At Section 123 – 09/05/15

Hey all – Happy long weekend!  Have to get this going so I can hit the golf course today….still stinging that I got a perfect hand in cribbage last evening and LOST.  That’s what your final two hands of 2 points gets you.

-Gotta love the ‘experts’ ripping the Big 10 after Michigan and Minnesota lost their openers.   After one game?  If anyone really thought Michigan was going to win at Utah and Minnesota was going to beat TCU, please send over the bottle of vodka you’re drinking and let me test it out for something stronger.  One game does not make a season.

-Tim Tebow looks to have made an NFL roster??  The Green Bay Blizzard didn’t have a spot for him?

-When you’re trying to charge $300 for a college football game, you may not sell your stadium out, right Jerry Jones?  Wisconsin vs. Alabama should be a hot ticket, but not at that price.  I cringe how much tickets are going to be sold for when LSU comes to Lambeau Field next year.

-The Milwaukee Brewers are a respectable 42-41 since April.  That’s about what I expected from them this year.

-Just an idea, can we finally get rid of those dumb colored football fields?  Boise State, Eastern Washington – yes, you.  Those need to go away.

-I saw that IK Enemkpali (guy who decked Geno Smith) got released from Buffalo yesterday.  If you need an enforcer of $600 or more, he’s your guy!!

-It’d be cool if Serena Williams wins a calendar year grand slam.  But is anyone really watching?

-No shock that Patriots QB Tom Brady won the deflating footballs case, cheaters unite!!  I’d love to say this crap is finally over, but it sounds like it’s just begun.  The NFL is appealing the ruling!!  Don’t they have anything better to take on?  Like fan experiences?  My thought is do the NFL Owners go after Roger Goodell?  Every major case Goodell has tried to overpower and the union has won each one.  Every suspensions given to players?  Lifted or reduced.  Who’s next to try and appeal, Aaron Hernandez?

-If the NFL is so concerned about good Wi-Fi at games, doesn’t that take away from the experience of GOING TO THE GAME?  Now, we’re going to have people so focused on their phone instead of the game that you should just stay home then.  The event is supposed to take you away from your daily lives for a few hours….hence the term sporting event.  Put the phone down, stay off of Facebook and watch the game (because we all NEED TO KNOW you’re there!!).  Cool?

-Cut down day for the Packers.  I was at the game Thursday night and it’s impressive that 73,000 fans were there for a game that no starters were playing in.  The NFL MUST do something about paying full price for these games though.  I got in for $15 ($80 face value).   A couple of 2014 draft picks I think are gone.  As is Jared Abbrederis, but he is eligible for the practice squad.

-Basketball note:  UW-Green Bay released their schedule this year.  Fun non-conference games:  at Stanford, at Georgia Tech, at Wisconsin.  Home: Akron and Toledo each are at the Resch Center which should be worth a ticket.

My 2015 NFL Predictions

AFC East

  • New England – 12-4 – cheaters prosper!  This ‘win’ for Brady will make their season more solid in terms of record
  • Miami 10-6 – should be better than last year, but Tannehill can still be a bonehead
  • Buffalo – 7-9 – Tyrod Taylor at QB? They have talent, but QB still scares me
  • NY Jets – 4-12 – this may be kind.  Train.  Wreck.  Part 1

AFC North

  • Baltimore – 11-5 – Justin Forsett should show he’s legit this year.
  • Pittsburgh – 10-6 – high scoring offense, average defense…Pittsburgh?
  • Cincinnati – 9-7 – time for the Marvin Lewis and Andy Dalton watch to begin
  • Cleveland – 5-11 – like Buffalo last year. Decent D, no offense.

AFC South

  • Indianapolis – 12-4 – Andrew Luck one of the best in football. Indy should cruise through this division.
  • Houston – 9-7 – Brian Hoyer at QB? Oy…..defense is scary, though
  • Tennessee – 6-10 – I’m not a big Marcus Mariota fan, Oregon system QB. Shouldn’t he have been an Eagle then?
  • Jacksonville – 5-11 – young components in place. Do the Jags let them grow?  I like T.J. Yeldon in this spot

AFC West

  • San Diego – 10-6 – think they have enough to overtake the Broncos this year.
  • Denver – 10-6 – Peyton Manning will play like he’s 40 years old this year in his swan song.
  • Kansas City -8-8 – can the Chiefs actually get a TD reception from a WR? With Jeremy Maclin, they should.  Stout D will keep them in games
  • Oakland – 6-10 – on the upswing. They may win a game or two they shouldn’t.

NFC East

  • Philadelphia – 9-7 – by default.  MAJOR question is Sam Bradford.  The injury watch should have begun by now.
  • Dallas – 9-7 – not a fan or their running backs. Their D is shitty so they’ll be average this year.
  • NY Giants – 8-8 – Eli Manning should be able to throw 30 TDs this year, with 25 INTs.
  • Washington – 3-13 – Massive. Train. Wreck.  HBOs’ Hard Knocks should have been here this year – ratings gold!!

NFC North

  • Green Bay – 12-4 – some concerns on D and it’s time for Davante Adams / Richard Rodgers to step up big time.
  • Minnesota – 9-7 – on the upswing, unfortunately.
  • Detroit – 8-8 – on the downswing. I don’t trust Matt Stafford with a potato gun.
  • Chicago – 4-12 – oy…

NFC South

  • Atlanta – 9-7 – they’ll score, but can they stop anyone?
  • Carolina – 8-8 – they’ll stop people, but can they score?
  • New Orleans – 7-9 – have to make up for the loss of Jimmy Graham. Aging team my need to rebuild soon.
  • Tampa Bay – 5-11 – King Crab will sell tickets, but what else? Doug Martin looks like a beast in pre-season.

NFC West

  • Seattle – 11-5 – hope Arizona or St. Louis clips these clowns.
  • St. Louis – 9-7 – D is tough, but how will Nick Foles fare? Tre Mason and Todd Gurley should be strong in the run game for Rams.  If the Rams can score, they’ll push Seattle.
  • Arizona – 9-7 – can this team stay healthy?  If yes, they can make a run at Seattle.
  • San Francisco – 4-12 – oy…part 2.



  • (6) Denver at (3) Baltimore
  • (5) Pittsburgh at (4) San Diego
  • (1) Indianapolis
  • (2) New England


  • (6) St. Louis at (3) Philadelphia
  • (4) Dallas at (5) Atlanta
  • (1) Green Bay
  • (2) Seattle
  • AFC Championship (2) New England over (1) Indianapolis
  • NFC Championship (1) Green Bay over (2) Seattle

Super Bowl 50:  Green Bay 34, Indianapolis 27

That’s it for the week….enjoy some grilling and time with family / friends.  Go Badgers!



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