At Section 123 – 03/28/15

Hey everyone – fun games in the Sweet 16 Thursday and Friday and we’re that much closer to Opening Day.  Before I get going, I may need to contact the Cleveland Browns into how in the hell you can possibly have illegal game day communications?  Man, can that organization screw up even more?  There’s a reason you’re the freaking Cleveland Browns….translation, the laughing stock of the NFL.

– The Aaron Hernandez murder trial has started – wait…why in the hell did it take nearly 3 years to get this going?

– Wisconsin beating North Carolina was a big deal for the program.  It seemed like the Badgers finally got that Carolina monkey off their back as Badger fans have been clamoring to play them for years.  Sam Dekker played his best collegiate game, by far and he made it look almost effortlessly.  If it wasn’t for him, UW would have been demolished at half.  G Zak Showalter had some good hustle plays in the second half that helped the Badgers take a 63-60 lead, which they would never relinquish.  Mark this down – Showalter will be next years’ Josh Gasser.

Speaking of the Badgers – do these NCAA Tournament announcers know anything about Wisconsin?  Chris Webber – Frank Kaminsky CAN go to his left hand…and does so frequently.  There’s a reason he’s the front runner for national player of the year.  Stick to your NBA crap, brag up shitty teams like the Knicks and Lakers, and finally use guys who have called college games all year.

– Stay classy, Badger forum fan.  C Diamond Stone picked Maryland over Wisconsin.  It happens – it’s called recruiting.  The sky isn’t falling, and the basketball team will be fine without him.  And yes, he was admitted to UW.  He just chose Maryland instead. There’s no reason to rip into his family, or how dumb he is (or isn’t), or saying he’s dead to you?  Is the Badgers sports programs that vital to you to wish that on someone else?  If yes, you need to have your head examined.

– Former Green Bay Phoenix coach Brian Wardle if off to Bradley.  I’m not shocked that he left Green Bay for the Missouri Valley Conference, but Bradley?  That I’m a little shocked by.  He’s from Illinois, so that does make a little more sense.

I know he rubbed a few the wrong way with his style of play (think Tom Crean like I mentioned last week), but he did bring them back from mediocrity in the Horizon League to a top-2 team.  It seemed like the timing was right once Keifer Sykes was graduating to make the move.

I’m glad there’s interest in the job already, so I’ll be looking forward to who they bring in.  Names include Badgers assistant Greg Gard, Washington assistant T.J. Otzleberger, GB assistant Brian Barone, St. Norbert coach Gary Grzesk, and some others.

– It’s only Spring Training, but the Milwaukee Brewers are scoring a ton of runs in the past week.  Can you save that for April 7th?

– Speaking of the Brewers, the team announced this past week they are selling nachos on a stick and brats into nachos?  Interesting…I’ll just say this…I’ll give them credit for being innovative with their food choices at Miller Park, and new ways for heart attacks on a stick! ha…that’s Wisconsin for ya!   Credit the link below to Caitlin Moyer 

– 9 days to Opening Day!  You know what this means South Florida fan…all 15 of you can fill up Tropicana Field in Tampa and Marlins Stadium in Miami.  I believe they are offering free tickets to the Opening Day party!  That should include weed (for medical reasons of course), drinks with little fru fru umbrellas and probably unlimited quantities of Fireball shots.

– The Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears should get a severe fine for signing woman beaters Greg Hardy and Ray McDonald.  I hope the NFL comes down hard on Hardy, like they’re suggesting they might.  Dude was convicted of hitting a woman, but they couldn’t find her as he paid her off….allegedly.

– If the Green Bay Packers use even more pistol and shotgun offense like Coach Mike McCarthy is suggesting?  Look out.  That offense will be even more prolific than last year – good for us Packer fans, scary for the rest of the league.  They still need to work on getting the rest of the defense filled in, which I think they will do.  Re-signing B.J. Raji for one more year would be a good move for the team, also.  I’d also like to see them bring back Jarrett Bush and John Kuhn.

– So, the NFL is going to punish the Atlanta Falcons and Cleveland Browns for illegal noise in the stadium and illegal game day communications respectively?  If they go after the Falcons, then shouldn’t they have gone after the Minnesota Vikings for pumping noise in that Humpty Dump over the years?  The NFL is apparently taking these events serious enough where both teams are going to get significant fines and probable loss of a draft pick.  I think I’m more curious if they go after other dome teams for the pumped noise?  Any dome team should be questioned if they’re going to hammer Atlanta.

– I’m glad to see Bears QB Jay Cutler is up for an open competition for his job during training camp.  The first thing he needs to do is actually figure out timing with receivers so he can figure out how to not throw 20+ picks every year.

– Elite 8 games:

(3) Notre Dame vs. (1) Kentucky – I give the Irish a punchers chance with the way they can shoot the 3.  If they shoot like they did in the second half against Wichita State, this could be close.  Kentucky has too much and I think they’ll outmuscle Notre Dame on the interior.  UK to Indy… Kentucky 73, Notre Dame 65

(2) Arizona vs. (1) Wisconsin – As much as the Badgers want to get to next weekend and rematch Kentucky?  Arizona wants Wisconsin just as bad.  This should be the best game of the Elite 8 as they are so closely matched.  I think Arizona should have been a 1 seed over Villanova.  This will come down to a few plays at the end, and I think Wisconsin will make a few more plays like last year – Wisconsin 67, Arizona 64

(7) Michigan State vs. (4) Louisville – Izzo vs. Pitino.  How fun is that?  These are two guys you don’t bet against in March and now they go head to head for the right to get to Indianapolis.  I just like how Michigan State is playing at this point and I think the can score a little better than Louisville.  Michigan State is also a better rebounding team so I’m going with Sparty.  Michigan State 61, Louisville 56

(2) Gonzaga vs. (1) Duke – another fun game.  Do the Zags finally break through?  This should be a high scoring affair.  Both can hit the 3-ball, both have great play on the interior.  Honestly, I know more about Duke because they’ve had their entire schedule play out on ESPN this year and we’ve only seen the Bulldogs a few times.  I seem to like the mix with Gonzaga and the way they seem to push the ball this time around that I think they can and will take down the Devils.  Gonzaga 81, Duke 73

I keep thinking I have something else to add, but I’ll stop here. Back for the Final Four picks next week.  Enjoy your week!



One thought on “At Section 123 – 03/28/15

  1. Hernandez murder trial, 3 years of trying to have his rich lawyer team find some technicality to have the case dismissed like every other star athlete. Just ask Ray Lewis, Big Ben R., Michael Irvin, Letroy Guion, the list continues….

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