At Section 123 – 06/20/15

Hey everyone – a lot going on in the sports area like usual.  It’s been hectic in the Green Bay / Fox Valley area now the interstates have been upgraded to 70 MPH.  This gives even more idiots to have the heads down focused on the road texting and not actually driving.  It makes it even more fun when most of the 20-somethings, moms in minivans on a mission, or the arrogant expensive car drivers that don’t use their blinkers to merge lanes or exit.  The 41 construction completion can’t come soon enough.

– NFL Minicamps are done and now it’s a 6 week vacation until Training Camp begins.  Let the position over-analysis begin.

– The Golden State Warriors – NBA Champions.  LeBron James was the best player in the series, but he alone could not take down the best team.  I do think if Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love were available, Cleveland wins the series.  They played stifling defense for 4 1/2 games, but just ran out of gas.

Andrew Bogut has a ring now….yep, Mr. I’m injured at least half of every season while in Milwaukee has a ring.  Now, go hobble back to Australia.

– Yes, Milwaukee Bucks, sign Khris Middleton and quick.  While you’re at it – pick up Brook Lopez or Tyson Chandler and you’re easily a top 4 seed in the Eastern Conference next season.

– The Chicago Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup – again.  They’re similar to the Los Angeles Kings.  They’re winning to frequent in recent seasons, so it’d be good to see some new blood win the Cup.

– Of course politics would get in the way of the Milwaukee Bucks building a new arena…the city is trying to stay relevant in the country and this is not just about the Bucks.  If this thing is pulled from the state budget, this is trouble for keeping the Bucks in Wisconsin.

This isn’t just a Milwaukee thing, though, it’s a Wisconsin thing and you could see numerous additional events and perhaps concerts you couldn’t get in the past to come to Milwaukee.  All of the revenue from the events that would come to the Milwaukee area and that open space in the Park East District would be built up.  Milwaukee becomes fully vibrant in the downtown and they’re probably in line to host an All-Star Weekend not long after that would open up.

This doesn’t come out of the taxpayer account.  And if you’re THAT concerned about the taxpayer portion, start a flipping GoFundMe account and you’d be surprised how much money could be generated for this.  Pitch in $5-10 a person?  Get 1 million people do that, that would be a huge statement to legislation and the Bucks.

– The 115th U.S. Open is this weekend, and from what I saw, the course looks so ‘yellow’ with the grass The Open Championship would be proud.  The greens are quite unforgiving to the point I think I’d have a better chance putting in a bath tub than at Chambers Bay!

– Didn’t you used to be Tiger Woods?

– I’m shocked there’s someone in Major League Baseball worse than the Milwaukee Brewers this season.  Philadelphia Phillies, this is possible?  Holy crap.  For a little while, Oakland was on the same level, but they’ve managed to win a few here and there – but not threatening to climb out of the cellar!

– Breaking news:  The Kansas City Royals have petitioned Major League Baseball to have the Milwaukee Brewers on every game remaining on their schedule this season.  That 4-game beating the Royals provided showcased elite defense and strong hitting…not to mention a huge ‘F-U’ from Alciedes Escobar and Lorenzo Cain for trading them 5 years ago.

Speaking of the Brewers, there will be trades and don’t be surprised if they start happening before the All-Star Break.  I’ve written that and it’s no secret they will be sellers – the question is who. Guessing?  Carlos Gomez, Aramis Ramirez, Will Smith, Gerardo Parro (maybe), Adam Lind (maybe), Martin Maldonado (maybe).  They’d like to unload Kyle Lohse, Matt Garza, Ryan Braun, Khris Davis

– I forgot to touch on this last week.  How in the hell is there over 40 rounds in the Major League Baseball Draft???  One word – overkill.  I don’t care if there are 6 minor league teams in the system.  Holy crap that’s still too many rounds.

– Alex Rodriguez…where do I even start.  He gathers his 3000th hit last night.  One can argue that he has accomplished so much in his career, but how much of this do you put an asterisk next to?  Same goes for guys like Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa?  Numerous others, but it’s kind of sad to see a jag like Rodriguez celebrated so much when he’s done so much to cheat himself and the game.

I do like the fact the guy that got Rodriguez’ 3000th hit is going to keep the ball and not give it back due to ‘why would I help that cheater out’?

– Hearing more and more about how Green Bay Packers WR Davante Adams is going to be a star in the NFL.  I can totally see that – and looking at a few key factors.  A) Defenses are going to be so focused on Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb that they’re going to throw their third guy on Adams which poses mismatch problems.  B) Big and physical – isn’t afraid to go across the middle and had a knack for big plays in the second half of his rookie season.  C) Smart – remember him being on the same page with Aaron Rodgers in the Miami trick play last year?  We’ll see if he’s ready – if he is, the Packers will be very much in line to break the scoring record this season.

Don’t get me started on the Jeff Janis stuff, though…show me something in a game and not in practice or a pre-season game.

– Mike Zimmer, coach of our lovely Minnesota Vikings – you need to shut your gaping gash.  You’re right, you build a team by winning football games.  You also build a better team by building a closer team doing off the field activities.  Yes, like clay shooting or a ping pong tournament.  There’s a reason the Green Bay Packers are the class of the NFC North.  Know your role, shut your mouth and continue to figure out what to do with that running back of yours.  You have a chance to be a good team this season if your QB continues to develop….figure that out first.

– Fan Voting for All-Star Games has to stop.  This is ridiculous that 8 Kansas City Royals are front-runners to start the All-Star Game in Cincinnati next month.  While the game has larger issues, and for a while it was cool to allow fan interaction for a glorified game, it still needs to stop.  And they should stop ‘making it count’ for home field advantage in the World Series.  Mix it up like the NHL All Star game.  U.S. vs. the World; Pick the teams like the Pro Bowl…something.  Just get rid of the fan voting.  Although, I’m pretty sure I won’t watch anyway.

– Dumbass of the Week:

Man, we had options this week, but I’ll list the top two.

The girl throwing two stiff elbows to the opposing team as they scored runs in a softball game. – here’s the video.  Link – this gal showed exactly what not to do in a game.  The team that took the hits got upset to the point where they ran up the score, which was the right thing to do.  Typically, you’d see some sort of bench-clearing event here.

Pablo Sandoval – being busted on Instagram during a game.  He was in the bathroom, but still during a game is kind of a bad look.  You’re a professional, get off the damn phone and not post DURING a game you’re in.  At least he did some damage at the plate this week.

And the winner goes to……the softball catcher.  If isn’t a senior on the team, she should be kicked off the team going forward.  If you’re frustrated, do something to help your team get back in the game….not take cowardly cheap shots at the opposition.

That’s it for me this week – back next week before two weeks off.  For those going to the concert at Lambeau tonight (me), bring a poncho!



One thought on “At Section 123 – 06/20/15

  1. Agreed on the Milwaukee stadium issue. No concerts or events in a new Milwaukee arena equals drive to the Twin Cities or Chicago to the really big talent. Buts most importantly is a good site to see what is really going on with the stadium. Not the politicians view or a media view. Best thing to do. Write your State Congressman and State Legislator and tell them you are in favor of a new stadium. Go onto the Wisconsin state page to find out who is yours. Real easy, I wrote both of mine in a matter of 5-10 minutes.

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