference in the state and I still wouldn’t cheer for them.

-Kudos to Steelers RB DeAngelo Williams on his breast cancer stand.  To honor his mother who passed away from breast cancer, his foundation is covering the cost for 53 women taking their mammograms at Charlotte area hospitals.  He wants to wear pink all season long to keep the breast cancer awareness at the forefront, but big brother NFL promptly told him to piss off.  Here’s a hint, you’ll see this later in the blog.

-Here’s hoping Lamar Odom gets some help.  Whatever hole he’s in with his life.  Good analogy by Scott Van Pelt – Video

-Screwed up week in College Football.  A coach gets fired at Southern Cal for boozing, one quits at South Carolina because he felt like he wasn’t getting the job done (he wasn’t), a team takes one on the chin for multiple crimes at Florida.  Speaking of the Gators, Criminal U (Florida State) can’t believe everything you did this week with the PEDs and domestic abuse charges.  The only thing you’re missing is stealing crab legs from Publix. I bet the NCAA is just clamoring for the games to get going today.

-Purdue at Wisconsin.  This game is so exciting that I’m going to be golfing in 48 degree weather and probably catching a cold instead of watching this excitement.  I’ll stick to my guns and I’m not picking UW until I see a real solid improvement from this team…and preferably Joel Stave not as the starting quarterback.  Purdue with the upset 28-24.

-San Diego at Green Bay.  Believe it or not, I did see a couple of Chargers fans walking around town yesterday.  Constant 75 degree weather to 27 this morning.  I bet that will sting a bit!  As for the game, I get the feeling the Packers may be pissed from last weeks’ offensive performance and will lay one on the suspect Chargers defense.  Their run defense is god awful (not that the Packers run D is great), and here I think Eddie Lacy gets going.  You’ll also see a bounce back from Randall Cobb.  Pack rolls going into the bye week 42-20.

NFL Picks

  • Green Bay over San Diego – Chargers short week and a 2-time zone trip = loss. Especially at Lambeau.
  • Minnesota over Kansas City – Chiefs begin a long rest of the season here.
  • Arizona over Pittsburgh – If Ben was playing, I’d say Steelers, but no?  Cards pull a close one out.
  • Cincinnati over Buffalo – Bills too banged up to pull this one out.  They do get Shady McCoy back, though.
  • Tennessee over Miami – better option than this game?  Head to 2nd St and Broadway in Nashville.
  • NY Jets over Washington – if you like defense, this is the game for you.
  • New England over Indianapolis – get the feeling the Colts are in for a really long night.
  • Denver over Cleveland – Broncos offense is awful.  If the Browns had anything on offense, I’d pick the upset.
  • Seattle over Carolina – the Panthers haven’t played anyone of note yet and lose their first game.  Seahawks not good either right now, but should win at home.
  • Atlanta over New Orleans – kudos to the Saints for whooping the Falcons in this one
  • San Francisco over Baltimore – these teams are shitty.  Remember when they were in the Super Bowl a couple years back?  Now, I’d prefer they play to a tie.


  • Detroit over Chicago – not that this is a huge upset, and I’d prefer the Lions to go 0-16.  But, we’ll see the same old Jay – again.
  • NY Giants over Philadelphia – mild upset in a good game at the Linc.
  • Jacksonville over Houston – wake me up when this one ends.  The idiot Marlins Man should attend this game handing out booze to Jags fans who probably don’t know how to handle an alcoholic beverage.

Dumbass of the week:

  • NFL – damn, this group is nominated two weeks in a row?  You don’t allow Steelers RB DeAngelo Williams to wear extra pink to honor his late mother for breast cancer???  Yep, this is the same damn league that only donates 8% of its breast cancer merchandise sales.  Way to show you care, Rog.  Nice job fining DE Cameron Heyward, also.  I guess you can’t honor family members in your uniform!
  • Will Grier – Florida quarterback.  Former starting quarterback.gets suspended this week for using PEDs – on a team that’s on a roll, and on a team that would have easily won the SEC East.  With your suspension dumbass, you may be susceptible to losing to teams like Vanderbilt.  Never mind you have games with LSU, Georgia and Criminal U looming later in the season.
  • This Marlins Man idiot.  You make South Florida fan seem normal.  You’re a 59-year-old degenerate flipping your visor sideways that has enough money to pay $2,000 per front row seat at major sporting events.  Glad to see your North Miami law firm is doing well.  Did you write that ticket off to petty cash?  Donate your cash to the booming South Florida drug industry!!  The Dolphins fans are in dire need of extra ecstasy or cocaine at this point!!

Winner – NFL.  Lighten up, ass clowns.

That’s it for this week – have a good week.



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