At Section 123 – 08/01/2015

Hey – my bad for missing out last week.  I picked up a 102 degree fever and I couldn’t concentrate if I tried.

–  Do you hear that?  Pads popping at Ray Nitschke Field – sounds of Green Bay Packers Training Camp going on and there are easily 4-5,000 people running around the stadium or at the field watching practice.  Next weekend will be even more nuts when there will be a full house for the glorified practice we call Family Night.

I wish Training Camp had a night practice or two this year.

– Preview – I was going to do this last week, but since I was under the weather, here are my knee jerk reactions on vets who could be cut this year.

  • Carl Bradford (no shock) – the Packers drafted Jake Ryan for a reason.
  • Kyrhi Thornton (again no shock) – he has underwhelmed at DT and other players have looked much better than him.
  • John Kuhn – especially if draftee Aaron Ripkowski has a huge camp
  • Jared Abbrederis – can’t stay healthy.  He is eligible for the Practice Squad.
  • Had the Packers signed a TE, I would have added Andrew Quarless to this list.

Who’s on watch this year?  Nick Perry, Datone Jones, Tim Masthay and Mike Neal.

Next week, I’ll do some homework on the rookies and see who are guys to keep an eye on as we know the Packers aren’t afraid to put the young guys out on the field right away.

– Whomever in the Packers organization that came up with “Dream Drive” for the traditional kids bike ride – could you not think of anything better than that?  I’m sure there are several other options we could come up with than Dream Drive.  That’s about as idiotic as the Aussie kid that invented the term “selfie”.

– Psst.  Lambeau Field – Kenny Chesney is having a concert tonight at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City.  Watch how they maintain their football field so you have an inkling of how to not freak out over your precious grass going forward.  The Lambeau folks messed up a week ago by not having the Brett Favre flag football game at Lambeau.  That game drew a measly 22,000 fans at Camp Randall in Madison.  In Green Bay?  That would have sold out Lambeau – easily.  Think of all of the revenue you missed out on – smooth move, Packers.

– Major League Baseballs’ trade deadline well, was kind of wild.  To say Toronto, Kansas City and Houston are going for it was kind.  I love each of their moves, and could propel them into the playoffs.

  • The Blue Jays had a sick offense already, then add Troy Tulowitzki?  They needed an arm, and only picked up David Price.   Better yet?  Little to no moves for the New York Yankees…here’s hoping Toronto catches them!
  • Houston pick up home town boy Scott Kazmir from Oakland, then pick up Carlos Gomez / Mike Fiers from Milwaukee – all pieces that can help them fend off the Los Angeles, Anaheim, Orange County, Long Beach, Marine Base, Santa Ana Angels.
  • Kansas City may have lacked the ace to make it back to the World Series this year.  Picking up Johnny Cueto certain fits that bill.  Also, adding a utility guy like Ben Zobrist will also keep the every day players a day off as needed for the stretch run.

– The Milwaukee Brewers traded nearly 20% of their Major League roster before the trade deadline, and I honestly thought they were going to do a few more….namely Jean Segura, Adam Lind, Neal Cotts/Will Smith and perhaps one other.  Perhaps some of these guys get moved at the waiver deadline, or in the Winter Meetings.

The return they got is going to make the Brewers relevant in about 2-3 years, especially from the Astros. I think when OF Domingo Santana, Brett Phillips and SS Orlando Arcia get to the majors, you’ll see them be competitive.  AA and lower, the team looks like they could develop down the road.

– Sweet – a pre-season Top 25 poll is out for College Football.  I think they shouldn’t have polls until I’d say Week 4 or 5 when teams have played enough to where we can see who is good or now.  But who am I to talk, it’s about things to talk about, correct?

– How in the hell is this rift between the New England Patriots and the NFL not resolved yet?  The NFL, namely Roger Goodell has upheld the 4-game suspension for QB Tom Brady for the whole knowledge of deflating footballs so he can grip them better in crappy weather.  Or whatever that reason is.  Commish upheld the suspension, I don’t think necessarily because of the evidence, but I think as a power move to the Patriots saying I’m sick of you bending / breaking the rules to your advantage.  Spying, deflating footballs, etc.   But, now Patriots owner Robert Kraft took exception thinking he had taken enough punishment from the NFL to think this issue was resolved.  Wrong answer, sunshine!  Goodell baited you and you bit – hook, line and sinker.

My guess is something is way off here – Tom Brady, why did you shatter the phone the way you did.  If you really had nothing to hide, why do something like that?   I haven’t seen the report, but I’m guessing there’s a bit of a witch hunt here, also.

The real winners in this fiasco are probably the attorneys that stand to make millions in this case.  Nevertheless, get this resolved soon…I’m sick of hearing about this every day.

– Good on the Big Ten Conference to not schedule any more FCS football teams beginning in 2016 aside of existing contracts.  I mean, who would want to pay $50 for a game between Wisconsin and Wofford (or Western Illinois, Northern Iowa, Incarnate Word, or Kaukauna)??  Sad thing there’s one FCS team that can beat some FBS teams – namely North Dakota State.  Don’t be surprised if the Mountain West tries to recruit them.

– Dumbass of the week

  • Pro Golfer Robert Allenby (two weeks ago) for going on such a tirade of his caddie that would have made Roy McAvoy or David Simms seem calm during their meltdowns during Tin Cup.
  • Jason Pierre-Paul – no show at Giants Training Camp…how bad is your hand, really?
  • UCLA Basketball for accepting a verbal commitment from a 13-YEAR-OLD kid.  13???
  • The New York Mets.  For letting SS Wilmer Flores stay out on the baseball diamond crying like a flubbering kid once he had heard he was initially traded to Milwaukee.  I’ve NEVER seen a team do that to a player, ever.  You get traded, you’re out of the game.  Oh wait, you weren’t traded?  My bad.   And if you heard the comments from Doug Melvin on how pissed off he is at the Mets – that’s good stuff.  If Melvin has any part of the Brewers going forward, I’m guessing there won’t be any dealings with New York.
  • Mets, again.  For freaking out about Gomez’ hip and bailing on the trade last second.  Perhaps someone shouldn’t have leaked the potential trade so that the physicals could have cleared, but instead it was posted all over social media before it was actually finalized??  You’re baseballs’ version of the Cleveland Browns, and that’s a designation you don’t want.

Winner is the Mets.  Look around the media and with good reason, you were ripped to shreds over how you handled the trade with the Brewers.

– That’s it this week.  Back at it next week – where I kind of take a small jab at Family Night.



One thought on “At Section 123 – 08/01/2015

  1. I was not surprised trading Gomez. The Brewers can find a better option than a .285 hitter who swings for the fences every at bat since the all star game last year, makes bad base running mistake, head case at times. There is a reason he is on his 4th team. Surprised by Fiers, not a super star pitcher, but he has answered the bell every 5th day for the few past years, and seemed to improve this year and can pitch into the 7th inning. Slightly surprised by Parra get traded too. I love his defense, solid contact hitting who can hit behind the runners, and is just as good as Gomez in the field, not as fast as Gomez, but plays the ball good and seems to be in the right positions and takes good angles on fly balls. Probably a money issue with his free agency coming up.
    Sounds like good prospects coming back in return. I agree with you in 2/3 year they will be contending again. It was time for a rebuild. You can keep placing a .500 team at best on the field and claim they are contenders. Juts sucks we have to put up with Cubs fans again because the are sticking around the playoff race. THey dressed as empty seats the past 3/4 years.

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