At Section 123 – 08/22/15

Hey everyone, if anyone can answer what the hell I’m doing up at 5:30 AM on a Saturday, I’m all ears!

  • Packers at Steelers on Sunday at noon.  This is a little bit of an odd starting time for a pre-season game, but since there was a conflict with the Pittsburgh Pirates game, it was moved.  One thing for Pittsburgh is they have their stadiums within walking distance of each other so you could go see Aaron Rodgers vs. Ben Roethlisberger for 25 seconds, get hammered, and stumble over to PNC Park to watch the San Francisco Giants vs. the Pirates.  It’d be a great Sunday, but you best hope you’re off of work Monday.Things I’m looking for Sunday.
    • Red zone offense efficiency
    • Can the rookies continue the initial strong showing?
    • Offense tempo
    • Linebackers and secondary stepping up
  • I see Houston Astros P Mike Fiers pitched a no-hitter in a 3-0 win over the LA Dodgers.  While I am happy for him, it sucks because now it’s been 10,356 days since Juan Nieves last pitched one for the Milwaukee Brewers
  • Congratulations to Gummy (Ryan Braun) on breaking the Brewers’ home run record.  Or did he?  Sure, he has the number, but I’m putting an asterisk next to it because he got busted doing steroids.   So, in reality to me the HR record still belongs to Robin Yount.And yes, I’m saying the same thing about Barry Bonds.  Hank Aaron is still the all-time HR king.
  • I’m not sure if I brought this up last week, but you have to love New York Yankees fans.  Not even two years ago, they wanted to run Alex Rodriguez out of town faster than concord flight to Miami.  Now, that he’s playing great and led the Yankees to the division lead, they want to build a status outside of Yankee Stadium.  This is what is so tough with sports sometimes.  Even the worse of douchebags can get put on a pedestal if they produce for your team no matter what they’ve done.  I know it’s like that with other teams, but since we get these idiots thrown down our throat, it’s easy to comment on them.
  • Big Ten predictions
    • East Division
      1. Ohio State – they should go unbeaten, but they will be tested.  Michigan State can get them, at Virginia Tech is no gimmie in the opener, either.  At Michigan should be fun as usual.
      2. Michigan State – this is probably the year they wish they were in the West Division.  Hell, they probably wish they were in the West permanently.
      3. Michigan – tough non-conference slate will set the tone early for this group.  You could flip flop them with the fighting Sanduskys, but let’s keep Meatchicken here.
      4. Penn State – ahh, the fighting Sanduskys….James Franklin will do his best to restore this schools’ reputation, and he’s the right guy to do so.  I may need to watch this team once or twice to see what the NFL is so high on QB Christian Hackenberg for.  Just, no extra funny business please?
      5. Indiana – they have the offense, but do they have the defense?  Apparently they are on the upswing.  They should be 3-1 or 4-0 with that non-conference schedule.  Rutgers, Maryland, Purdue and Iowa are winnable games so the Hoosiers could be bowling…in Detroit.
      6. Rutgers – yep.  Don’t know much about this group either other than they should be better with the recruiting base they have.
      7. Maryland – senior laden team last year.  Have fun this year!
    • West Division
      1. Wisconsin – they have an extremely tough start to the season against Alabama, but then the rest of the schedule sets up nicely.  They have games at Nebraska and at Minnesota, but both teams seem to be UWs’ bitch in recent years.  I do think UW loses at least once in conference this year and who I think it is makes me cringe.
      2. Minnesota – you could flip flop the Gophers with Nebraska.  Tough opener with TCU, and their crossover games could drop them in the standings.  But this group is on the way up.
      3. Nebraska – tough to figure out this team.  BYU will be a fun opener and I can’t imagine a trip to Miami will be pleasant.
      4. Iowa – the Kirk Ferentz watch begins as much it pains me to say.  I don’t see much coming out of Iowa this year.
      5.  Northwestern – tough to figure out this group also.  They are usually the Jeckyl & Hyde of the B1G.  One year, they suck ass, then the next they’re fighting for the division title.
      6. Purdue – climbing, slowly.
      7.  Illinois – bye bye Tim Beckman.  Bring up the next up and coming coach to rot in Champaign!
    • Champs- Ohio State over Wisconsin, but it will not be 59-0 like last year.
  • Based on what I’m reading, I think Corey Clement is going to have a monster season in Madison.  To the point where he may even head to the NFL after his junior season.  The key for him (and nearly every running back) is the offensive line.  UW has to replace 3 starters from last year and while they get the motherload of tests in the opener vs. Alabama, the rest of the non-conference will get this group healthy.
  • Stop me if you’ve heard this before.  RG3 gets hurt in an NFL game.
  • I figured I’d do something a little different and list off my 10 least favorite teams in sports.
    1. Minnesota Vikings – border rival.  Moronic bandwagon fans, act like they’ve won numerous championships.  What’s to not like with these clowns?
    2. Marquette Gold – this stems back to my time at UW-Milwaukee.  And their fans are beyond obnoxious (aside of a couple people I’m friends with who graduated from there).  I mean to the point where it makes the Cub fans that invade Miller Park seem normal.  Plus, they’re in direct competition with the UW Basketball team for recruits and I’d much rather see the Badgers do good than the Gold.
    3. St. Louis Cardinals – this is more about them being good every damn year, and their fan arrogance.
    4. Dallas Cowboys – Americas’ Team my ass….look no further than Green Bay for that one.
    5. New York Yankees / Boston Red Sox – unless you’re a die hard of these teams.  The Yankees and Red Sox should be on anyones’ list.  Tell me you’re not beyond sick of seeing these teams on some national network, be it ESPN, MLB Network, FOX, every single night of the week.  It’s almost like the networks want us to think there’s nobody else in baseball besides these two teams.  Nauseating stuff.
    6. Philadelphia Eagles – throwing battery laced snowballs at Santa?  Your reputation precedes you, Eagles fan.  And I’ve seen the assbags behavior at Lambeau in past games.  They freak out because our fans are ‘nice’.  Um, because most of us realize it’s a game?  Try that out and see how it makes your weekend!
    7. New York Giants – this is primarily because I’ve seen the Giants come into Lambeau and beat the Packers in the playoffs.
    8. Minnesota Golden Gophers – again border rival.  They have a smaller stadium and can’t even fill it up for bigger opponents.  I have ripped on Badgers fans in the past for the student section, but at least it fills up….eventually.
    9. Detroit Lions – this is a similar reason to the Vikings.  Dumb fan base that acts like they’ve won in the past when in reality they are pretty much the NFLs’ doormat until the past couple of years and in the early 90s when Barry Sanders ran wild.
    10. Florida Gators – that stupid Gator chomp their fans do on Saturdays makes me want to drink a few shots.

Honorable Mention: New York Giants, Chicago Bears, Chicago Cubs, Detroit Red Wings, any team that wears purple

  • Tiger Woods played two good rounds of golf this week?
  • Glad to see the NFL is dragging this deflating footballs thing out even further.  Don’t they have bigger things to worry about?  Like actually having a consistent enforcement of the domestic abuse policy?
  • Oh good, the Little League World Series is on again.  Raise your hands if you’ve watched a game?  Me, neither.
  • Dumbass of the week
  • Robert Griffin III.  You’re the best quarterback in the league….wait, what?  Apparently, you haven’t seen Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck, Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, and probably 26 other quarterbacks play in the league who are better than you.  Are you even the best QB on your TEAM

Bobby Griffin wins.  That was the dumbest thing I’ve seen this past week for sure.

I’m out for the week.  Going to check out some Margaritaville concert at Alpine Valley tonight.  Til next week!



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