At Section 123 – 08/15/15

Hello – up and at it early on a Saturday morning.  I need to work on my golf club tossing skills into the lake just like John Daly did yesterday at the PGA Championship.  Well done, sir.  Busy week as usual.

  • The Green Bay Packers started their pre-season with a 22-11 win over the New England Patriots.  Like everyone else, I could care less that they win these pre-season games.  I’m more concerned with the starters staying healthy and keeping an eye on the depth to who could make the roster.  That said, I think I’m going to like the depth and this years rookie class early.

    Quinten Rollins, Jake Ryan, Aaron Ripkowski, LaDarius Gunther, Ty Montgomery, Brett Hundley, Aaron Ripkowski and John Crockett all had moments in the game Thursday night.  Once we DaMarius Randall on the field – probably against Pittsburgh, we’ll get a good idea of this group of rookies.

  • There were reports this week that QB Aaron Rodgers wants to play 8 more seasons.  Wait, hold the phones…get the scouts out there now and make sure we’re set for the 2022 draft!!!  How in the hell was this even published this week – by numerous outlets nevertheless???  5 years from now, perhaps – “I may look to be done in a few years” – that should be a story.  Not now.
  • Is anyone really paying attention to the Milwaukee Brewers at this point except in passing?  I still want to go to a game this year, and hopefully I can in September.  I do like reading more and more how well the players they acquired in the trades are playing well in AA and AAA.
  • You’re hiding under a rock if you didn’t know the PGA Championship was in Wisconsin this weekend.  The club tossing was fantastic, but it wasn’t the only story.  You need to crush the ball and be accurate to be on top of the leaderboard, which should typically mean the younger players…and that’s what we have this weekend.  Jason Day, Justin Rose, Dustin Johnson, Jordan Spieth are all at the top or lurking.  This will be fun to see how Whistling Straits plays over the weekend.

    The club toss by Daly?  I give that a 8 out of 10.  Good trajectory and distance and it’s cool that kid in the boat got a souvenir!

    Poor scoreboard though as the severe thunderstorm wiped that thing out.

    By the way, how (or why) is it a news story that Packers were at the event?  They can’t attend on a day off?

  • Wisconsin Basketball coach Bo Ryan channeled his inner 2008 Brett Favre by wavering on his decision to retire at the end of the season.  I have one question, then why in the hell did you make such an announcement earlier in the summer if you weren’t 100% sure of your decision?

    If this is your last year, you’ll go out with rousing applause.  Now, I kind of expect you to get razzed by the opposing fans a bit.  And deservedly so.  We went through that wavering shit once, and I don’t want to do that again.

  • New York Jets QB Geno Smith – what does that say about you that if you are in a locker room fight and get your jaw broken by a punch from former LB IK Enemkpali.  The Jets were right to immediately release him after the punch….but more importantly, how awesome is that the Buffalo Bills and old coach Rex Ryan picked him up a day later?  The AFC East is going to be FUN to watch in 2015.

    The Jets make the Jacksonville Jaguars and Cleveland Browns seem normal.  I think HBO missed an opportunity to keep the Jets on Hard Knocks every season.

  • I’ve been meaning to comment on this for a while, but a huge kudos to Kansas City Chiefs S Eric Berry for beating cancer and returning to the football field.  That shows true courage to beat the disease in a year and return to your career.

    Same to ESPN reporter Shelley Smith.  And quite frankly, anyone who beats cancer and continues to live their lives the best to their ability…fuck cancer.

  • The Toronto Blue Jays finally lost a game last night, unfortunately to the Yankees.  I want to see teams like Pittsburgh, Toronto, Kansas City, hell even the Mets make decent runs in the post season while teams like New York, St. Louis, Los Angeles, San Francisco falter.
  • Green Bay Phoenix could have a fun schedule for 2015-16.  Non-conference games at Wisconsin, at Stanford, at Georgia Tech, at East Tennessee, home to Akron and Toledo (hello Todd Kowalczyk) are on the docket.
  • Snoop Doggs’ son Cordell Broadus quit football at UCLA to pursue his dream of film.  Good for him to pursue his dream, but his first flick to direct should be titled “Gin and Juice” or “Murder Was the Case”.  Yea, I know – bad joke.
  • I laugh that Bowl Projections for College Football are out already.  One had Wisconsin facing Oregon in the Rose Bowl.  I’m not sure about that.  I think they’ll make a New Years’ Day bowl, and even with that easy schedule – I see a 9-3 record?  I’ll dig more into my prediction in a couple weeks.  A Citrus Bowl appearance vs. Georgia or Tennessee is my knee-jerk reaction.
  • Dumbass of the week nominations:
    • The New York Jets.  For the reasons stated above.  To have a huge locker room fight over $600, and have absolutely no respect for your ‘leader’.  There’s a reason you’re the Jets.
    • John Daly – that was funny, but for a professional, not a good look.
    • The NFL for dragging this deflating thing out WAY TOO LONG.  Just be done with it already.  Goodell – we know you’re trying to save face, but enough is enough.  Tuck away your damn ego and figure something out.
  • Winner is the Jets.

That’s it for this week.  Next week, a couple more things to look into for pre-season game 2 at Pittsburgh.  Enjoy the hot weather this weekend!



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