At Section 123 – 04/04/15

Hey everyone – Final Four weekend and Opening Day is upon us so this will be an exciting few days in the sports world!

– Opening Day is Monday – well tomorrow if you talk to ESPN.  This is the start of where ESPN and Fox will make sure we see every single New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox game on the schedule this year.  You could have saved the trouble and just purchased the YES and NESN channels where we could watch that crap year in and year out.

The other nauseating teams on TV?  Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals, Washington Nationals, Atlanta Braves, Detroit Tigers, Texas Rangers and both LA teams.  Translation?  Large markets.

Free tickets for a water bong hit at Marlins and Rays games!!  The dumb Marlins lawyer guy is providing the bongs!

– The Milwaukee Brewers – their roster is pretty much what is expected this year.  Like I said, the season is a great opportunity…if healthy.  I have huge questions in the rotation, but they should score which will keep them competitive throughout the season.

Anyone up for the 18″ brat they are selling at Miller Park this season?  This concoction consists of an the brat with bun, kraut, stadium sauce, nacho cheese, chili, onions and I think jalapenos?  I’ll give anyone $50 if they can eat the whole thing in one sitting.

– I’d like to say I am shocked with this, but I’m not.  Bears QB Jay Cutler had an autographed football at a charity auction for $100, and nobody bid on it!  Ouch!!  Not even for charity?  Someone could have coughed up $100 and found a way to turn it over, seriously?  Yea, I know…bad joke, but that tells you even more how much Cutler is no longer wanted in Chicago.

– Pick a standard for your PED program, Major League Baseball.  P Ervin Santana gets an 80-game suspension, but Angels OF Josh Hamilton admittedly is off the wagon and back on the cocaine, but he doesn’t get any suspension?  If I’m the Angels, I’m a) admitting him back to rehab, b) releasing him.  It is huge violation of the contract, isn’t it?  Don’t be a hypocrite, baseball…the rules should apply to EVERYONE, not pick and choose who you want to whack.

For Josh – best of luck and hope he gets the proper help.

– Tiger Woods playing in the Masters?  Cool – how big will the story be when he shoots a 77 and 81 to start the tournament?

– The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are setting a new trend!  Trade your players and have the most money tied up in your salary cap for a season!  They are paying $4 million of S Dashon Goldson contract in the trade.  They are paying former DE Michael Bennett who went back to Cincinnati.  Yep – that’s the way to rebuild a franchise!  Pay everyone else to be better…that makes perfect sense!

– I’m tired of all these mock drafts.  After King Alaskan Crab is selected, it’s pretty much a crap shoot!  You want my Packers pick?  They trade out of the first round.

– The Milwaukee Bucks are on the verge of making the playoffs!!!  Oh wait, did anyone notice outside of Milwaukee??

– I LOVED Packers QB Aaron Rodgers taking Dennis Dodd to task last weekend just because he wouldn’t grant Dodd an interview.  Dennis – you were right in only one thing.  The floor is typically for the media, but if the school AD gives a pass to be on the floor, then he has every right to be on the floor.  Your article made you look like the biggest douchebag in whining that Rodgers wouldn’t grant an interview.  He can do whatever he wants, as in this case he was there to support the Badgers.

And no, I don’t care if he didn’t wear red.  QB1 went to Cal – #1 rival is Stanford and they wear red.  Make sense yet, Dodd?

You probably wrote that whiny article to get the national media to say something about you.  Well, it worked, jackass!!

– Former VCU coach Shaka Smart to Texas?  Good hire…the only question there is if he can win at a football school.

– Final Four – 4 elite programs ready to take the floor in Indianapolis and I can’t wait!!

(7) Michigan State vs. (1) Duke – This is not Tom Izzos’ best team, but this is March and they seem to find a way to get it done once the tournament starts.  They are eerily like UConn last year in which they had the hot shooter and the supporting cast around it.  Duke is Duke – strong inside game with Okafor and good shooters with Jones and Winslow.  Duke won an earlier game 81-71, and both teams are vastly different now.  I think this will be closer, but Duke wins with free throws at the end, 69-62.

(1) Wisconsin vs. (1) Kentucky – well, the Badgers got what they wanted.  Back in the Final Four and another shot at Kentucky.  Last weekend, Wisconsin shot the lights out in beating Arizona 85-78, while Kentucky won a tight one with Notre Dame.  Kentucky went 9-9 in the last 5 minutes of the game to rally for the 68-66 victory.  For this game, this is a great matchup.  Kentuckys’ size will be a problem for Wisconsin, and the style Wisconsin plays will give Kentucky fits.  The Badgers play very similarly to what Notre Dame does – and one thing they did well was get the pick and roll working.  Well, the Badgers do that better and they also set up a good pick and pop in their swing offense.  I’m calling the upset here as I think the hot shooting continues.  Badgers 71, Wildcats 66

– That’s it for me.  I’m taking a week off and I’ll be back on April 18th.



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