At Section 123 – 05/30/15

Hey everyone – had to do this a day early as I’m going to be occupied the rest of the weekend.  Enough weird things happening this week.  Arrests, corruption, great playoff games, etc.

Packers OTA thoughts.

  • Well, seeing Clay Matthews at ILB should give an indication to why the Packers waited until the 4th round to draft a linebacker. They like him so much in the middle and he will continue to move all around the field like the second half of last season.  He did say one thing that stood out.  Matthews is now asking the questions to why a certain situation happens while playing inside.  This will be a great thing for the defense.
  • I like seeing B.J. Raji and Letroy Guion in on the line at the same time.
  • Casey Hayward hurt until training camp? Shocked…just shocked I tell ya.
  • Hearing rookie CB Quinten Rollins stood out early.
  • OTA notes aside – I will hold most judgment until we see Training Camp, Pre-season and regular season games. It is exciting to see the Packers back on the field….but let’s enjoy our summer first!!

– OK Milwaukee Brewers, this is getting ridiculous.  I had a hunch you were going to struggle this year, but not like this.  You’re near last in numerous statistical categories…Batting Average, ERA, Fielding Percentage, Quality Starts.  Clutch hitting is missing, fantastic base running once again.  But hey, you were 10th in HRs the last I saw, so at least you have that going for you.

I’m still going to a game or two this summer though.  Check out the site Ticket Zoom – and I think you’d be surprised how cheap you can sit 10-15 rows behind home plate.  They range from $25-35 for $70 tickets.

– The best “sporting event” of the summer…you know it, it’s the National Spelling Bee!  Major League Baseball, the NCAA Baseball Tournament, Softball World Series and NFL OTAs have nothing on this stern competition of quick wit.  I mean, the NHL and NBA Conference Finals have nothing on this strict competition of memory stimulating spelling of complex words.

I said this last year – someone at ESPN should be fired for putting such crap on their networks.  I almost feel bad for the SportsCenter anchors that have to put this on their show, and they have to talk intelligently about it!!  I think what is even more shocking is that I saw so many people tweeting about this thing.  How can you even watch this?  Reality TV can’t believe the interest in kids spelling words.

– I know very little about soccer, but even I had knew there was some sort of ridiculous corruption within the International Governing Body – FIFA.  Based on what I read, literally nobody was surprised that there was a huge crackdown of executives in Zurich, Switzerland.  The real surprise, why wasn’t the president taken down also?

What’s this goofs name, Sepp Blatter?  He says he wants to fix the corrupt organization of FIFA.  Well, I can sell you a bottle of used ketchup and check if the International Olympic Committee needs help also.  Good luck with this one, chief.

Then on top of this nonsense, they hold a vote on live TV for a new president that takes all of 30 minutes?  The guy – Sepp?? was re-elected as the president which only fuels all of the corrupt crap.  This guy should be in the U.S. Government!!  Wait, why the hell am I still writing about soccer??  Onto the next…

– The Chicago Bulls fire coach Tom Thibodeau in the least surprising move of the week.  My question was, what took so long?  It was clear the Bulls were looking for a reason to get of the guy for the past couple of years.  Thibs wanted to do things his way, and that meant working his players hard.  Could it have led to some of the injuries they had?  Perhaps, but listening to the Fibs radio stations the past year when I was working downtown, the issues seem to stem between the coach and management – no communication whatsoever.

– Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals.  Well, they got what they wanted –  LeBron James and Steph Curry in the Finals.  For NBA fans, that should draw some good ratings.  I’m not sure if I’ll even watch a game, but I will keep an eye if Curry has his daughter in post-game press conferences to see how many reporters he can annoy.

– 2 Game 7’s in the NHL Conference Finals.  Tampa Bay at New York Rangers tonight and Chicago at Anaheim tomorrow night.  Even if you don’t know hockey much, you should check out how intense these games are.  It’s not far from an intensity of an NFL Playoff game, and that’s a lot for me to say.

– The NCAA Baseball Tournament starts today…psst, Barry Alvarez – you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to partake in the growing popularity of College Baseball.  Especially with the Big Ten Network supporting so much.  Also, the Big Ten has the most teams in the field ever – Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan and Maryland….Michigan State and Nebraska just missed out.  Get with it, AD – figure out the Title 9 crap and bring baseball back to UW.

– Dumbass of the week nominations

  • Ray McDonald
  • Colin Kapernick
  • Adrian Peterson:

– Ray McDonald – he’s this weeks’ winner of the Dumbass!!  Arrested for domestic violence, released by the Bears, and arrested AGAIN for violating a restraining order that was placed against him on Monday from his ex-fiance.  Look, you hit this woman (and kid apparently) before and she is scared of you…and this asshat thinks he’s still in control and does not think anyone can touch him.   Apparently, he thinks the authorities won’t touch him…what an arrogant fuck.   You are an abuser and should be locked away for a long time.

Have fun in civilian and/or prison life…I can all but assure you that nobody will take a chance on signing you to an NFL contract again.  Ever.   Every single team should be taking this guy of their boards as someone who should be in the league.  NFL, CFL, AFL, IFL, – everyone.

– Colin Kaepernick…#7tormscomin….tasteless, disrespectful, moronic.  How much of an asshole are you to even think your dumb comments while arriving in Houston could even be conceivably thought of as funny?  You know what that city is going through with all of their flooding problems and just because ‘you’re coming to town’ somehow that will make everything better?  You come off as an arrogant prick, and you have done nothing off the field to prove otherwise.  You need to get a tattoo over your mouth to keep it shut.

– Adrian Peterson – this is interesting to me, and I’ve kind of retracted on him being the Dumbass Of the Week nomination.  He’s holding out saying he wants out of Minnesota, then wants more money.  Turns out he goes on this huge rant on his Twitter page (check out @adrianpeterson) and you’ll see what I mean.  He’s apparently starting to stick up for having guarantees in NFL player contracts – similar to what NBA and MLB contracts are.  I see what both the Minnesota Vikings are doing – taking the hard line saying you pay or sit.  Peterson wants the Vikings to honor the deal.

Personally, I have an issue with all of this because if you miss work…you’re fired.  If you sign a contract, you honor the deal and when it comes time for a review, then discuss the raise if you want more?  If an organization terminates you, there are enough cases where a settlement or severance package is in place.  The Vikings still paid Peterson even after he was suspended for taking a switch to his kid.  They’re planning on paying him $12.5 million this year, even you still hold out? None of this makes sense to me except for this: Peterson should stay quiet and just play.  Plus, it’s millionaires vs. billionaires so it’s hard to feel bad for professional athletes here?  I’m just glad I’m not in the middle of this argument and the contracts will be an “fun” argument between the Players Union and the Owners.

Side rant.  Can we just stop with this whole “selfie” thing???  And to make it worse, there’s something called a ‘selfie stick now’?!?!?  WTF – can we get any lazier as people!  It’s called a picture – showing where you are at a given place.  Or perhaps a self-portrait?  I may need to come up with a counter to that ridiculous word.

That’s it for this week – back to the normal time next Saturday.  Enjoy the week!



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