At Section 123 – 04/25/15

Hey everyone – no off kilter jokes, so here we go:

The 2015 Green Bay Packers schedule is out.  A few things I like to point out….and no, don’t even get me started on what I think of people who predict records before we get to Training Camp.  Get a life, people….your roster is not even close to what you’re bringing to the table come September.

Schedule notes:

  • There are a lot of great away trip chances – Denver, Carolina, San Francisco, Arizona, yes, even Oakland.
  • Love the opener at Chicago.  Get the chance to blow up Jay Cutler once again.
  • Love the home opener vs. Seattle – good theater based on the NFC Championship fiasco last year.
  • Aaron Rodgers vs. Peyton Manning on Sunday Night Football?  Yep – that’ll work as well.  And that is my groups’ game this year.
  • Bears on Thanksgiving night?  And it’s Brett Favres’ return / number retirement game? Ticket prices for that game will be through the roof.
  • My main gripe – why isn’t the season starting a week earlier?  Why not start on September 13th?
  • I laugh the Milwaukee ticket holders got the Detroit and Kansas City games.  Until the Packers revoke the Milwaukee tickets, that group should get the Lions and one of the worst home opponents every year.

– QB Tim Tebow signs with the Philadelphia Eagles…and ESPN once again decides to send 20 reporters, 40 cameras, 5 people just outside the Eagles complex and have 20 minutes of coverage during each SportsCenter.  Just waiting for one of those clowns to say he is “Tebowing” outside of Lincoln Financial Field.  Ugh.

– If this 3-way trade happens with Cleveland, Tennessee and Philadelphia as rumored – the Eagles are doing what was thought all along.  Chip Kelly is after QB Marcus Mariota, and appears he’s trying to prove out that a system works in the NFL, regardless of who’s playing.  My only question is are the Eagles incorporating the Oregon Ducks uniforms as an alternate uniform during the season?

Details of the trade – or at least the framework – obviously this may be tweaked.

  • QB Sam Bradford (king ACL) to the Browns
  • Numbers 12 and 19 from Cleveland; and either No. 20 this year or 2016 1st round from Philadelphia
  • No. 2 overall pick to the Eagles

All for a system guy.  Chip Kelly has guts, I’ll say that.

– The remaining time for Major League Baseball games on ESPN is dedicated to the New York Yankees schedule.  3 weeks into the season and it was the 8th time they were on the network this season alone.  8 times!!!!   Do they honestly think us fans would tune into every game they play…we’re in the ‘who gives a shit’ camp with the Yankees.  If they were winning, I guess I can see the overuse due to the large market – but they are really not a good baseball team.  .500 in a large market gets you in the spotlight at all times, apparently.  I would think good play would get that done.   In the current season, teams like Pittsburgh, Kansas City, the Mets and St. Louis should be an early focus.

– While it’s about time that Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao fight next weekend, there is no way I’m going to pay any amount of money to watch the woman-beater Mayweather fight…or feed is already too-inflated bank account.

– The Milwaukee Brewers are 3-14 to start the season, if that doesn’t fill the seats at Miller Park, what will??

Seriously though – they have been this awful since September last season.  The players act like they are not listening to manager Ron Roenicke, and are not doing the little things that got the ball rolling last season.

GM Doug Melvin has recently hinted a re-tooling may be in order.  Are there any real untouchables on the Brewers?  Would anyone take Gummy Bears big contract?

Their god awful start is going to be a real test to the fan base.  Usually, the Brewers draw really well to start the season, but I’m seeing half empty stadiums already just 17 games into the season.  Miami Marlin fan thinks the fans not showing up to Milwaukee is hilarious and even offered up some of the lame promotions I offered last week.

– Kudos to the Milwaukee Bucks.  Yes, you finally have my attention.  You may be down 3-0 to the Chicago Bulls in your playoff series, as expected, but you certainly aren’t going down without a fight.

I’m not saying I’ll watch the NBA consistently, but I will pay attention to the Bucks if they keep playing that hard.

– To the Dallas Cowboys, did you not understand the fact the DE Greg Hardy was going to be suspended for several games when you signed him?  This idiot should be lucky he’s still in the NFL!!  4 times he has been indicted for domestic violence / abuse!!!  He knows he can deck a woman – and is a complete jackass / coward to do so.  The NFL is trying to enforce their tougher policies against domestic violence, but the union is not doing any favors by trying to appeal each suspension.

If the NFL wants to get serious, kick the next guy out who does this to a woman or child.  Period.

– Here are a few reasons I can’t stand watching the NBA as much as college basketball.

  • They barely play defense until the playoffs.
  • MVP candidates should be guys who make their teams better.  Not just guys who throw up 30-40 shots per game.  How is that making your team better?  That’s not getting others involved, that’s just selfish basketball (paging James Harden).  A true MVP should possess 4 of 5 qualities: be a scorer, an above average defender, can get inside and rebound, able to assist your teammates, be a leader on and off the floor.
  • Simple fundamental penalties are not (or rarely) called – traveling, carrying, 3-second violation.
  • Ghost fouls when you’re near star players?  Bush league…
  • It’s just boring until the last 2 minutes of each game.  Then it seems to take an hour for the last 2 minutes.

– There are enough people in Major League Baseball that appear to be fed up with the Kansas City Royals act.  Two bench clearing brawls in the past week, and both started by P Yordano Ventura.  I look at it this way, the Royals feel they need to have the chip on their shoulder to prove last year wasn’t a fluke.  With their freestyle and having ‘fun’ while playing the game, it is pissing off other clubs.  That’s cool, I get it.

What they are doing now is playing with fire and lucking out of serious injury.  While retaliating for hitting their own batter is one thing.  Making sure that retaliation happens by throwing at a hitter repeatedly is plain ridiculous.  Do you want to seriously injure your teammates?   There’s a way to get back at these teams – on the field.   I do wish the Milwaukee Brewers played with this kind of passion.

– Oh, and the Wisconsin Badgers play their Spring football game today.  Wait, I don’t care.  Talk to me in August when they’re getting ready for Alabama.

That’ll do it for the week…see ya next week!



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