At Section 123 – 06/27/15

Hey everyone – a little bit slow week in sports, at least the ones I pay attention to.  But first….

– I need to get this off my chest.  I’m am beyond sick of hearing people rip the concert-goers to the Kenny Chesney / Jason Aldean event at Lambeau Field last weekend.  Headlines include – ‘Zoo of Drunks’, ‘Were Drunken Debacles’ – things along that nature and the national media seemed to attach onto the events from last Saturday.

First thing I’m going to say is blow it out your ass.  Were there drunk people and people throwing up?  Yes, absolutely.  How is that different than any music festival out there?  I’ve seen this at Jimmy Buffett, Rock events (Foo Fighters and Metallica come to mind), Dave Matthews, O.A.R., and of course, country events (Country Jam, Country USA, Hodag, etc.)  People party, drink, smoke weed (illegal in WI), but whatever…the point is the majority of people are there to let loose / let go of their daily grind for a few hours.  Let it be.  It’s the same as going to a Packer game – to those media outlets blasting Green Bay for being too drunk.  Have you so-called media idiot fuck bags been to a Packer game?  Have you seen how drunk some of the fans get???  I go to 2-3 games a year and from what I saw – there are more drunks at the Packer games (and no I’m not comparing 53,000 fans to 79,000 fans).  But, if you’re basing your analysis on just number of arrests and ejections alone, you’re clueless and have not been around this area enough.  Just because that stuff may not happen in the game or inside the stadium, pay attention to the sports bars outside of the stadium after the game.  For a noon game, the party starts at 8:00 AM and lasts until bar close the next day.  I’ve seen this…and people are far worse than what I witnessed last weekend.  Imagine how rowdy it gets for a night game?  Get the picture???  Trust me, there are more than enough drunks during football – they just hide it a little better and take it out on the opposing team…at least in my section (123) they do.  So, national media outlets – shut the fuck up and learn more about the area and culture before spouting your gums off and ripping on one event.

Here’s part of it…gates open at 1 for a 7 hour show – that’s a solid 10-hour bender and if people aren’t used to doing something like that, there will be problems – what did you expect??  I’m not promoting drinking that long, but some think they need to the whole time – that’s where throwing up, blackouts, and other dumb things happen.  Plus, the night before there were over 100 campers in the lot outside of Lambeau.

Todays’ country is not like the old school country…today, the music has more of a southern rock flare and some pop sounds included in the music.   It’s a different generation of people attending these shows, and I’m sure that contributed to the issues.

But, here’s what gets me most.  People are freaking out about the grass being damaged at precious Lambeau Field.  Come on, are you telling me you can grow that grass back in 6 weeks????  Try paying attention to places like Fenway Park, Wrigley Field and other stadiums that hold those types of concerts IN SEASON.  Don’t tell me you can’t have the grass back to somewhat normal in a week or two.  Isn’t that field half-field turf and half-grass anyways?  Get off the high horse and allow Lambeau to be more of what the team has ‘promised’ us in the first place – a year-round destination and use it more than just the Packers.  But why do I get the feeling what transpired last weekend may have the Packers halt concerts at the stadium going forward?  It’s a shame if they do.

– Training Camp is coming up in a month – the first part I’m going to focus on is how scary that Green Bay Packers offense could be this year.  Other topics will include:

  • Can Casey Hayward Step up and be a #1 corner
  • The Return of B.J. Raji from injury
  • The offensive line – and their continued dominance
  • Linebacking play
  • Which rookies will make the most impact in their first season?

Any suggestions for Denver Halloween weekend will be good also.

– OK – time to bring back South Florida fan.  You know it’s a long season when there’s a person or two people in seats vs. 15 empty seats.  This goes for both the Marlins and Rays.  Do we need to include free island music, mojitos and weed to bring you into the stadium for a night?  I get Tampa because Tropicana Field is a complete dump, but I don’t get Miami – where their stadium is awesome, but in a rough area.  Come on dumb Marlin lawyer fan – pony up that cash you like to flaunt around with and get some promotions going.

Speaking of Tampa – I could see them being a target of a team if Major League Baseball ever moved a team back to Montreal.

– Who are you and what happened to Marco Estrada?  Mr. Gopher Ball pitcher flirts with two perfect games in back-to-back outings?  Gets traded to Toronto, gets lit up early, but then goes on a rampage shutting teams down.

– Why is it the guys who the Milwaukee Brewers trade seem to become household names?  I know there are several others in the past, but currently Lorenzo Cain, Alciedes Escobar, Michael Brantley, Brett Lawrie (somewhat) even Estrada – you hear these names in the highlights enough.  And granted they were blockbuster trades for guys like Zack Greinke, C.C. Sabathia, Shawn Marcum-ish – those moves depleted the hell out of the minor league system.

– Russell Wilson, you should not be the highest paid quarterback in the NFL.  Do you think if you didn’t have Marshawn Lynch and that ridiculous defense you’d be half the player you are?  Place you on say, Jacksonville or Tennessee and let’s see how good you are.  I know this, if Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Luck or Tom Brady were placed on those teams – they’re instant playoff contenders because they make everyone around them better.  I know I can’t say the same thing about you – you’re getting there, but you’re not in the class of that type of money yet.  I think you should sign a Top-10 contract – then if you continue growing – get that max deal you’re seeking now.  To me, the Seattle Seahawks are right in saying ‘show me more’ before they give you the next contract, which is correct.  If you aren’t in the NFC Championship Game this season with Marshawn Lynch AND Jimmy Graham at your disposal (losing to Green Bay of course), then the 2016 off-season will be quite interesting for you.

– If you missed the College World Series Championship series between Virginia and Vanderbilt – you missed out on some really good baseball.  The way it’s supposed to be played – small ball, great defense, great pitching on both teams.  High round draft picks on both squads – mainly Vanderbilt featuring SS Dansby Swanson.  Yo, Barry Alvarez – you’re missing out on this growing college sport!

Dumbass of the week


Idiots at CBS (namely Sean Wagner-McGough) debating that Aaron Rodgers wearing red to support friend Sam Dekker for being drafted.   So?   This qualifies as you have little to write about so you needed to write about something insignificant.  You’re a Cal grad….congratulations – and you have a tradition not to wear red due to Stanford.  I’m somewhat on board with that because I refuse to wear purple because of the Minnesota Vikings – but this is a far as I’ll ever write about it.

St. John’s C Chris Obekpa for opting to transfer from the school twice in a year.  Huh??  Get suspended for smoking the chron, and you freak out.  Return – play well.  They get a new coach and you sulk…yep.  If you make it to the pros, you sound like a guy I want on my team.

The NFL – for taking this long on the whole New England Patriots / Tom Brady deflating footballs thing.  They wanted to drag this out into the lull of post-mini camps and pre training camps.  Mission accomplished – and rather annoying.  Anything to get your names in the paper, hey?

Winner is – I’m going with the idiot from St. John’s for transferring from the same school twice in a year.

I’m going to be taking the next two weeks off due to the holiday weekend and a camping weekend the week after.  Hope you all enjoy the 4th with your family and friends!  When I get back on July 18th, I’ll start getting into discussing Training Camp as that’ll be only a couple weeks out.



One thought on “At Section 123 – 06/27/15

  1. Are you ripping on a Wisconsin boy in Russell Wilson? I should mean Wisconsin for 1 semester and 6/7 credits or what ever it is to stay eligle. I am so sick of him saying he’s a Wisconsin, and the local media dumb asses, as his college when he went to NC State for 4 years. I could go on the Lambeau/Chesney drunk fest, but I don’t have enough time.

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