At Section 123 – 03/21/15

Greetings from Western Ohio – I heard a rumor…is there some sort of basketball tournament going on? Oh, the WIAA Boys Tournament?…got it.

It’s still snowing in the Northeast?

Onto a very busy week in the sports world, once again.

– It was a crazy start to the NCAA Tournament with several near-misses as upsets and some we didn’t see coming. Tell me where we’ve seen that story before?  I didn’t necessarily throw away my bracket once Iowa State and Baylor got whacked in the first round (don’t even get me started on the First Four being called the First Round….those are ‘play-ins’), but those are the type of upsets that take down teams you may have guessed going deep into the tournament.  This is usually the time I cheer for the Badgers, and then any underdogs remaining.

Watch for this over the weekend.  Wichita State to beat Kansas…don’t be surprised if Michigan State beats Virginia and Dayton to beat Oklahoma. If a 1 seed goes down, I’d call NC State to take down Villanova.

Teams I was impressed with: Wichita State, Iowa, Wisconsin, Northern Iowa (I think they beat Louisville), Duke, and Georgetown (ironically – don’t they get whacked in the first round every year?)

– Stay classy, Tom Crean.  Way to tell a ref ‘they suck’.  How about teaching your kids how to play defense every once in a while and perhaps any Indiana fan wouldn’t be interested in running you out of town.

– How gracious of you Jim Boeheim. Way to announce you’re retiring as head basketball coach at Syracuse in 3 FUCKING YEARS after the cheating you got caught doing with the basketball program!!!   What, you want your wins back that you cheated your way to in the first place?  I hope everyone on that team transfers and you’re left with nothing but players who would only play on the Managers squad.   If I were that cheating snake, I’d be combing the student section at the Carrier Dome to see if anyone can play.

Sad thing is, I wonder how many other coaches are doing the exact same thing that he, former UConn coach Jim Calhoun and what North Carolina coach Roy Williams is accused of.  Do they care truly about the kids as they do about winning?

– Is there anything more annoying than to see the President fill out a NCAA Tournament bracket?

– Again, the Minnesota Vikings sign another former Green Bay Packer – this time RB DuJuan Harris. It’s a good signing, but geez can you stop being so predictable??  A Packer gets released, do you have the mentality of ‘we must sign him’?  Try to do something on your own and stop piggybacking, you unoriginal jackasses!  Are you that jealous that the Packers are relevant every year and you suck donkey balls???  That’s on you.  You had the best running back in Adrian Peterson for years and you did nothing with it aside of a couple measly wild card games.  Way to waste a great player with a dogshit supporting cast.

– Thank you, Tramon Williams for 9 seasons in Green Bay.  If I was 32 and someone offered $3 million more than the next offer, you’d be dumb not to take it.  It does mean at some point in the NFL Draft the Packers will need to draft a corner now.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be early.  Recall, Sam Shields and Tramon were undrafted.

– Former LB Chris Borland retiring at just age 24 – at first one would think this.  ‘What the hell is really going on in San Francisco?’ But, it’s not that he wanted to get out – he was concerned with his long term health after football from taking all the hits, specifically to the head.  You play in high school, 4 years in college and a season in the NFL – that’s a lot of shots in the head when you play in the interior of the field.  Borland did his research, talked to people and made a best decision for him – that you have to respect.  There still are plenty of players who would take a step into his spot to chase their dream.  But, at the same time – someone this young, you have to think it opened up some eyes around the league.

I played football minimally because I sucked ass, but I did get a few good hits to the head and I actually got a concussion in a game once.  You’re just not right for a period of time, so I can only imagine what toll it takes on players making it to the NFL.

– Apparently, King Crab Jameis Winston is skipping the NFL Draft next month.  To me, this is pure idiocy.  You’re the #1 pick in the draft (mistake #1), you’re telling me you don’t want all that extra publicity and attention? (mistake 2).  Are you afraid to get booed or crab legs thrown at you?  It is Chicago, that could easily happen. This guy is just too immature to be a leader of a professional franchise.

– To the Green Bay Phoenix. Good season – not great.  This is a sign that expectations are raised, and this is a positive.  First steps, improve your non-conference scheduling.  Stick to the mid-majors as they’d be the schools more apt to play you in a home-and-home – schools like North Dakota State, Northern Iowa, Illinois State, and Belmont would be good games to get.  You’d be, well let’s just say thrilled if you got a 3-1 deal with Marquette or Wisconsin, but you know damn well they aren’t doing that.  Try a 2-1 with smaller ‘Power 5’ schools like Northwestern, Nebraska, Illinois, DePaul, etc.  This type of scheduling will toughen you up when you do match up with the Valpos and Cleveland States of the league.  Stop padding your schedule with the Minnesota-Duluth and Illinois-Springfields of the world.  Those games are boring and you’d be thrilled if 1,500 people showed up at the Resch.

If you’re frustrated with Coach Brian Wardle, think of this – he’s a Tom Crean disciple.  Meaning, they like to run, have spats where it looks like they play glorified street ball and it looks flat out maddening at times.

– The World Series of Cricket is still going on???  Is this dumb even 6 months long?  If someone would have told me this was a world event, I’d call you a liar.

– Oy, Darren Sharper.  You reached a plea deal in your four rape charges?  That’s just disgusting and I hope they throw away the key once you get to jail.

– Los Angeles Dodgers P Clayton Kershaw takes a line drive off his cranium and stays in a game?  That’s bad ass – even more so in a Spring Training game.  There’s one of many reasons he’s the best pitcher in the game right now.

– Here are my initial predictions for the NL Central. For the record…I REALLY hope I’m wrong.

  • Cubs 93-69
  • Pirates 92-70
  • Cardinals 85-77
  • Brewers 77-85
  • Reds 69-99-The World Series of Cricket is still going on??? How long does this stupid thing last – 6 months

I just don’t see it with the Brewers this year….that starting rotation is the killer with this group.

That’s it for me this week.  Enjoy the weekend!



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