At Section 123 – 09/26/15

Whassup!!!  Think we need to enjoy our last bit of warmer weather.   And it’s too damn early to be hearing sirens.

-Kansas City at Green Bay – another prime time matchup to showcase the Packers.  This has the makings of a classic letdown game for the Pack, and early on I do think that will be the case.  The Chiefs are good enough to come into Lambeau and steal this game, especially if the defense blitzes like crazy, and Jamaal Charles, AND Travis Kelce go off.

My guess is the Chiefs jump out early and the Packers wake up in the second half to eventually pull away – 31-21 Pack.

-Yep, count me in the group that thought it was awesome when QB Aaron Rodgers taking a jab at Seattle QB Russell Wilson for always thanking God in everything he does.  After the game, his comments “looks like God was a Packer fan tonight” drew a lot of comments and criticism from the media and fans alike.  To me, I honestly think Rodgers likes playing the heel role with other players in the league to use as another chip on his shoulder.  You can’t tell me he wasn’t sick of losing to Wilson and the Seahawks – and in the manner they had lost to them.

You can also make a claim that there are enough people around who think Russell Wilson is a complete nut job.

Other observations from last Sunday.

  • The crowd was in full playoff mode with how loud the place was. Great atmosphere!
  • I saw a few Seattle players take a piss into bags in the second half. That was um, interesting….and subject to much ridicule from us fans.  Cliff Avril and Steven Hauschka were the notable names desecrating Lambeau….bastards.
  • That game played out very similarly to the NFC Championship game last year. Packers dominate early, but not fully pull away.  Seattle comes back.  This time, the Packers had the last laugh and sent the ‘hawks home 0-2.
  • My 75-year-old mother is concerned with the number of prime-time games this year. She prefers the noon Sunday games so she can enjoy them and not need to hit the hay missing some of the games.  I prefer the day games myself, but for other reasons.

-Hawaii at Wisconsin.  At least this is a Mountain West team.  Camp Randall at night is also a sight to see, imagine Madison drinking all day then fumbling around during the Jump Around.  Good stuff!!  As for the game, Badgers should win in a similar fashion to the Troy game last week.  35-10, Bucky.

Losing RB Corey Clement for 4-6 weeks will hurt this team – to what degree is unknown.  But, don’t be surprised if Iowa and/or Nebraska beats UW.

-I’m stumped to how the Big Ten thinks a few teams fit into their ‘acceptable’ non-conference strength when it comes to their out of conference schedules, but some teams don’t?  Adding Army and UConn, but not teams like Boise State, Memphis, Houston or South Florida?  This logic makes no sense as the latter named schools are constantly stronger then Army and UConn.  Nice consistent argument, Jim Delaney – wait, no it wasn’t.  If you want to keep the ‘Power 5’, I agree with that, but you should add the Mountain West and American Conferences to the list.  There are more than enough teams in those leagues that can beat B1G schools.

Going forward, this is what I’d like to see from the Badgers when it comes to out of conference games.  A top conference team (SEC, PAC-12, ACC, BIG 12), a team from the next level (AAC, MWC, C-USA) then a MAC team – this should do the trick for strength of schedule.  Based on their future opponents and the no-FCS rule, this looks like a good bet.  The 2016 schedule is brutal with LSU (at Lambeau), at Michigan State, at Michigan, Ohio State, Nebraska, at Iowa, at Northwestern on the docket.

-I’m glad to see the final hurdles cleared for the new arena in Milwaukee to finally break ground in November.  This will be a huge deal for the state and don’t be surprised if you see an NBA All-Star Game in Milwaukee by 2020.

-Congrats to the Chicago Chubs for making the postseason last night…I guess.

-I got a good look at the Brewers 2016 schedule, and a couple things jump out.

  • Opening Day vs. San Francisco. Always fun and full of amateurs who don’t know how to drink
  • Houston returns to Miller Park, as does Mike Fiers and Carlos Gomez.
  • April is way too early to have the Minnesota series – and not during the week.
  • Only 9 home games in September? Are they projecting to suck ass in 2016?  Because, I am!!

-Like I mentioned recently, Arkansas coach Bret Bielema should keep his trap about scheduling.  Ohio State at Virginia Tech is a tougher game than Toledo and Texas Tech….and yet Arkansas found a way to lose BOTH games – at home!   Northern Illinois gave the Buckeyes all they wanted last week and had plenty of opportunities to steal that game in Columbus.   I’m pretty sure NIU could easily beat the Razorbacks.  I know the natives in Fayetteville are getting a little restless.  Expect them to get clocked this weekend vs. Texas A&M.

-NFL Picks

  • Green Bay over Kansas City (Pack never has defeated KC at Lambeau – changes here)
  • Seattle over Chicago (this will be extremely ugly, especially with Alshon Jeffrey and the Packers’ 4th best QB in history out)
  • NY Giants over Washington (….zzzz……zzzzzz…… even though the score Thursday night looked exciting, but this rivalry is not exciting of late)
  • Cincinnati over Baltimore (trap game for Cincy, but they have owned Baltimore of late)
  • Denver over Detroit (aww…poor Lions.  Missing Donkey Kong Suh yet?)
  • Minnesota over San Diego (shootout waiting to happen)
  • New England over Jacksonville (….zzzzzzzzzzz……zzzzz part 2)
  • Indianapolis over Tennessee (Colts can’t fall to 0-3, can they?)
  • NY Jets over Philadelphia (Jets D is legit)
  • Arizona over San Francisco (Palmer too hot of QB right now to lose to Crapernick)
  • Atlanta over Dallas (no Romo, Bryant, Witten? – and you get to rely on Brandon Weeden?  yikes).
  • Carolina over New Orleans (downfall of Saints continues)


  • St. Louis over Pittsburgh (even with return of LeVeon Bell, STL gives teams fits at home)
  • Oakland over Cleveland (I’m expecting tickets to be available for $10 here)
  • Buffalo over Miami (have a friend in Florida who would be thrilled with this result)
  • Tampa Bay over Houston (King Crab vs. Ryan Mallett?  Riveting stuff! – at least you’d get Texas BBQ if you went.  I’ll give you one guess what the Texans’ #1 priority is this off-season)

-Dumbass of the week

  • Bielema.  Just for speaking, period.  Have fun coaching Pop Warner next year.
  • To another HS football player intentionally hitting a referee – this time in Tennessee.  AND won’t be disciplined (i.e. kicked off the team)????  Link  The coach says “his character is not the character to have someone intentionally set out to do that” – um, that’s your son that did that cheap shot.   I’d say you have some talking to do with that kid. I can’t comprehend how disrespectful these younger kids are for hitting officials.  They are part of the field – go around them for crying out loud.  The Texas incident was worse because the coach admitted giving the code red, but still – a cheap shot is a cheap shot.  I kind of expect that in scrums, but not to the refs.

That’s it for this week.  For those who are going to Amateur Days (Octoberfest), enjoy!  Hopefully, you get out of there before the amateurs who go out once, twice a year max get too hammered.  Enjoy the nice weather this weekend!



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