At Section 123 – 05/02/15

Hey all – a day late, but with it being so nice outside I had to enjoy this weather with some golf.  How did I do?  Let’s just say, consistently average…ish.

On to a very busy week and weekend in the sports world.

– The Green Bay Packers have their draft class, and although I’d like to say I was little surprised by some of the picks or the order of them initially. But, there’s a reason Ted Thompson is where he is and I just write down random sports thoughts as a hobby.

But, the more I looked at the picks, I like them overall.  DB help,

  • Damarious Randall will be the nickel back.  With his center field in baseball background, that will help covering the slot.  And he can play Special Teams
  • Quinten Rollins – initially a football player, then a basketball player at Miami (OH) and then back to football.  All that resulted in was the MAC Defensive player of the year.
  • Ty Montgomery – WR/KR a lot of Special Teams help.  Put Randall Cobb, Davante Adams, Jordy Nelson and him at the same time?  Good luck covering…
  • They got a backup QB in Brett Hundley who was initially projected to go in the second round falling to the 5th.  That should provide enough of a chip on his shoulder to develop under Rodgers and McCarthy to be a good trade chip in a few years.
  • FB Aaron Ripkowski – just sounds like a Fullback.  He will spell John Kuhn either this year or next.
  • LB Jake Ryan could very easily start opening day.

I am not sure if I recall a draft that an O-lineman was not taken though under the Thompson regime?

– Initial knee jerk reaction is I’m thinking the Minnesota Vikings will have a ridiculously strong defense in 2015.  The Detroit Lions will take a step back because of their defense, and the Chicago Bears, well…I’ll just leave them out of the equation.

– Am I the only one who thinks that King Crab and Marcus Mariota will be total busts in the NFL?  The QB needs a supporting cast around them, and well, Tampa Bay and Tennessee are lacking in that.  At least Tampa has Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans to throw to.

And Crab…you taking a picture with crab legs is a condescending ‘fuck you’ to the fans who do not believe you in that you didn’t steal those crab legs from a Publix.  Have fun with that clown, Buccaneers.

– Congratulations to the Milwaukee Bucks.  I’ve said for years that outside of perhaps some of the city of Milwaukee, nobody in the state really cared.  Your effort against the heavily favored Chicago Bulls had some people, at least in Green Bay and the Fox Valley area garnered more interest in your product.  They have a young nucleus to continue to build their team around and will certainly get more people to show up at the arena next season.

Now – state government, get that new arena and complex built in downtown Milwaukee and your fan base will continue to grow.  Better yet – have that arena attract an NHL team!!

– The Kentucky Derby was yesterday?  Cool.  Who won??

– The Clippers and Spurs was a first round playoff series?  For NBA Fans sake, they better hope the rest of the playoffs are that good.  I think I’d have some trouble getting excited for Hawks-Wizards, Rockets-Clippers.

– I have an idea for the NBA playoffs.  Just mix up the conferences into the 16 best teams, and not the top teams by conference.  In the past several years, the East has had teams well under .500 making the playoffs and then get their ass handed to them by Chicago, Miami, Boston when they were good, etc.  Any team that is under .500 should not be in the playoffs unless for some dumb reason you win the division (see, Carolina Panthers last year)

– Floyd Mayweather is a bastard, plain and simple.  Manny Pacquiao is no saint, either with his tax evasion issues, but he’s a model citizen compared to this clown. The asswipe can beat the crap out of several women and like some others, he has so much money and power that he thinks he’s untouchable.  I wonder how many people I know either ordered the Pay-per-view or watched it at a sports bar.  And each one that did, you’re enhancing his power because all you’re concerned about is his athletic ability.  And yes, I’m aware of several athletes are complete douchebags –  Ray Rice, Aaron Hernandez, Darren Sharper, Ray Lewis, Rae Carruth, Greg Hardy, etc.  It still doesn’t make it right for people who think they have all this power to have this sense of entitlement and get away with whatever they want.

I didn’t order the fight vs. Manny Pacquiao last night and I refuse to support a guy who basically dances around the ring to make sure he doesn’t get hit and essentially grinds a decision, and on top of that is a cowardly wife beater.  Heaven forbid that you actually FIGHT a guy when you have enough people paying you in excess of $70 million for 36 minutes of work?  That’s ridiculous and ludicrous.

I bet the women he beat up would like to know, also.

– UFC Light Heavyweight Champion is also another case where he doesn’t get it, either.  The guy is probably the best fighter in their promotion and the idiot can’t stay out of his own way.  DUIs, cocaine bust, and this time, he hits and runs a car injuring a woman while having marijuana in his car.  The UFC appropriately stripped him of his title and suspended him indefinitely until he gets his act straightened out.  Having the world in the palm of your hand and it’s suddenly gone should be a good wake up call.

– College football has 42 bowl games now??  That’s way too many.  At this rate, we’re going to have every team play in a bowl just because some sponsors in some city want to have a game to feed money to their own economy.  If you’re going to add a game, add a Shitbox Toilet Bowl pitting the two worst teams in the season – and the reward for the players is a year long supply of ass wipes.  There’s a reward for you!

– Oh, Brewers.  Just let the trading derby begin.  The saying goes, you can’t win the division in April, but you can lose the division in April.  I just want to see them playing together and getting healthy at this point, but I do see some sort of fire sale coming with this group.

I don’t know what is more surprising (or disappointing) to me at this point.  That they lost 11 straight series dating back to last year, or we’re a month into the season now and they haven’t won consecutive games yet?  You may want to call the Wisconsin Badgers club baseball team to get a series in so you can win a few games in a row.

That’s all for this week.  Enjoy the great weather!



One thought on “At Section 123 – 05/02/15

  1. I am to the point I am never surprised by Ted Thompson’s drafts picks. I like the DB’s picked. everyone seams to forget this is a passing league and most MLB are in 1st down or on short down. The rest of the time they are sitting because most teams have 3 plus WR’s which mean more DB’s to cover. Mildly surprised he traded up to get a backup QB. It appears they are not to happy with Tolzein as a long term backup.

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