At Section 123 – 07/18/15

Ok – I’m back and enough of a long break.  You know, it’s called summer….gotta enjoy the time outside!

Yea, there has been plenty going on in sports so this could be a little long winded so I can get caught up.

Brett Favre comes back to Green Bay today, and let’s just say it’s been hyped up a little bit.  It’s time – I agree with that, and I’ll never forget what he has done to help bring Green Bay back on the map along with Ron Wolf, Mike Holmgren, Reggie White and others…

During his career, here are my top 10 Brett Favre moments (good or bad)

  • Super Bowl XXXI win vs. New England
  • Snow Bowl playoff game vs. Seattle
  • Playing lights out the day after his father passed away at Oakland
  • Across the body pass to Sterling Sharpe to win the playoff game at Detroit
  • OT 82-yd TD throw to Greg Jennings at Denver
  • Laying down to allow New York Giants DE Michael Strahan the sack record.  Complete bullshit.
  • 5 TD passes on a severely sprained ankle against Chicago
  • Waffling for years on whether he’d continue to play football before all hell broke loose the summer of 2008.
  • Across the grain long bomb to Donald Driver at Chicago (university of Illinois)
  • Playoff blunder at New Orleans while with Minnesota – probably more so of Paul Allens radio call because that was so hilarious.  If you don’t remember –  here you go.  Link

Honorable mention:  Breaking the TD record at Minnesota; the 33-yard TD run in a torrential rain at Chicago; 99-yard TD bomb to Robert Brooks at Chicago; First win vs. Cincinnati – TD pass to Kittrick Taylor

I see a trend in this list – #4 has burned the Chicago Bears…..a lot.  And I’m glad #12 has carried that tradition forward.

A while back, I ranted about the Packers not giving the public a chance to see the HOF induction.  67,000 people at Lambeau?  I’d say that’s quite the welcome.  There was even someone outside the Lambeau lot last evening camping out – that’s a little nuts if you ask me.

At the same time, I can’t 100% get out of my head that he went out of his way to make sure he went to Minnesota just to stick it to the Packers for letting him go after holding them hostage for years.  I remember countless arguments I was in with buddies about the Favre to Aaron Rodgers transition and a few ‘events’ that transpired after Favre ended up joining the Minnesota Vikings.

Overall, I’d say I’m glad he’s getting his moment, in Green Bay and ultimately, the good will outweigh the bad.  He needs to be in the Packers Hall of Fame before Canton next summer and today just makes sense.  He will be honored numerous times over the next year and no matter how you feel, this guy did so much to help put the Green Bay Packers back on the map and they have stayed relevant for the past 22 years.  Thank you, Brett.

– I didn’t turn on the Home Run Derby at first Monday night, but when I did, I’m sure glad of it.  The format they used finally made the event fun to watch.  Bracket format, time limit with a bonus of 30 seconds after 2 bombs over 420 feet?  Good job baseball, you got one right.

The All-Star Game was competitive, but they have to get rid of the home field advantage aspect tied to the game.  I heard an idea that I liked on a national sports talk show.  If most pitchers are pitching an inning during the game, why not start with guys like Aroldis Chapman against the best AL hitters in the first, perhaps second inning?  Dude was hitting 103 MPH during the game and it had the AL bench in awe.  Do you think Mike Trout would have had a leadoff homer against Chapman?

– To all of the athletes that keep getting arrested for DUI.  Learn of this new concept.  It’s called call Uber, a taxi, Lyft or other ride program to get you home SAFE and not in the news.  You have all this money, apparently, and you can’t use these services??  Idiots.

– Congratulations to the U.S. Womens’ National Team on their World Cup win.  It will spark interest in soccer for a short period of time.  I have doubts how much momentum this will really gain.

– The Wisconsin State Senate passes the new Milwaukee Bucks arena by a 21-10 number.  Your move, State Assembly.  Get this thing done, sooner than later!  This team will be good and soon to the point where they will be able to draw big crowds to Milwaukee and could contend in the NBA.  Hell, this will draw more concerts and that school named Marquette needs a place to play although they could use the Al McGuire Center.

– I did not see Wisconsin basketball coach Bo Ryans’ retirement announcement coming, but I guess I’m not really surprised?  He had the best team he could assemble and took them to the Championship Game last year and on some level wanted to go out on top or near the top.  He’s 68-years-old and feels it’s time to walk away from the coaching aspect of the game.  What he’s done to put Wisconsin Basketball on the map has been nothing short of amazing and he deserves all the respect coming his way this season.

I do think Greg Gard should get the opportunity to be the next in line as he was at Bos’ side for the past 20 seasons.  According to reports, he’s been handling the vast majority of recruiting and game planning so it almost seems like his team already.

– Kudos, UFC Champion Ronda Rousey on blasting woman-beater Floyd Mayweather after winning the Best Fighter Award at the ESPYs Wednesday night.  “I wonder how Floyd feels being beat by a woman for once”.  Ouch!!!!  And true.

– The Open Championship – there are actually some compelling story lines this week.  Can Jordan Spieth continue the Grand Slam march?  Can Dustin Johnson wipe out his U.S. Open choke job?  Play is currently suspended for 40 mph sustained winds making the course apparently unplayable.  I’d almost let them try to play and see how crazy the scores would be!!

All of these story lines have played out this weekend so far.  Not to mention that former best player in the world continuing to struggle.  I can’t wait for Whistling Straits next month.

–  You know things are bad when a university president is talking to you about how to be socially responsible and improve your behavior while in school.  After two more Florida State football players were charged with misdemeanor battery only days apart last week, president John Thrasher talked to his team mentioning all student athletes will be required to take some sort of behavior education course to curb the crimes happening at the school.

Wait, haven’t they seen the history of idiots that have come through Criminal U?  I won’t say this about the other sports, but the football team, I will…you’re bringing in 5-star level guys who think they can do no wrong and have a bunch of ‘yes’ people allowing them to get away with anything…you think you will get through to them?  Plus, you’re not exactly known for bringing in the brightest guys to your football program, and if you handed them a book of Green Eggs and Ham, most probably couldn’t even read it. So, to give them a course on behavior education, you will get a collection of stiffs that will make a deer in headlights look intelligent.

Good luck, Thrasher, you’re going to need it.

– Brewers 2nd half preview.  After the All-Star Game, the Milwaukee Brewers got things going on the right track with a 4-1 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates.  After the disastrous 17-34 start, the Brewers have been respectable going 22-18.  I think they can actually catch the Cincinnati Reds for the cellar, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be sellers in the next couple of weeks.  Names being brought up for trade talks?  Adam Lind, Carlos Gomez, Jean Segura, Aramis Ramirez, Neal Cotts, K-Rod, Gerardo Parra.  Even Kyle Lohse was mentioned briefly…my guess on who gets moved?

Carlos Gomez, Jean Segura and Aramis Ramierz.  Segura gets moved only because top prospect Orlando Arcia may be ready to make the jump to Milwaukee.  Gomez gets moved primarily because the Brewers can’t afford him after 2016 and I think they can get a top level third baseman prospect which they so desperately need.  If you look at the Brewers farm system, they’re fairly stacked from AA and lower, but not at third so that needs to change here.

Final record prediction for the Brewers:  77-85

– Green Bay Packers Training Camp is coming fast.  12 days already?  This team is an early favorite to win Super Bowl 50, and with good reason.  There are plenty of stories coming as we hit Training Camp and I’ll start with one to watch.  Casey Hayward – it’s your turn.  You’re in a contract year and especially with the Packers letting Tramon Williams / Davon House walk – this is a huge opportunity to showcase you’re worthy of a contract extension.

Here’s the thing, Hayward has tremendous ball-hawking ability and solid footwork.  The issue with him is staying healthy, and it almost always seems to be his hamstring.  When healthy, he’s a huge asset to the Packers.  We see it, and I know the Packers see his health as a concern…there’s a reason the Packers drafted Damarious Russell and Quinten Rollins in the first couple rounds in this draft.

My first ‘no shit’ comment.  Hayward stays healthy.  He is a Packer in 2016.  If he can’t – Russell or Rollins will be starting in 2016.

Next week, I’ll take a stab at some vets who could be under the gun to make the team.  Think FB and DL on this one…

– Dumbass of week (s) nominations:

  • Pete Rose for being the tool of a lifetime for not only getting caught betting on baseball.  This clown was caught betting on baseball WHILE playing!  Any chance of you getting reinstated to baseball so you can get in the Hall of Fame – that’s out the door.
  • ESPN for selecting Jenner over someone truly worthy of the Arthur Ashe Courage Award.  Look, it’s cool for you to step out and be who you want to be, but ESPN only offered the award as the ratings grab and it worked to perfection.
  • Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul – dude.  Throw the firecracker away from you upon lighting.  Was it worth you losing a finger?  I’d withdraw the long-term deal the Giants offered, too if I were them.

The winner is:  Pete Rose.  Consummate dumbass.  JPP is off the hook for one thing vs. a lifetime of betting on your own profession.

that’s it – sorry for the long writing.  Back next week.



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