At Section 123 – 05/09/15

Hey all, before I get started this week, I just received a text from someone called “the Deflator”?  What the hell is that all about.  Don’t implicate me in any of this softer football shit…

Another week, another round of sports coming.

– Good luck to the new rookie class for the Green Bay Packers.  Every draft pick this year, it seems like there could be a role on the main roster.  But more importantly, this team seems to have a knack for keeping more undrafted players than any other team in the league.  Some possibilities that I think can make the team?

  • North Dakota State RB John Crockett
  • Stanford OLB James Vaughters
  • Pittsburgh OG – Matt Rotherman
  • LSU OLB Jemauria Rasco

OL depth – I think Rotherman can beat out Lane Taylor.  Any and all LBs could be beneficial.  Crockett could spell James Starks as he’s in the final year of his contract.

– So, Tom Brady, you cheated – allegedly.  I’d say definitely.  I’m not sure if I’m impressed or shocked that there was a 243 page report on this or the report came out after the draft?  Perhaps a little of both.  The Patriots did kick Indianapolis’ ass in the AFC Championship game, so I’m not sure if this would have even been needed?

I didn’t think you could possibly say 243 pages worth of texts, research and interviews on if/when/how a football would be deflated?  My question now would be is how much is the fine and do they have enough marbles to suspend him?  I’ve seen an unsubstantiated report that his suspension could be a year.  If that’s the case, he may just retire.

If there’s a suspension, I bet the NFL is kicking themselves for picking Pittsburgh at New England for the opener?  It already is without Steelers RB Le’veon Bell…add without the Golden Boy?  The NFL being back to the regular season may be the only thing that saves the ratings.  My realistic guess – $100,000 fine and a 1 game suspension that will be appealed and served in week 2.

Real question – anyone else doing it?

– Welcome to the Milwaukee Brewers managerial seat, Craig Counsell.   Take a good look at your roster, because it will look vastly different for 2016.  They may need to build from the ground up like the Cubs and Astros just did.  Some names that have apparently been floating out there from Doug Melvin for trades already are Carlos Gomez, Aramis Ramierz, Kyle Lohse and Matt Garza.  Of the list, I don’t necessarily want to see Gomez traded, but he’d bring back a tremendous value of good prospects in return.   A top 3B prospect should be at the top of the list.

You’d have to think Ryan Braun also, but do they pull the trigger?

It is disheartening to look at the standings and see the Brewers are the only team in baseball without double digit wins at this point.

–  I think I understand why coaches in the NCAA are despised of the graduate transfer rule.  You graduate, you should be done.  Kids should not transfer to another school and be immediately eligible.  I know Wisconsin did this with Russell Wilson a few years back, but the more I see this trend, especially in basketball, the more I don’t like it.  Here’s hoping the NCAA tries to figure out some sort of rule towards this….then again the NCAA collectively is about as smart as someone doing some Jackass stunts so I won’t get my hopes up.

– Keep an eye on Northern Kentucky joining the Horizon League sooner than later and making the league at 10 teams now.

– Chicago must be buzzing a bit with the Bulls and Blackhawks doing well in the playoffs.  Derrick Rose hits a buzzer beater to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA playoffs last night to take the series lead; the Blackhawks are once again the the NHL Conference Finals.  Hell, even the Chubs are playing decent to start their season.  Can’t say the same for the White Sox right now…and the Bears, well, um – next!!

– Gotta feel bad for rookie Jacksonville Jaguars LB Dante Fowler.  He tears an ACL within the first hour of his first rookie mini camp.  The Jags didn’t have that bad of a defense last year, at least in the pass rush department and would have been even better with Fowler.  Hope he recovers and is back fully for 2016.

– My jaw dropped a bit when I heard the difference in contract negotiations with Seahawks QB Russell Wilson and the team…that they’re ‘$10s of millions’ apart?  My first thought was ‘Holy shit, what is this guy asking for??’  He’s asking for over half of his next contract to be guaranteed, and the Seahawks can let him play out the final year of his rookie deal and if they wanted to, slap the Franchise Tag on him for the next few years.  I’m glad I don’t have to any of that negotiating, well, for any player.

– You know damn well I’m short on topics this week if this came up again.  But, how many people at ESPN are Yankees and Red Sox fans?  I know I (and others) bitch about this every year, but do we really need to see every game of theirs when baseball is on?  I can’t stand this team, but the Astros are off to a hot start, show them more.  They are a good story as they warned the fans they were going to have a payroll around $20 for the entire team and build their team from the ground up with high draft picks.

Brewers, this may be a blueprint for the rebuild.

That’s it for me this week – some fun news possibly in store for next week on my next job and where I may be located in June.  Until then – hit the golf course and see how many trees you can hit in one round.   Not me, I play a completely clean round!  Never mind…who the hell am I kidding!



One thought on “At Section 123 – 05/09/15

  1. I hope the NFL suspends Brady for at least 1 game. If they don’t that will really show Goddell and Robert Kraft are too good of buddies and then Goddell should get fired for not being impartial. It is amazing that Brady and Kraft proclaimed all their innocence in Jan. and Feb., now not a peep. I guess that is what happens when you get caught with your hand in the cookie jar.

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