At Section 123 – 09/12/15

What’s up all!  I’m still waiting for my recovery water to show up from Russell Wilson, especially now that I have that clown on a fantasy football team.  We are ‘Back to Football’ – FINALLY!!!  I’m thankful for NFL Sunday Ticket, that’s for sure!   Plus, it’ll give the opportunity for the Carolina Reaper STFU sauce to build up for December 5th…yep.  That’s the holiday fiesta this year.  I tried this crap and it is hotter than the Ghost Pepper sauce at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Onto the week…

-Miami (OH) at Wisconsin.  Um, sorry Miami….Wisconsin decided to schedule you as a whooping tool for getting whooped by Alabama last week.  I don’t think it matters who is running the ball in this game – points will be easy to come by vs. the Red Hawks defense. I’m thinking would have been easy to come by for this one, but who’d go?  Badgers 56-10.

I was rather impressed with QB Joel Stave last week….I am wondering who he is and what happened to the double-clutching indecisive guy we have known for the past couple seasons?

-The NFL has kicked off, seeing New England defeating Pittsburgh 28-21 brought up a couple of thoughts:  a) Cheaters prosper – there’s a good lesson for the kids!!  b) Pittsburgh whining about the headsets was hilarious.  As much as we want to crush the Pats for another issue, that was on the NFL.

-Green Bay at Chicago…oldest rivalry in the league and a great way to start the season.  If the Packers slow down Matt Forte, this won’t be close.  I have reservations at middle linebacker as the one concern I do have is Martellus Bennett having a huge day.  The possibility of no Morgan Burnett could hurt, also.  (who would have said that a couple years ago?)  But ultimately, this is all you need to know.  Aaron Rodgers vs. Jay Cutler.  Same old Jay…he’ll get a few interceptions in there that will turn into touchdowns for the Packers.  I do think that Green Bay slows Forte down, Cutler goes Cutler and the Pack pulls away in the second half to win 38-17.

Bold prediction?  Richard Rodgers scores twice.  Damarious Randall gets his first two picks against Cutler.

-If you scour the sports sites and Vanderbilt comes up on the ‘What to Watch’ section in highlight games for college football, then it’s a rough day for the sport.  That said, Oregon at Michigan State is going to be a great game tonight.

-I’d say overall it was kind of a rough week 1 for the B1G in football.  Ohio State winning at Virginia Tech was expected, but it would have been helpful to see one of the other big games come out on top.  TCU 23, Minnesota 17 – respectable.  Alabama 35, Wisconsin 17 – beat down.  Utah 24, Michigan 17.  Expected on the road.  Temple 27, Penn State 10 – WTF????  BYU 33, Nebraska 28 – not a complete shocker, but you’d think the Huskers would win at home.  The best win came from Northwestern in their 16-6 win over Stanford.  If the league wanted to build on their reputation from last year, they needed a stronger start than that.  Michigan State (vs. Oregon) and Michigan (vs. Oregon State) need to win their games today.

The B1G will be fine – people just need to shut up.

-A high school football game in Pennsylvania had a final score of 107-90.  107-90????  Apparently a RB had over 700 yards rushing.  Holy shit….anyone playing Madden or Tecmo Bowl would be proud of that score. Link   Did they have several players foul out and the away team was shooting free throws?

-Floyd Mayweather is apparently fighting his last boxing match tonight.  Let me know if anyone cares to pay a penny to watch this woman-beating piece of shit.

-New York Yankees 1B Mark Teixeira breaking his leg is pretty much the nail in the coffin in their division race vs. Toronto.

-The Philadelphia Eagles released Tim Tebow and I’m not sure how or why this was such a huge headline. Seriously, please explain it to me.  This guy was a great COLLEGE quarterback, and the media so starved to see this guy make it that they need to follow him around like a little puppy dog?  I mean, if they follow him around, will their lives improve because he’s such a great person???  I speak for the majority of sports fans that we are beyond tired of seeing this guy in the sports feed.  Tim, just walk away – you’re not an NFL quarterback.  I barely know the position and it’s obvious you can’t read defenses, have no touch on your passes and can’t make every throw needed.  Try the CFL or AFL…or better yet – become an analyst on the SEC Network.

-SEC fan can just shut their gaping pieholes about how weak Ohio States’ schedule is vs. their schedules.  Even the coaches are whining about how they have to play such a tough schedule in their division – Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Texas A&M, Arkansas, Mississippi State and Ole Miss.  I agree, that’s a gauntlet – but that’s the SEC and most know that’s ‘the toughest conference in the country’.  Have fun beating the hell out of each other and if anyone survives that undefeated, you definitely deserve to be in the playoff.  But, if you are that unhappy (Bielema), you can always apply for realignment to the Big 12 or hell, 1-AA!!

-I don’t watch tennis, but I thought it was hilarious to see Serena Williams lose yesterday.  From a sports perspective, I like seeing other people win and not have one person dominate all the time.

-Ultimate ‘what have you done for me lately’….Detroit Tigers 2014.  Win the division.  2015 – struggle, so you go and fire manager Brad Ausmus.  I guess?  He will be hired nearly immediately by another team.

-NFL picks – week 1.

  • Green Bay over Chicago
  • San Diego over Detroit
  • Miami over Washington
  • New England over Pittsburgh (would have picked this earlier)
  • Minnesota over San Francisco
  • Philadelphia over Atlanta
  • Arizona over New Orleans
  • NY Jets over Cleveland
  • Tennessee over Tampa Bay
  • Carolina over Jacksonville
  • Kansas City over Houston
  • Indianapolis over Buffalo


  • St. Louis over Seattle
  • Baltimore over Denver
  • NY Giants over Dallas
  • Oakland over Cincinnati

Dumbass of the week:

Joey Votto for his fantastic tirade at the umpires in a loss vs. Pittsburgh.

That’s it for me this week…time to do something, anything constructive this weekend?  Perhaps I’ll go take a self-portrait as that would throw people off since I keep most things close to the vest!  Perhaps I’ll share a recipe as well.  ha.  Have a good week!



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