At Section 123 – 05/16/15

Hey everyone, while I’m getting ready to cook food for a good chunk of the day in the smoker, yes…I’m doing that again.  I figure this will be a good time to get the blog in for the week.

– So, apparently the New England Patriots are mad that they got such a severe punishment for them deflating the footballs (I refuse to use that dumb gate word).  I do think the Tom Brady piece was a little much and I suspect that will get reduced to two games.  But the issue is you lied about it, and it’s not the first time the Patriots got caught.  I’m not sure why they need to think they need to cheat when they have such a good team.

Some data analyst pulled up numbers and found that the Patriots could have been doing this ever since the 2007 season with them having the least amount of fumbles aside of dome teams in the NFL.

– And please media – quit comparing every scandal that happens in sports as ‘word’gate.  Spygate, Deflategate, Bountygate…just stop already. That’s past unfunny, uninspiring and unreadable – and might I add uninteresting and unoriginal?  If you listen to the radio – you may catch what I did there.  Regardless, you’re in the business to tell the story and please have a little more creativity that that.  Just a little…that’s all I ask. I know I’ve ranted about this on this blog before, but it just sounds juvenile and you’re piggybacking of what other journalists’ lame ideas are or were.

It’s almost as bad as people saying ‘Right?!?’ or ‘I know, right?!?’ after everything a person says in a conversation.  I’ll start saying ‘left’ or ‘wrong’ each time.

– The coverage this thing with the Patriots is almost nauseating.  I flipped on ESPN, NFL Network and Fox Sports 1 at various times during the week and each time at least 75% of the upcoming stories was something along the lines of ‘What’s next for Patriots’; ‘Brady hires lawyer’; ‘Robert Kraft comments’.  Blah, blah, blah….just stop.  There are 31 other teams and we don’t care of every fucking move these clown are doing.  They cheated and got caught.  Other teams look for competitive advantages, I’m sure, but you’re the ones who got caught…twice.

– Also, Patriots – can you be more arrogant with saying ‘The Deflator’ is one of the guys (McNally?) saying he was fat.  If you think anyone believes that, then you need to go fly to Denver or Seattle and find the first weed vending machine and smoke all the content in the machine.  That’s about as high as you needed to be to make such a ridiculous comment and think people will buy into that.

– Kyle Lohse pitched his best game of the season by far last night for the Milwaukee Brewers in a 7-0 win over the New York Mets.  Keep doing that and the Brewers may actually get some decent return for him near the trade deadline.

I give the Brewers credit for turning it around ever since Ron Roenicke was fired and are at least playing some competitive baseball, so hopefully they can make this season respectable.  I still think some trades are going to happen this year though.

– I noticed some other fan bases are about as bad as South Florida fan.  Cincinnati Reds, New York Mets – you’re officially on the ripping watch list.  I know you like to have a costume contest of people dressed up like empty seats, but you’re supposed to have decent fans.  New York, I may understand as there’s so much more to do in the Big Apple, but Cincinnati??  Really, what’s there beside looking at Kentucky across the Ohio River and eating the Skyline Chili?  Step your games up, or I’m going to see if I can sick that annoying North Miami Beach lawyer on you.

– Odell Beckham is on the cover of Madden ’16.  And the curse is set – he is on the watch out for injury list this season!  I’m not trying to be negative…just going by history.

– NHL Final Four – Tampa Bay vs. New York Rangers and Anaheim vs. Chicago.  If you follow the Green Bay Gamblers, the Tampa Bay coach is Jon Cooper who was coaching here 4/5 years ago so that’s pretty cool at least.

Picks:  Rangers in 6 games and Blackhawks in 7.

– Geez, Chicago Bulls – you couldn’t beat a hobbled Cleveland Cavaliers team in the NBA playoffs.  I guess you wanted Tom Thibodeau out of town more than I thought.  Atlanta vs. Cleveland in the Eastern Conference Finals….just be happy LeBron is in this series or that would have been the lowest rated series in NBA history.

– L.A. Clippers went old school Clippers in game 6 against Houston.  What I mean, is they choked and I’m guessing losing the series against the Rockets.  Then you get Golden State (and I’m starting to get sick of hearing about Steph Curry) vs. Houston.  Yippee….

– What the hell….I’m talking about the NBA Playoffs.  I may allow someone to kick me in the ass for this.

– The ACC / Big Ten Challenge matchups were announced this week and includes:  Maryland at North Carolina; Indiana at Duke; Wisconsin at Syracuse; Louisville at Michigan State; Michigan at NC State.

The Wisconsin non-conference schedule is going to be nasty – but good for a team that is retooling.

Is it still weird to consider Maryland in the Big Ten?  Rutgers also?

– I think one of the funnier stories I’ve heard this week was former Notre Dame QB Everett Golson looking to transfer.  One of the schools on the list is Florida State.  Coach Jimbo Fisher mentioned they’re ‘negotiating’.  Negotiating what??  How may crabs it would take to get Golson to Tallahassee?  How much money you’d pay the young man?  How many allegations he can get away with with dumb behavior?   There should be no ‘negotiating’ involved…’recruiting’.  Remember that word? Oops, Jimbo – you may need to learn a few things from Bobby Bowden.

– Speaking of Bowden – I love the fact that he put King Crab on blast this week saying he was an embarrassment to their school.  It’s true, he made FSU back into Criminal U.  Again, a guy could have all the talent in the world, but if he doesn’t have it mentally and be the leader he’s supposed to be on and off the field.  All that talent doesn’t matter.  This isn’t high school, kid.  If he stays clean in Tampa, then I’ll back off…but I have serious doubts.

– My job news will have to wait for a week….a last minute curve ball happened that may keep me here after all.  What I can say is Come June 1, I’ll either be working in Appleton or Charlotte.  I’ll know more around mid-week.

Wow – a whole blog without any Packers notes.  That will pick up once we get into the summer more.  That’s it for the week – have a great weekend and enjoy the weather!



One thought on “At Section 123 – 05/16/15

  1. I agree on the Patriots coverage. Enough already! But I guess when there is no other NFL news, that is what we are stuck with. I am even more sick of the Patriots denial. You cheat, you can get caught. Deal with the after effects. Just another reason I can stand Boston area pro teams.

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