At Section 123 – 09/19/2015

Hey all, standard busy week as usual.  I spent it down in Madison doing some job training which was cool at Epic and the place looked like a giant merry go round where you can get lost in there real fast.

-Wisconsin vs. some shitty school today – Troy?  This will get ugly.  They can let RB Corey Clement rest until the Hawaii game next week as the the Badgers will roll in this game.  Badgers 51, Troy 7.  Can we just fast forward to the Big Ten season?

-Thankfully the Milwaukee Brewers season is nearly done.  All they have to do is win one more game to avoid 100 losses this year!  This group has been rough to watch all season.  Next season could be similar, but the eyes should be on 2017 when most of the AA Biloxi team should be in Milwaukee. Orlando Arcia, Brett Phillips, Jorge Lopez, Clint Coulter (high-A ball), Jon Hader, Nick Ramirez and others will get a long look at improving this team.

Offseason priority #1 is find their next GM.  Priorty #2? Find their next third baseman.  That could require trading pieces like Jean Segura, Luis Sardinas, Khris Davis?

-The teams I’m keeping an eye on with the MLB playoffs coming.  Texas Rangers and the Chicago Chubs.  Perhaps even the Mets will make some noise also.  Those seem to be the hottest teams playing right now and as we’ve seen in the past few years, the hot teams are usually the ones making the run in September.

The Rangers seem to be hitting the daylights out of the ball in the past few weeks…similar to Toronto with their crazy strong lineup.  That lineup was in full display in their dismantling of Houston during the 3-game sweep earlier in the week.

The wild cards as it stands are these:

  • Houston at NY Yankees
  • Chi Chubs at Pittsburgh.

I think it’ll end up:

  • Minnesota at NY Yankees – helluva job by Paul Molitor by the way.
  • Pittsburgh at Chi Chubs  I don’t like the Pirates’ chances in the Wild Card game vs. Chicago against Jake Arrieta.

-Can we finally expand the Wild Card to a 3-game series?  The one-game playoff should stick to football.

-The Washington Nationals collapse is enough of a surprise that the Brewers August/September collapse last year would be proud.  The main difference in the comparison here being there is so much more talent on the Nats vs. the Brewers.  That pitching staff alone should have carried them to the postseason and now not only did the Mets catch the Nationals in August, they easily surpassed them in the NL East.  The Mets acquiring Cespedes helped them run away with the division costing manager Matt Williams his job (likely), and possibly some roster shuffling in the off-season.

Trust me on this, the Brewers would be happy to take starting pitcher Jordan Zimmerman off your hands!!  Group him with Jungmann, Nelson – that’d work for me.

-Seattle at Green Bay.  Sunday Night Football.  I’ll say this over and over, but if you have an NFL team that has campers outside the stadium the Friday before a home game, you either have extremely dedicated fans, or they’re nuts.  I say both, but that’s what makes Packer fans who they are.  We are by far the best fan base in any sport.

As for the game, they won’t admit it, but the Packers have had this game circled the second the schedule came out in April.  The Seahawks remind me of how the Packers struggled going to Dallas and winning in the 90s, now it’s the Packers going to Seattle and coming close, but not getting the job done.  Then when they get to Lambeau, the Packers extract some sort of beating on the opponent.  In the 90s, when Dallas finally came to Lambeau, the Packers kicked their ass something like 45-17.  Although, that won’t happen tomorrow night, I do think the Packers come out on top and extract a few demons in the process.  A mobile Aaron Rodgers will help negate no Bryan Bulaga this week.  No Kam Chancellor in Seattles’ D makes the middle of the field more susceptible to some seam throws to a tight end or a bigger WR.  Paging Richard Rodgers, Davante Adams and James Jones in this one.  Eddie Lacy runs in the same manner as Marshawn Lynch so that will be fun to watch.  Overall, if the Rams can put up 34, the Packers certainly can.  Packers 34, Seahawks 24.

-NFL Picks

  • Green Bay over Seattle
  • Kansas City over Denver (yep, got that wrong)
  • Detroit over Minnesota
  • Cincinnati over San Diego
  • Carolina over Houston
  • Dallas over Philadelphia
  • New England over Buffalo
  • St. Louis over Washington
  • Baltimore over Oakland
  • New Orleans over Tampa Bay
  • Miami over Jacksonville
  • Indianapolis over NY Jets
  • Tennessee over Cleveland


  • Chicago over Arizona
  • Pittsburgh over San Francisco (upset in point spread only).
  • NY Giants over Atlanta

-95% of former / deceased NFL players in a study tested positive for a degenerative brain disease known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), or too many shots to the dome that messes up your brain in the long run.  That’s an alarming number for people who have played football their whole lives.  I love the game, and know how violent the hits are, and even those who are in the trenches hitting every play (I think the study showed 40% were linemen) – obviously those add up over time.  I don’t know of a way to make the game safer aside of continuing to make more shock absorbing in the helmets when they do get hit.  I hope they continue making strides to improve the game.  Numbers like these are one of the many reasons former 49ers LB Chris Borland walked away at such a young age.

Another way to help the game is find a way for some to better teach how to properly form tackle.  The more football I watch, that art has been gone by the wayside for a few years now as some players are only interested in throwing a shoulder in order to make a more elaborate splash in their hits.  I’m curious to see the movie Concussion when it comes out on Christmas.

-Dumbass of the week:

This one goes to the two high school kids in San Antonio that took out a referee in a game a couple weeks back.  If you haven’t seen the hit, here’s the video.  Link  Even worse, these kids then go on the news placing the blame that their coach told them to do such an act.  While it may be true that the coach did tell you do go after the referee, you’re also 17/18 years old and you should know better not to touch an official, period.

Last week, ANOTHER kid in Texas hit a referee Link –

It clearly states in the rules that you do not touch officials in any sport, period!  Those kids, the coach – hell, the whole team should have been suspended for at least a couple games if not the season for allowing such a dumb act to take place in a high school sporting event.  There should be and needs to be some level of sportsmanship conducted the moment you step onto a playing field showing respect to the officials calling the game.  Yes, they are human and screw up calls, but they are trying.  The players need to stop acting like jackasses and play the game right, and play the game clean.

-That’s all for the week.  I have shortened work weeks coming, so I’ll be looking forward to that. Make it a good one!



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