At Section 123 – 10/03/15

Hey all, welcome to the fall season, raking leaves season, Oktoberfest, college homecomings, and we’ll probably see some snow sooner than later.

–This is my message to Pittsburgh kicker Josh Scobee – you stinks.  Missing two key 4th quarter field goals vs. Baltimore Thursday night will not help keep that job.

–Early NFL Observations after 3 weeks:

  • To all media types, STOP over-analyzing how this team will not make the playoffs, will make it to the Super Bowl, etc.  For crying out loud, we’re only 3 weeks into the season and there’s a lot of football to be played.  And with the way injuries have been plentiful, we’ll see more of those also.  That said…
  • Disappointments:
    • Miami Dolphins – Joe Philbin is a nice guy, but he’s not a head coach.  I can take solace that we get to see the best of South Florida Fan!!  Soon we’ll have the weed and mojito party where tickets can be had for $10.  Seriously.
    • Baltimore Ravens – yea, you may have won Thursday at Pittsburgh, but you’re still a huge disappointment when there were enough people picking you for the Super Bowl
    • Detroit Lions – are the ‘same old Lions’ back?  Well, I’d say the Jim Caldwell watch is on, and I bet they’re kicking themselves for giving Matt Stafford that much $.  Think they miss Donkey Kong and Nick Fairley much?
    • New Orleans Saints – this group is aging and fast.  Time to rebuild in the Big Easy
    • Indianapolis Colts – I did not see this one coming either, but both their lines.  Well, they stink.  If your defense has to rely on Erik Walden to make plays?  I’d say you’re in trouble.
    • Kansas City Chiefs – throw the football DOWN THE FIELD a bit – you have a weapon in Jeremy Maclin to do so.  It opens up Jamaal Charles and Travis Kelce.
  • Surprises:
    • Strong start for the Arizona Cardinals –  not a huge surprise, but Carson Palmer is 17-2 in his last 19 starts with the Cards.  I think they’ll win the NFC West now and it should be fun when they face the Seahawks, Bengals, Steelers and Packers later this year.
    • Strong start for Cincinnati Bengals – second most complete team in the AFC – I guess.  But they’re still the ‘Regular-Season Bengals’.  Show us something in the postseason.
    • Buffalo Bills and their QB Tyrod Taylor – he’s much better than i thought and if they make the playoffs, I’d not want to face this team (except for New England)
    • The Oakland Raiders – better than I thought by a lot.  They’ll get to 3-1 this week beating up Chicago.

–My 2015 Brewers season review.  One word.  Shitty.

To elaborate, they were doomed from the word go.  This crash begun late last year when it seemed like they were not responding to Ron Roenicke already and it carried into 2015.  Take out April and May and this team was near .500, which is what I thought they would be.

My advice – throw out 2016 as another year to build up the AA group with an eye on 2017 and 2018.

I did hear a rumor of SP Ian Kennedy being on the Brewers’ radar in the offseason.  Hell. No.  That’s 2015 Kyle Lohse revisited and we saw how awful he was this year.

–This is for the Cub ‘fans’ that are now out of the wood works since they’re relevant again.  Can you tell me where you real fans were a few years ago?  Link

How in the hell did I not know about this before last night?

–The Arizona Diamondbacks announcers may now be my favorites with the way they were ripping on some Arizona State sorority with how they were taking self-portraits in a recent game.  Link

This guy had it 100% right – how many of those pics do you REALLY need to take?  How much self-absorbed attention do you feel you need?  I also love how they reference all they care about is being in their phone and ‘that’s the best photo of the 300 I’ve taken of myself today’.  Parenting in 2015?  That’s also HILARIOUS.

Apparently, the ASU girls bragged about all of the self portraits – so obviously they did not get the memo.  You look like idiots.  And do you need to be on the phone all the time at a ball game?  You’re there to WATCH the game, correct??

–Good move on the Milwaukee Bucks extending PF John Henson.  Good overall nucleus for this team to build on.  I’ll admit I’m a bandwagon Bucks fan because they’ve been horrible for so long.  But, I’d go to a game this year to check this group out.

–San Francisco 49er fans whining about their season ticket seats being ‘too hot’ in the weather.  I’d send a box of Kleenex to each one of you.  Feel honored to have something cool like NFL season tickets and like a over-privileged spoiled California brats.  Better yet, give them up to real fans who would love to have that privilege.

–Iowa at Wisconsin – finally…the start of the Big Ten season.  Some Giant Pig trophy called the Heartland is on the line and is a big rivalry game.  The challenge is if the Badgers can slow the the Iowa passing game.  If they can, UW wins pulling away in the 4th quarter.  If not, this is a closer game than some would want.  I think Taiwan Deal, Joel Stave and Rob Wheelwright will carry the UW offense en route to a 24-20 victory and they keep the Giant Pig for another year.

Ugh – I’m writing this during the start of the Badger and I just heard ‘selfie stick’ on the broadcast and nearly threw up.  This shit has got to stop.

–Green Bay at San Francisco – this feels like a trap game.  And with the Packers’ recent history vs. the 49ers, we could have reason to feel that way.   Crapernick has had mass success against Dom Capers defenses and he’ll be good….for a half.  Too much Aaron Rodgers, too much offense against that shitty defense and the Pack wins 34-16.

–NFL picks

  • GB over SF – Crapernick has owned the Pack in recent years, and they won’t say it, but I think they take it out on the Niners this week
  • SEA over DET – Same old Lions!  Same old Lions?  Does the Caldwell watch begin
  • OAK over CHI – who’d have thought the Raiders have a real look at 3-1
  • DEN over MIN – DEN D is no joke.  MIN offense aside of AP is.
  • BAL over PIT – I did go this way b/c BAL was the more desperate team – and still shouldn’t have won
  • CIN over KC – at KC?  Maybe the upset…but not at Cincinnati
  • IND over JAX – ….zzzz…..zzzzzzzzz…..paging Andre Johnson, where did you go?
  • ARI over STL – There’s a decent chance this game is 13-10.
  • DAL over NO – I bet NBC was hoping the flex schedule would have been in play for this game.
  • NYJ over MIA (continue the Philbin watch).  Don’t forget the Charmin, New York (referencing the Jets bringing their own toilet paper)!!   You have to wonder if the Fins are kicking themselves for throwing as much $ as they did to Tannehill and Donkey Kong Suh.  What the Dolphins need to do is bring in the Marlins Man…that idiot could provide free weed to get the non-English speaking South Florida fan out of the wood works.
  • BUF over NYG – by a lot
  • ATL over HOU – if this was in HOU, I’d go Texans.  From a fantasy perspective, I hope Matt Bryant has 4 50-yd field goals.
  • SD over CLE – ….zzz..zzzzzzzzzz…..zzzz…zzzz.  I’d give Cleveland a shot if Manziel was starting, but I’m guessing tickets could be had cheap here.


  • WAS over PHI– the only fun part of this game is it will be a mud bowl with the edge of Hurricane Joaquin nearby.
  • TB over CAR – this is a game Carolina shouldn’t lose, but will

Dumbasses of the week:

  • US Goalie Hope Solo charged with domestic abuse….again.  The US Soccer group should kick this nut job off the team.
  • Larry Brown – for getting hit with NCAA violations for a third time.  RIP to your coaching career.  The thing I don’t understand is hitting a team with same-season postseason ban once school has started.  Have the ban for the following season if school has started.  It gives kids a chance to transfer if they don’t want to be there any longer…because we all know they’re there for the education!!

That’s it for the week.  Have some fun this weekend.  If you’re ‘too busy’ all the time – stop and look around once in a while and don’t miss out on some cool sights around you.



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