At Section 123 – 04/18/15

Hey all – after a week off, I guess there have been a few things going on in the sports world.  Baseball is back, which means summer is coming.  Does anyone know how to start a podcast?  How much it costs?  I’d like to try it out.

– Congratulations are in order to the Wisconsin mens’ basketball team for their outstanding season and tournament run.  They got what they wanted in facing Kentucky again…don’t kid yourselves, they wanted to see Kentucky again in the Final Four.  In the National Championship game, Duke definitely deserved the win against Wisconsin.  The refs didn’t help in some of the calls during the game – the ball off of Justise Winslow and a step on the line…both led to 3-point shots.  However, that is not why Wisconsin lost.  They lost in the same manner they had closed out so many games during the season, and how they closed out Kentucky in the semifinal.

– Classy post by Josh Gasser  Sam Dekker and Frank Kaminsky did similar notes.

I’m not sure if we’ll ever see a Wisconsin basketball team like this again, but this was by far the most fun group I’ve watched play.  Best of luck to those seniors and I look forward to next season.

– And for the record.  Bo Ryan may have referenced that he doesn’t like the 5th year graduates transferring and playing basketball, but you can’t tell me he wasn’t annoyed with the whole one-and-done thing in college that Kentucky, Duke, Syracuse, North Carolina seem to employ.  If they want that changed, then the NBA needs to amend the age rule when players can enter the league.  That may ship players to Europe, but it could also make some of the kids be in college longer.

The 2015-16 schedule starts off like this:  at Oklahoma, Temple, Marquette, tournament in NYC with Duke, Georgetown and VCU, probably on the road for the ACC/Big Ten (at Louisville, ND or Syracuse?).  I’ve heard there’s a Big Ten/Big East pairing as well (Villanova / St. John’s?)

– Sam Dekker made the right choice heading to the NBA.  His tournament run, coupled with how he shined in the LeBron James and Kevin Durant off-season camps solidified that he is ready for the next level.

– So, the Milwaukee Bucks new colors and logos.  I actually like the colors – green, cream and blue…heck, even the logos are look good.  But what in the FUCK was that lame ass half time presentation??  You’re telling me you couldn’t get any better karaoke ass clowns than what was trying to sing?  Holy crap – I have an idea for you…just give me about a case of beer, watch me pass out and I could do a better job than that.  I would rather watch my buddies shoot bottle rockets at each other or do something you’d see in the show “Jackass” than watching those two clowns.  The art work, I could live with though…just completely redo the music.

Speaking of the Bucks – the renderings for the new arena are sharp as hell!  If they want that done by 2017, they better get moving!!

– Welcome back, John Kuhn, Sean Richardson and Chris Banjo to the Packers for 2015.

– The NFL Draft is less than 2 weeks away – I’m beyond tired of these mock drafts, and as a matter of fact I’m going to not even look at one more prior.  Packers targets?  LB (ILB first), CB, TE, OT, DT, WR…again.  I think there’s one or two guys I’d think they take at #30.  Otherwise, trade down.

– Do you think if this woman who King Crab has been accused for alleged sexual assault would keep coming after him if she didn’t feel she had a case?  Now, she’s claiming there were two FSU players in the room the night of the incident.  Either, this accuser is really after some money, or where there’s smoke there fire?

Again, Tampa, do you really want this guy as your #1 pick?

– I’ve seen stories that the San Diego Chargers may trade QB Philip Rivers to the Tennessee Titans for the right to draft QB Marcus Mariota?  If I’m Tennessee, that trade is done yesterday!

If you follow history, at least one of these top to quarterbacks will be a bust.  I think Mariota is a full system guy.  And I wouldn’t trust Winston with a potato gun with all of his off the field issues.

– The NFL Schedule is coming out on Thursday if I’m guessing correctly.   I’d LOVE for Seattle to be the hope opener.  EDIT – now it’s Tuesday or Wednesday?  Make up your damn mind, NFL!!

– Wow, just wow. Britt McHenry – ESPN Reporter berating a Parking Lot Attendant at a Towing company for doing her job? On top of that, she only received a one week suspension and she wrote some weak ass apology on Twitter for what she did!!  You know, I’m so glad she let us know she has a college education and that she thinks she’s above everyone just because she’s on TV.  Also, who the fuck are you to tell anyone to lose weight or if they are missing teeth?  Do you know their situation?  How do you know if they have or have no education?  None of us like being at those places when our car is getting towed, suck it up and be an adult, not some entitled assbag playing the ‘do you know who I am card’!!

If any one of us did that, we’d be fired on the spot.  In fact, I’ve been fired from a job for way less than that ridiculous act.  Aren’t you the same person who “She didn’t like it when she was called HOT as a reason 4 job”.  Well?

And way to step up, ESPN.   Way to show this entitled, educated, average reporter what she did was worth nothing more than a slap on the wrist and give her a free weeks’ vacation.  She should be fired, not suspended.

In case you haven’t seen this tirade, here’s the link:

– Enjoy retirement, Troy Polamalu and Ike Taylor – great careers in Pittsburgh and should be a Hall of Famer at some point.  Class players, but my favorite moment of theirs is watching them lose to the Packers in Super Bowl XLV!

– Athletes who think they are above the law…Aaron Hernandez, Rae Carruth, Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Darren Sharper, Ray McDonald, Greg Hardy, etc.  Oy.

I watched the verdict for Hernandez come down live – if you see him stare a hole through the jurors as they unanimously mentioned the guilty verdict, you’d think there was a hit placed on each one of them.  Did anyone really think he would get away with this murder?  I’m actually kind of surprised there were some people who thought he may get acquitted.

I also find it funny that AH will be placed about 8 minutes from Gillette Stadium.  Have fun listening to the Patriots fans going forward, homie!!  Oh, and don’t drop the soap!  And you have two other trials to deal with?  Have fun with that!!

– Welcome back, Adrian BeatYourSon (Peterson)…I guess?  Stay away from the switch going forward.  And…nice tampering, Dallas…if I’m Minnesota, I let him rot on the sideline.

– Oh, the poor Milwaukee Brewers have started off 2-8 on the 2015 season.  And this time, there’s not just one thing you can point to.  They have certainly picked off where they finished last season.  There is no confidence whatsoever in this group right now.  Mr. Gummy Bear is a shell of himself ever since he got whacked for PED use.  Let him eat those damn things so he can at least not be hurt all the time?   Also, who thought it was a good idea to bring in Darnell Coles as a hitting coach?  Wasn’t this guy a career .240/.250 hitter at best?

If this continues, a couple things.  a) can I amend my over/under of 77 wins on the season? b) there will be a housecleaning on the team – coaching, players, you name it.

– The NBA and NHL playoffs are under way?  Goody – drawn out series just to make sure they get ample TV time.  I still don’t understand why winter sports end in June?  Shorten the seasons, and the first round series should be best-of-5.  Then go to the best-of-7 for.  At least you’d be done in May.

–  Uh oh, the Miami Marlins are sucking ass already this year as well.  South Florida fan, this is your chance to get the ‘we can’t give tickets away’ promotion to begin!  Here’s what you need to do, get that annoying 40-something North Miami lawyer to do some lame commercial with his visor sideways and his tongue hanging out.  The next thing you need is some meth, because to look that idiotic, you best either have too much sun on the brain or so whacked out that you can’t even focus.  Then and only then once you can proved to be that dumb, you can go to a Marlins game.

Guess I’m done ranting for the week.  Have a great one and chat next week!



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