At Section 123 – 8/29/15

Hey everyone – I went to the Farmers’ Market in Green Bay this morning prior to writing the blog this week.  Found some good things including this Carolina Pepper that has twice the heat of a Ghost Pepper.  I’ll be putting that into a new hot sauce this fall, and someone that I know I send this to will be having this….and I have a feeling I’ll get cussed at profusely.   The only disappointment was I didn’t find any of Russell Wilsons’ Recovery Water on sale!  I mean this stuff is apparently so potent that it can help avoid concussions!!  Does it improve bullshitting?  I digress…

Onto the week –

  • The aforementioned Wilson.  Recovery Water helped you avoid a concussion from the hit Packers LB Clay Matthews put on you in the NFC Championship Game last season.  I have one thought….what were you drinking Russ, some strong bong water that you just happened to name Recovery Water???  I’d love to know what really goes into that drink if it helped him avoid a concussion.  From a guy who’s had 5 concussions in his life that I know of, you what is the best way to avoid them?  Not getting hit in the head…that’s usually a good start.
  • Wisconsin vs. Alabama preview for a week from today.  My first thoughts are this.  Wisconsin can win this game if their offensive line comes together quickly.  That’s my #1 concern.  If UW can get a deep pass or two down the middle of the field, this could open up the run game with Corey Clement, Dare Ogunbawale, and Taiwan Deal to run against the strength of the Tides’ defense – the front 7.  The problem here is I just don’t think that will happen.  I’ve read that receivers Tanner McEvoy, Jordan Frederick, Alex Erickson and Rob Wheelwright have looked sharp in camp, but there still is Joel Stave at quarterback and he has a tendency to trust his arm a little too much.  That would work against Troy or Hawaii, but not the Crimson Tide.The Badgers defense will hold their own against Alabamas’ offense as they’re breaking in a new quarterback, new running back and new #1 receiver.  This feels like a defensive game and ultimately in the end, I think Alabama will be a little too much and win 24-16 over Wisconsin.

    UWs’ main win vs. the SEC in the regular season will come vs. LSU in Green Bay in 2016.

  • My College playoff picks – 1. Ohio State vs. 4. Auburn.  2. TCU vs. 3. Arizona State    Keep an eye on:  Georgia, Alabama, Michigan State, Oregon, Oklahoma.
  • RG3 – man, you are in a no-win situation.  Now, your own linemen don’t even like you?  You don’t need to have everyone like you in sports, or in life.  But, if you’re going to work with people, hopefully they at least respect you and are OK working with you.  Now, it sounds like they’d almost step aside to let a blitzer knock you silly.  The best thing for you is a change of scenery – perhaps to the CFL?  I’d say you could fit in Arizona in 2016.
  • Packers vs. Philadelphia Eagles in pre-season game #3.  I was actually impressed to see some Eagle fans around town last evening when I was out to dinner – for a preseason game.  I’m hearing the starting offense won’t play much, which is good due to the injuries.   The #1 defense will be on display plenty this evening, so it’ll be interesting to see the young guys at LB and in the secondary play with the starters.  I’d also like to see some of the depth of the defensive line get plenty of reps with Datone Jones and Letroy Guion starting the season on suspension.
  • Jordy Nelson injury – over a ‘meaningless’ game tearing his ACL.  As much as I hate it, it happens and it’s part of the game.  The knee can blow out at any point if you move wrong.  Same goes with Carolina receiver Kelvin Benjamin.  The big difference here is the Packers have much more receiving depth and can overcome Nelsons’ injury with a plethora of receivers (hello Davante Adams, Ty Montgomery).  The only free agent I’d consider is if James Jones gets released by the New York Giants.
  • How to change the pre-season?  They should reduce the games, but I’d be VERY surprised if they do.  The NFL makes way too much money on these things.   If it were me though, I would reduce the games to two games and have a scrimmage against a third team that will help evaluations.  Keep a higher number of guys on the practice squad (they added 2 this year – add 10) if/when more injuries come about.  Have a list of those 15 guys on the practice squad – keep 6 protected that other teams cannot sign from you.
  • My thoughts on upcoming Titletown District.  Overall, I like it.  I was a little surprised that Kohler was the high end hotel going in…but it makes sense thinking about it.  Keep things in the state.  The open concept, townhomes and retail are a good idea as well.  My reservation is the remaining retail going in there.  They need probably a coffee shop, an NFL retail shop (or sporting goods), 2-3 bars/restaurants, and a couple other stores like a cell phone place (I guess?).   In any event, it’ll be MUCH better than what was there before.
  • Embrace this weekend people….the Milwaukee Brewers vs. the Cincinnati Reds for the cellar in the National League Central!  They are playing for a hidden toilet trophy that should be large enough that people playing Fantasy Football would be proud of!!
  • Speaking of Fantasy Football….I have two drafts coming up in the next 8 days.  I pick 4th in the draft on Labor Day and that should get me a stout running back.  I don’t know where I’m going on Monday yet.  Either way, I’m looking forward to both leagues.
  • If you get a chance to watch the Los Angeles Dodgers on MLB Network or on the MLB TV package, be thankful that you get another year of legendary broadcaster Vin Scully – for a 67th year!!  Guys like him, Bob Uecker are rare announcers in that industry and it’s a treat to listen to them whenever they call a game.
  • Dumbass of the week.
    • Cris Carter – for telling rookies they should have a ‘fall guy’ in case they ever (and some will) get in trouble with the law during the rookie orientation in 2014.  Exact quote: “”If you all got a crew, you got to have a fall guy in the crew,” Carter told the rookies. “If you all have a crew, one of those fools got to know, he’s the one going to jail. We’ll get him out.”  Are you serious???  Way to tell the rookies to start being responsible for their own actions, you pompous ass.   I saw his ‘apology’ on ESPN and I don’t think for one second he was sincere in his apology.  I’ve met this guy once and he is as much of a jerk as he appears.
    • Russell Wilson – piss poor sales pitch to try selling some water you’re invested in.  That crap does not help prevent concussions.
  • Carter – for being an arrogant jackass in telling the rookies to blame someone else for their trouble.

That’s a wrap for the week.  My NFL picks will be a part of next weeks’ blog.  Enjoy this weekend!



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