At Section 123 – 10/10/15

Hey all – I guess it was kind of a busy week in sports.  Football in full swing, MLB playoffs, NHL is back.  The downfall to hockey back is we’ll see snow….and soon.

A few thoughts on the MLB Postseason so far:

  • Quick – raise your hand if you had Houston vs. Texas in the ALCS.  Could very well happen.
  • I think Houston vs. Kansas City could be the best series of the entire postseason.
  • Chicago vs. St. Louis in an NLDS series – can we cheer for injuries?  Nothing too serious, just enough to soften one up for the Mets or Dodgers in the NLCS?  If either team wins the World Series, that should go against any baseball bylaws that have fan bases so arrogant have a champion.
  • The home team is 2-6 thus far in the post season?  How’s that home field advantage working out for you?
  • I LOVE the Pirates plunking Jake Arrieta later on in their Wild Card game vs. the Chubs.
  • A lot of people were on the Blue Jays making a deep run, perhaps to the World Series.  Don’t tell that to the Rangers
  • Will someone PLEASE just kick that Marlins idiot a few times in his cranium???
  • I think ESPN is probably pissed the Yankees are out of it already.   It gives them less to talk about on SportsCenter.
  • I don’t want to hear ‘former Brewer’ with guys like Gallardo, Fiers, Gomez, Cain, Escobar.  Those trades needed to happen.  1.  The Brewers would have never had Zack Greinke to make their 2011 run.  2.  The other trades happened in an effort to start a full rebuilding effort.

-I think I’ve grown tired of hearing the Fan Duel and Draft Kings commercials.  I’m cool with the two leagues I’m in, but this is too much.

-Is anyone really surprised both sites are being investigated for insider trading?  Gordon Gekko would be proud of some of the secrets these places probably have.

-I hope CC Sabathia gets the help he needs to fight his alcoholism problem.  That took some serious guts to check himself into rehab as his team was entering the posteason, and shows that his issue was that serious.

-Nice move by new Miami Dolphins Coach Dan Campbell on bring back the Nutcracker drill (in his term the Oklahoma drill).  That stuff needs to happen more in football.  Honestly, if they think it’ll create more injuries, they’re mistaken.  If anything, it could help avoid them as it helps in something they do in football.  It’s called tackling.

That said, they have bigger issues in Miami.  QB Ryan Tannehill comes to mind.

-Perfectly said, Katie Nolan…guys like Greg Hardy should not be allowed to play football again, ever.  In fact, this clown should be deported by now. Link .

-Get the feeling the Rick Pitino watch is on at Louisville.  Escorts for recruits??  Brilliant, because we all know they’re not going to school to actually attend class, right Rick?  Here’s a piece of the story: Link

-Wisconsin at Nebraska – until I see some serious improvement from the Badgers offensively offense, I’m going to pick against them.  UW should have won against Iowa last week, and a 5th-year QB should not fumble the ball at the Iowa 1 to take the lead.  That’s just inexcusable football from your leader.  Nebraska was just as ugly in losing to Illinois last week.  Illinois??  Still, the game is in Lincoln and Joel Stave looked like the Stave we have come to loathe.  Cornhuskers 27-21

-St. Louis at Green Bay – if this game was in St. Louis, perhaps there could be an upset.  The return of T Bryan Bulaga will be huge for the Packers as the Rams front 7 are stellar at getting after the quarterback.  Still, the game is at Lambeau where the Packers are nearly unbeatable.  Packers 30-17.

NFL Picks

  • Green Bay over St. Louis – close until the 4th quarter.  Late Lacy TD seals the win.
  • Philadelphia over New Orleans – Chip Kelly may be starting to realize his college crap doesn’t fly in the NFL?  USC rumors are starting to swirl.
  • Atlanta over Washington – sneaky game for some odd reason, even with Atlanta at 4-0.
  • Indianapolis over Houston (had this one) – Houston is a train wreck waiting to happen – and there’s too much talent there for that to occur. You just got punked by a 40-year-old quarterback who was in the hospital earlier in the week!!  Ryan Mallett sulking on the sidelines was a nice-douchy look as well.  Way to be a team player, sunshine.  Arian Foster may be on my list of players to never draft again in fantasy….too injury prone.
  • Arizona over Detroit – train wreck #2.  Part of me wants to see the Lions go 0-16.  Again.
  • Kansas City over Chicago – KC defense gets right against Cutler
  • Jacksonville over Tampa Bay – I’m so sorry for those going
  • New England over Dallas – Tom Brady vs. Brandon Weeden????
  • NY Giants over San Francisco – two weeks in a row where NBC is anxiously awaiting the flex schedule
  • San Diego over Pittsburgh – cross country trips usually don’t go well.
  • Denver over Oakland – close game.  I can see a lot of points in this one, even with Denvers’ great pass rush.


  • Cleveland over Baltimore – not high on the Ravens this year anymore, and I’m surprised by that.
  • Tennessee over Buffalo – not high on the Bills anymore, either.  The Raiders and Lions think Buffalo needs to commit more penalties.
  • Seattle over Cincinnati – an upset in point spread only.  I can see the Bengals wetting the bed in this one.

Dumbass of the week

  • Prince Fielder – for trying to somersault after the Rangers’ 5-4 win in Toronto yesterday.  Dude, I’m guessing you need weeks of yoga before pulling a stunt like that.
  • The NFL – for allowing assholes like Greg Hardy to play in this league with how he treats women.   You let guys like this and Aldon Smith play football for being asshole people.  But yet, you fine players for hitting someone too hard or do some odd dance when they score a touchdown.  This league is so inconsistent in their decision-making that perhaps an overhaul is needed at the top.  But hey, it’s about expanding the brand correct?
  • The NFL again – for as much as they claim to be against breast cancer, then why in the hell does only 8% of their sales go to fighting this disease? 8 freaking percent!!!  Come on, with how much money you make – hand over fist is kind – 100% of those proceeds should go to cancer research.

That’s it for this week.  Think I’m going to need to get some golf in today with this nice weather.  And as one of my buddies says for tomorrow – I’ll be among “77,000 of my closest friends”.   Enjoy and chat again next week!



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