At Section 123 – 05/23/15

Happy Memorial Day weekend!  If you see a veteran, make sure to thank them for their service!

– If you’re going to cheat, at least not get caught doing so!!!  Milwaukee Brewers P Will Smith, while I agree with you and Craig Counsell (and several media people have agreed) that several teams do it, you got caught and Smith should serve the full suspension…for stupidity.

I’d actually be more pissed off at the Atlanta Braves and would have drilled the first batter Wily Peralta faced last night.  But, they went about it the right way beating the shit out of the Braves 11-0.

– Two months into the baseball season – here are my early observations

  • I like what the Houston Astros are doing.  In first place and built the team from the ground up.  Their next challenge is to keep it up.
  • I also like what the Tampa Bay Rays have done – they were left for dead before the season started and are sitting in first at 24-19.
  • Sickened that the Yankees are relevant.  We already see these clowns on nearly every game they play and it’ll get worse if they continue to play decent.
  • I’m a little surprised the Oakland Athletics are as crappy as the Milwaukee Brewers are (or worse)
  • I like that the Kansas City Royals have maintained what they accomplished last season.
  • Another surprise is the Minnesota Twins – or the Fighting Molitors.  I’ve only seen them on MLB Network against Detroit, but they seemed like the Royals last year – scrappy.
  • The Miami Marlins are as shitty as the Brewers right now, and you know what?  The Brewers fans will outdraw the Marlins by at least a 5:1 ratio.  I’m telling you, South Florida fan, it’s not that difficult to draw fans – especially with the amenities and perks you can offer being so close to South Beach.  Passes to night clubs, weed, ecstasy, weapons, tropical drinks?  Hell, I’m in!!  There should be free English and Baseball 101 lessons also available.
  • Most competitive division thus far? NL East
  • Least competitive? AL West or NL Central

– The NFL rejected a motion from the Union for Commissioner Roger Goodell to recuse from the Tom Brady appeal…I’m not shocked.   A conflict of interest with his friendship of Bobby Kraft?  Perhaps, no, probable.  But Goodell approved the punishment, he should hear the appeal.

I wonder if we’re past the integrity of the game at this point.  What I mean is this, look at how many players in all sports that have been caught with PEDs lately.  And we have noticed things like baseballs juiced, corked bats, bounties on players, etc.  Translation – competitors will do whatever it takes to find a competitive advantage – however slight it may be.

This deflating of football story hasn’t seen its conclusion, which sucks because I’ve heard way more than my share of this crap on the networks.

– I absolutely love the new PAT rule changes.  Kicking an extra point from the 15-yard line now allows for more chances to go for 2, although I would have moved this back to the 5.  And the elements will come into play when kicking the ball…will dome teams have an advantage?  It also will add more excitement and a little more challenge to this aspect of the game.  I’ve seen some say, ‘why fix what wasn’t broken?’ – I disagree, this change will help the game.

– Is anyone shocked the Cleveland Cavaliers are up 2-0 on the Atlanta Hawks in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals?

– Washington Nationals OF Bryce Harper seems to be maturing, or so it seems.  The kid hit his 16th homer last night and whomever is playing Fantasy Baseball is salivating this guy is on their team.  The past couple of years, I recall him being a high round draft pick or ‘the keeper’ in keeper leagues only to be grossly disappointed.  What seems to be more impressive with Harper is he seems more patient at the plate.  Again, a sign of maturity.

– Good for LB Michael Sam – going to the CFL.  This should be a good gauge to see if he can play or not.

– I read yesterday that this upcoming season will be Kobe Bryants’ last.  Wait?  This hasn’t happened already?  Unfortunately, he’s been hurt the majority of the past couple of seasons.  Dude, just go away.

– Underrated sport?  Lacrosse.  That seems to be a fast paced game, and enough hitting to accommodate the standard fan.

– I said this before, and I’ll say it again – NHL Playoffs > NBA Playoffs…by a huge margin.

– Former Wisconsin Badgers C Frank Kaminsky wrote a fantastic blog thanking the school, teammates, fans, etc. of his experience in Madison.  Check this out:

– I think HBO would salivate at the possibility of having the Houston Texans or Buffalo Bills for their ‘Hard Knocks’ show.  Obvious reasons…Rex Ryan or J.J. Watt.  I think we’ll eventually see the Packers featured, but it will be after the Thompson / McCarthy era.

– Alabama vs. Wisconsin on September 5th in Prime Time.  Both have some holes to rebuild, here’s hoping the Badgers will be up for it!  Either way, I hope the Wisconsin football team continues this type of scheduling.

I can’t wait for LSU at Lambeau next year.

– I’m going to start a new section – Dumbass of the week.  This will be either something that someone did on the field or some fan did at a game that was boneheaded enough or funny enough that hopefully we can all rip on them.

Here’s the first installment.

There was a hilarious awful throw from the outfield from the Boston Red Sox this past week, but this week has to go to Milwaukee Brewers reliever Will Smith for getting caught cheating with either vasoline or pine tar to help him grip the baseball.  Dude, why in the hell did you not wipe that shit off before heading out into the game?  If you’re going to cheat, at least try to hide it a little?  That was the best part, no sleeves, just out there in plain sight and easily detectable.

Yankees P Michael Pineda couldn’t believe you hid your substance better.  Pineda got 10 games, you got 8 games…just take it and allow for the fans to razz you for the rest of the season!!

If you have any ideas for ‘Dumbass of the Week’, feel free to let me know!

– So, for the job news.  I’m going to be starting as a Data Analyst at Theda Care in Appleton on June 1st, and I’m excited as hell to be staying here.  I was literally one day from taking a contract in Charlotte for up to a year, but just before I signed, a recruiter called me about the Theda Care job and it worked out – felt comfortable with the staff and team…and I knew two of the people on the team which was a huge plus.  Better yet, I’m going nowhere for travel except for vacations and conferences!

That’s all this week – we’ll be back at it again next week.  Get out golfing, grilling or on the water (or all of the above) this holiday weekend!



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